Founding Members Instructions For
Setting Up Your Basic System

Gavin MountfordHey there,

If you are viewing this page it's because you are a FOUNDING member and we are working together to BETA test this awesome system...

Below you'll find the instructions to setting up your basic system ready to personally invite a few people to join you.

Please watch the video on this page and follow the step by step instructions to get set up.

If you need any help, please post in our Networking Superstars Team group...


Step #1 - Click Here to create your BRAND NEW account for The Networking Superstars Team Site.

Step #2 - Get your MLSP username and make a note of it to use in a minute

Step #3 - Click here to request affiliate approval for the 'existing MLSP member' product in JVZoo so you earn 50% commission if you refer someone who is already in MLSP. (When you request approval, please let me know who you are)

Step #4 - Login to your Networking Superstars Team Site backoffice and add your MLSP affiliate link and your own personal referral ID for JVZoo into the options and click save.

Step #5 - Test your link to make sure you can see your own affiliate ID in the links on the Private Invite page... (Update: I have created a TEST page for you to test your links because the main Private Invite page is now live and you'll have to wait 19 mins to see your links...)

Step #6 - WATCH the video below to learn how-to invite people to the Private Invite Only page. Please keep this Word of Mouth ONLY at present and DO NOT share your links all over the web. (The video below explains)

Please Note: We are also having a webinar next week so you can choose to either invite people to the Webinar or to the Private Invite page... or you can do both if you'd like.

Here's How-To Invite Your Top 50 People to
The Private Invite Page...