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Networking Superstars Academy
Webinar Income Method

The training on this page will show you exactly how to leverage our sales webinars for Networking Superstars Academy. We run these webinars every 2 weeks.

The webinars we run are a great way for you to supplement your income.

You'll earn $75 per month per person you refer who joins us at Silver Level

You'll earn $500.00 one time for anybody you refer who joins us at Gold Level

You'll earn $750.00 one time for anybody you refer who joins us at Platinum Level...

Plus you'll get a very serious customer who may be interested in joining your Network Marketing business later on down the line.

4 sales per month at Silver level will earn you an extra $300 per month.

10 sales per month at Silver level will earn you an extra $750 per month!

Not to mention any sales you might make at Gold or Platinum levels!

So, as you start to build your community, it is definitely worth your time to take your prospects through this process, so you can earn some extra cash while building up your primary business.

At the same time, you'll learn how to INVITE, PRESENT and CLOSE...

Please Note: We may change the Webinar name from time to time to test to see what works best, so if the videos below show a slightly different name for the webinar, please use the info in the instruction documents to send to your prospects.

The Big Picture of The "Webinar" Income Method

This training on this page is broken down into THREE (3) stages.

**Right now, you ONLY need to do Stage #1**

Stage 1 - The Networking Superstars Academy (Pre-Application) - where you'll learn the exact message sequence to take your prospects through to get them on our webinar. We will then do the selling for you and encourage your prospects to submit their application to the Academy.

Stage 2 - The "Done-With-You" Academy Sales Process (Post-Application) - We will help you speak to your first 4 prospects who apply for the Academy to teach you the process live. You will set up the call and will listen while we do the call with you.

Once we've spoken to your first 4 prospects together, you will move on to Stage 3 where you'll do the calls yourself and will help your team members do their calls as their Mentor.

Stage 3 - The "DIY" Academy Sales Process (Post-Application) - This part of the training will explain exactly what to do when one of your prospects has taken action and has submitted their Academy application and YOU will do the calls yourself. Here you'll learn how to make probably the easiest sale of your life.

So, in this big picture training, I'll break each stage down for you so you can see how it works from a high level, then you can go through each of the videos below which will go into detail about how to do each step.


Stage 1 - The Webinar Promotion Sequence (Pre-Application)

The following steps will explain how to invite your prospect to attend our webinar. This is a very powerful sequence of messages which works very, very well when you have a relationship with your prospect / member.

Step #1 - Send Private Invite “Teaser” Message to Qualified Community Members

Below you’ll find the private message webinar invitation process for you to message your SERIOUS people to join the webinar.

You can invite as many people as you want, however officially you get 10 spaces. There are ONLY 100 seats on the webinar so make sure your people show up early.

If you would like to… you could also post a TEASER post in your community to tell them about the Webinar we are holding on Thursday and ask people to comment if they want a personal invite.

Please DO NOT give out the webinar registration page publicly. We are creating scarcity and desire by only inviting serious people personally.

Also, you might want to CHANGE the message template I’ve given you below, because potentially there will be you and all our other Ambassadors sending out the same message and some people are in multiple communities meaning they will get multiple messages the same.

Customise and personalise the messages based on the conversation you’ve been having with your people.

But if you find that the message you create doesn't work and nobody is attending, then you'll need to CHANGE your message or go back to my proven template message.

Click Here for the Private Invite Teaser Message Template +

Here is the first teaser message to send to your prospects / members of your community.

You will get a much better response from people you have a relationship with, who have been in your community for 7-10 days and whom you have had at least one message reply back from and possibly been through the conversation ascension and warming up process with.

Having said that, you are welcome to invite everybody who joins your group. This is useful, especially if you only have a few new leads coming in each day/week.

Ultimately, your goal is to get at least TEN (10) people onto each webinar. If you have to personally invite people outside of your group to achieve this, then that's ok too...

Please ensure you put in your prospects FIRST NAME, and make sure you put the correct day / date and time in the message you send.

I will usually announce when our next webinar is, in our Affiliates FB group.

IMPORTANT: If it has been a few weeks since you last spoke to your prospect, you may want to re-ignite the conversation again, and find out how they are, or what they've been up to. (You will get a much better response by doing this...)

