Helping Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Master Social Media Marketing in 6 Simple Steps... ‚Äč

6 Step Social will help you discover the step-by-step system for attracting more customers & clients, growing your business exponentially, and positively impacting more people than you ever desired using the power of Social Media and 6 Simple Steps...

High-Touch: Master our Simple 6 Step Social Media Marketing System to connect with your audience at a deeper level & build a business you can be proud of...

High-Tech: Leverage the power of online marketing systems to automate more of your business and free up more time to focus on other things...

High-Profits: Scale and grow your business and maximise your income potential by creating and integrating multiple profit centres into your business.

About 6 Step Social

After seeing how entrepreneurs and business owners were failing badly on Social Media and wasting a ton of time and money, we set up 6 Step Social to share our simple 6 Steps Method to show how-to do it the right way... and to Attract leads, customers and clients to them instead of chasing, pestering and bugging...


"As a stay-at-home Mom I only get to work on my business part-time. Thanks to the methods I've learned from Gavin, I've been able to generate over 7,220 leads, earn an extra $123,541.00 in commissions & personally enrolled 74 reps into my business!"

Robin Smith


"We now have a business of over 700 team members in 9 countries. We get paid from 9 countries. Gavin's 6 Step trainings helped me grow and organise my team. In addition to that I've used the 6 Steps Method to move my team from high touch to high tech and generated over $25,000 in commissions."

Eddie Iduoze

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