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The 6 Step Sponsoring
Sequence Pro

In this one-of-kind 7 week in depth video training program I'll walk you through the quick and simple process of how to take COLD LEADS from the Internet and turn them into Brand New SIGN UPS in your primary opportunity like a professional.

I'll reveal the exact process I’ve used to sponsor almost 1000 reps in multiple opportunities in the last 6 years and you’ll see step-by-step exactly how to do it for yourself.

In addition to learning the revolutionary 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence, you’ll also learn the 8 phase “Assimilate and Ascend" process you need to take your prospects through before they will ever join your team and go on to build a massive downline under you

By combining this with The 100 Leads Method you’ll be able to maximise each of the leads you’ll be generating to produce long term, sustainable income much faster.

The purpose of course is to provide you with a zero fluff, concise, specific and very focused Sponsoring Sequence you can use IMMEDIATELY to start sponsoring brand new reps into your Network Marketing business today.



Magnetic Content Creator
(Step #1 : Create)

Creating magnetic content to attract prospects to you is the #1 key skill for all Pro Online Network Marketers. In this module you'll learn the art of micro-persuasion to create perfect Social Media content so you can drive traffic to your Community to generate leads & build a warm market for your Network Marketing Business easily

Value $297.00


Community Capture Code 2.0
(Step #2 : Capture)

When you’ve bugged your friends & family and have exhausted your warm market… what next? Well, this module will show you exactly how-to generate leads by building your brand new warm market of prospects from scratch who are desperate to join your business, buy your products and work closer with you…

Value $297.00


Million Dollar Connector
(Step #3 : Connect)

As soon as your leads are in your community you have incredible posture with them… meaning that you have an audience who desperately wants to hear from you… In this module you’ll learn the specific 4-Step Million Dollar Connector Method that will ensure you prime your prospects ready to join your business later…

Value $297.00


Social Engagement Superstar
(Step #4 : Comment / Engage)

Engagement is critical to your success and the more engaged your prospects are in your community, the closer they’re getting to join your business… Here you’ll learn how-to use engagement to your advantage to create a horde of raving fans all desperate to become part of your team

Value $297.00


Master Of Conversation
(Step #5 : Communicate)

Most people have no structure when they speak to prospects on Social Media & waste a lot of time in the process. In this module you’ll learn how-to communicate with purpose by using my “6 Step Conversation Ascension Blueprint”. This will allow you to take cold leads from the Internet and turn them into brand new sign ups in your primary opportunity easily…

Value $297.00


Consult, Sponsor, Repeat
(Step #6 : Close)

Sales is the highest paid skill in the world, and when you crack the code of sponsoring on demand, you can have absolutely anything you want. In this module you’ll learn the little-known art of “The Consultative Approach” where you’ll become a master of sponsoring without selling.

Value $297.00

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Social Media 7 Community Traffic System

In this bonus training you’ll learn how Nicole Hanchi, Robin Smith and Hannah Kathleen get 20-30 leads-a-day in their communities by combining 7 different Social Media traffic sources together and how you can do the same…

Value $297.00

6 Step Sponsoring

You'll get access to my 6 Step Sponsoring Blueprints where you'll find all the written steps of the system to follow every day to build your business. This also includes our "conversation ascension" message follow up templates so you know exactly what to say to your prospects to sponsor them into your business.

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Networking Superstars School Weekly Webinars...

Having regular support in addition to you regular trainings is essential to your success. Each week you'll be invited to our NS School live webinars where you'll be able to get your questions answered and possibly have your community featured and showcased live in front of others...

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Apply For Our Ambassador Program

On completion of the course you'll have the opportunity to join our Extraordinary Ambassadors and climb the ranks of Networking Superstars. As an Ambassador you'll be given additional opportunities and greater exposure to help further the growth of your business. (This is the ONLY way to become an Ambassador).

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Community Instant Viral Exposure

One of the fastest ways to kick-start your community is by having someone in authority promote you to their audience. So, by taking action today, completing the trainings and getting some small results, we will interview you and showcase you on our Blog... resulting in massive traffic and exposure for you...

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Special Time Limited Offer:

The 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro 3 Pay

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Sequence Pro
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The 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro 3 Pay