However, again... test it and try a few different things. You might find that just by sending them the webinar invite after not speaking to them for weeks will work well also...

Here is the first teaser message...

Hey <NAME>,

Hows things?

I've got 10 invites to a one-time only webinar we’re holding this Thursday for Networking Superstars and I’d like to offer you one of the invites because from what I’ve seen… you are 100% committed to having success!

It’s called = “The Freedom Acceleration Formula: Your 100-Day Plan To Master Attraction Network Marketing, Go Full-Time In Your Opportunity & Become Recognised As A Top Income Earner Faster..

It’s 4pm Eastern / 9pm UK time on Thursday.

If you’d like the link to register, let me know asap as I only have 10 to give out.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Usually the time difference between Eastern time and UK time is 5 hours, however twice per year, there is only 4 hours difference. Usually our webinars will be 4pm Eastern / 9pm UK time but double check using an online timezone converter.

Ideally you will want to start sending these teaser messages out at least THREE (3) days before the webinar. So, if the webinar is on a Thursday, then start sending these out on Monday.

BE CAREFUL with copy / paste on Facebook. If you send the same message out more than about 10 times in quick succession, then you will probably end up in Facebook Jail and will not be able to send messages for 2-4 weeks. So, CHANGE the message slightly and do your teaser messages in batches of 5-10 at a time.


Step #2 - Send Registration Link to Interested Prospects

Click Here for the Registration Link Message Template +

OK, so here you'll see the message to send to everybody who replied to your first message and said they wanted to attend the webinar.

Please make sure you use your affiliate link: when you invite people to the webinar. (be sure to replace xx with your own unique ID number)

(If you need help with this, please post in our group and either myself or one of our Ambassadors will help you.)

Here is the message to send...

Please replace xx in the link below, with your own affiliate ID number...



Here’s the link:

Please ONLY register if you 100% can attend because if you take one of the invites and can’t attend, then someone else will miss out as I only have 10 invites :-(

Pop it in your calendar and a reminder on your phone and be sure you show up EARLY as it will be packed like usual and there are only 100 seats in total available.

Please let me know as soon as you have registered so I can confirm…


Step #3 - Follow-Up With Interested Prospects on Day of Webinar to Confirm

Click Here for the Follow-Up On Day of Webinar Message Template +

Please send your prospects a quick follow-up message similar to this on the day of the webinar if possible. This will boost your attendance rate and will act as a reminder to them to be there... and will show them how important it is to be there.

Here is the message


I just wanted to check you’re still able to attend The Freedom Acceleration Formula Webinar tonight?

I’ve got your seat reserved for you :-)

Just so you know, we are fully booked so if possible show up 15-20 mins early to make sure nobody takes your seat.

Let me know if you are still coming?



Step #4 - Send Follow-Up Message to All Registered Prospects After Webinar

Click Here for Message Template to Send After Webinar +

After the webinar has finished, it is important that you follow up with your prospect within 24 hours, to confirm they managed to attend the webinar.

Please Note: If your prospect has taken action and submitted their Academy Application form, and you've received it, you DO NOT need to do this step.

If you have received their application, please move on to the next training on this page for what to do when you have their application.


Message 1 - (Follow-Up) Send Within 24 Hours of the Webinar Finishing

Hows things?

Just a real quick follow up to see if you were able to get on the webinar last night as we were fully booked?

Let me know what you liked best about what you saw or if you missed it... would you like the replay?


If your prospect was NOT able to attend the webinar, ask them if they'd like the replay

Message 2 - If They Didn't Attend, Ask if They'd Like the Replay

Ahh, no worries...

It was awesome :-) would you like me to send you over the replay? I think it will be available for the next 48 hours...


Then send them over the replay link here:

(I'll add the replay link here for you after the webinar has finished)


That's ALL You Need - Ignore Stage #2 and #3 For Now


Stage 2 -The "Done-With-You" Academy Sales Process (Post-Application)

The Stage 2 trainings will explain what to do with your first 4 prospects who submit their application form. To begin with, I will do your calls with you to teach you the process live. Then once you've heard the process a few times you'll be able to do your own calls...

Step # 1 - Prospect Submits Their
Academy Application Form

The following trainings will explain what to do AFTER your prospect has submitted their Academy application form... This training will show you how to book your call with your NS referrer / upline and your prospect.

Click Here for How to Arrange Academy Application Review Call +

The Webinar will instruct your people to submit their application form to apply to join the Academy. As soon as they’ve submitted their application form, you will receive it to the email address you gave me.

To begin with I will be doing these calls with you to help you learn the process.

However, later on down the line I will not be able to do everybody's call with them, so you will do your calls with your referrer / upline in Networking Superstars and eventually you will then help your new people with their calls later.

So, initially to have me do your calls with you, please use my Scheduler here…

(Please Note: YOU must schedule the call into my Calendar and YOU must turn up to the call also...)

1. Please use the Networking Superstars Academy Review Call - option to schedule in your prospect.

2. Please book using your prospects name and email address

3. In the Notes section, please ONLY put your name as the referrer and nothing else. (Anything you write in the notes section will be seen by your prospect)

Here is a message template idea you could use once you've received their application...

Hello [NAME],

We just received your application for The Networking Superstars Academy 🙂

Congratulations for applying… we’re very excited for you!

After reviewing your application I'd like to schedule time for a short 30-minute strategy call with myself and Gavin Mountford to go over the details with you – does that sound good?

Three times Gavin and I have got available for the call are:


Let me know which time works best for you and we will schedule the call in for then.

If these times do not work for you, please suggest a couple of times you do have available and we'll see if we can meet at one of those times.

We’ve only got a few review calls available right now so if you can let me know as soon as possible, we can move forward fast.



Make sure both you and your prospect are connected with me on Skype as we will be doing our calls on Skype.

My Skype ID is gavmountford


Step #2 - Academy Review Call

Now you've scheduled in the 2-on-1 review call with yourself, your NS referrer / sponsor and your prospect, it is time for us to conduct the call and go through your prospects application to find out a little more about them.

6-Steps Strategy Session Phone Call Instructions +

OK, here are the instructions for the 2-on-1 call with your NS referrer / sponsor:

The call will be done on Skype, so you need your prospects Skype ID, and you will need to get your NS referrer / sponsor's Skype ID so you can initiate the call.

To begin with, do the calls as Audio ONLY.

You can learn how to do a 3-way call on Skype here:

The first couple of calls you do with your referrer / sponsor… they will do most of the call for you while you just listen. You just need to do the introduction / Edification bit at the beginning.

Please watch this edification video from Matt Morris to learn how to edify correctly.

As you get more comfortable, you will do more of the call yourself, until eventually you will be doing all your calls yourself and teaching your new team members how to do the same.

Here’s the 2-on-1 call process:

Step 1: You initiate the 3-way call and you call your prospect on Skype first.

Step 2: Then you add your referrer / sponsor into the call and begin the introduction / edification process.

(Keep the intro / edification process 2-3 mins max)

You edify your prospect a little bit first

You edify your referrer / sponsor as the expert (speak highly of) and introduce them

Your referrer / sponsor will then say a few nice things about you and will say hi to your prospect

Step 3: Your referrer / sponsor will take over the call and will ask your prospect some questions and explain a little more about the 6-Steps and our products and services.


Once you’ve introduced everybody to each other, please MUTE yourself our and DO NOT interrupt at all. Just listen and learn. If your referrer / sponsor asks you anything or involves you in anything you can unmute and respond.

Let your referrer / sponsor know if you have any questions before the call...


Step #3 - Ambassador Review Panel

At the end of the call, it is important to say that you will get back to your prospect within 24 hours with a decision after speaking to our Ambassador Review panel.

Ambassador Panel Review Instructions +

What Will Happen At The End Of The Call

At the end of the call, your referrer / sponsor will say something like this:

Well, thanks again for filling out the application, I really appreciate it.

What I am going to do now is submit this information back to our Ambassador Review Panel so we can get approval from the team… and I’ll get back with you in the next 24 hours to let you know if you've been approved for the Academy.


We DO NOT need to make a decision for the Academy on the phone call itself. Instead, we will tell them that we're going to send the information through the Ambassador Review Panel.

After the call, spend a little bit of time thinking about the call, and if you feel the person is a fit for Networking Superstars Academy or not?

When you do this part yourself, you DO NOT have to pass the info back to Gavin, and you DO NOT have to speak to the Ambassador Panel. Ultimately it is your decision if you allow your prospect into Networking Superstars Academy. :-)

This just buys us a little bit of time, and takes the pressure off us on the phone call so we don’t have to “close” the sale on the phone to begin with.


How to Apply For & Get
Your Affiliate Link

OK, so before you move on to Step 4 below, you need to make sure you have applied for your Networking Superstars Academy affiliate link, and have been approved. Here is a quick video and instructions to explain how to apply and get it.

How-to Get Your Academy Affiliate Link Instructions +

At present, I am using a platform called Zaxaa to process payments and manage our affiliate program.

In order to become an affiliate to promote Networking Superstars Academy, please do the following:

Step 1: Go here: and create a new account.

Step 2: Request to become an affiliate

Step 3: Follow any instructions it asks for (Add in your Paypal email address to get paid etc)

Step 4: I will approve you

Step 5: Visit again, login and get your affiliate link

You will earn commissions every 30 days for the sales you make and I will pay you into your Paypal account so make sure you put your Paypal account email address in your Zaxaa backoffice.



Step #4 - Send Affiliate Link & Info to Purchase NS Academy

Within 24 hours, send an email to your prospect accepting them on the Academy, and give them your affiliate link to purchase through.

Affiliate Link & Info to Purchase NS Academy Instructions +

After you've completed the "Application Review Call" it is time to send your prospect your affiliate link to join Networking Superstars Academy, so you get the commissions when they purchase.

We usually wait 12-24 hours after the "Application Review Call" to send this information while we make our final decision.

When you have decided if your prospect is a fit for the Academy, please send them the following message so they can go and purchase.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If possible, please send this message as an email, and then send a quick FB message to tell your prospect you sent it via email. The reason for this is that Facebook sometimes doesn't allow affiliate links to be sent through their platform.

Here is Our Message Template You Can Use

Great to speak to you on the phone earlier.

We are happy to accept you onto Networking Superstars Academy and really look forward to watching you have success with the program.

The link to click on and go to first is: <INSERT YOUR ZAXAA AFFILIATE LINK>

This link will take you to the sales page. 

We like to reward fast action takers, so as long as you enrol within the next 24 hours you will be able to use our special coupon code which will give you $50 per month off the Silver package!

Click the Silver button, go to the checkout page and then on the checkout page you'll see it says "Have a Coupon?"

If you then enter in the word "fastaction" into the coupon code box, you'll get the fast action discounted immediately... 

Once you've done that, please process your payment.

Please do this as soon as you can because we only have a limited amount of spaces on the Academy between the Ambassadors and I know there are others joining as we speak and I want to make sure you get your space at the lower price.

Everything sound good?

Let me know when you are done :-)


Make sure your prospect knows to do this ASAP. If they wait, then their space on the Academy might get taken, or we may put the prices back up to the regular amount.

If your prospect still has not made their purchase within 24 hours, send them a quick message to see if they are having any problems.


Step #5 - Follow Up With Your Customer (05:38)

At this stage you should have a "Customer". Your prospect has now joined Networking Superstars Academy and you should receive your commissions into your Paypal account in 30 days. Now you need to follow up with your Customer and make sure they are able to login and access the Networking Superstars Academy etc.

You may also want to explain to them the best way to go through the program so they have a clear path to follow.

How to Follow Up With Your Customer Instructions +

Here is an idea of a message you could send to your customer after they've purchased.


Hey <NAME>,

Congratulations on joining Networking Superstars Academy, I just wanted to check in with you to make sure you received your login details and have been able to access the backoffice.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I'm looking forward to watching you succeed with this!


Stage 3 - The "DIY" Academy Sales Process (Post-Application)

Coming Soon!


And that is it!

Congratulations for learning this process 🙂 The great thing is that you can use this process with ANY company or business opportunity in the future, and now you have learned a skill for LIFE!

This will make a very nice extra income in addition to your Network Marketing income or any other income streams you might have... plus you'll be making a REAL difference in people's lives by sharing a process with them that is very powerful.