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Hey there,

Congratulations for taking ACTION! I strongly believe you are in the right place at the right time to move forward FAST with this…

We have recently launched the FIRST ever Team Site that allows YOU to earn multiple sources of income, generate leads, and get sales and sign ups for your opportunity fast!

Very few people know about this opportunity right now… and we’re really looking forward to working closer with you.

The 7-Figure Superstars System integrates with My Lead System Pro, so ALL the leads you generate from our Team Site and System goes into your MLSP backoffice and your personal Autoresponder System…


There are THREE (3) options for signing up below.

1. Join us in My Lead System Pro at University Level
2. Join us in My Lead System Pro at Mastery Level (Extra Benefits at this level)
3. Pay a ONE time $99 (If you are already an MLSP member)


Initially we were going to have this Team Site ONLY for people who joined us in MLSP… but then I realised that YOU may already be in MLSP and what would happen then? It would mean you wouldn’t be able to join…

So… the requirement is that you are either in MLSP under someone else, or you join MLSP using the link on this page today. If you are already in, I’ve created an option where you just pay $99 to use the system and gain access to this whole package.

PLEASE NOTE: To gain access to the EXTRA components (below) you will need to upgrade to Mastery Level with your current MLSP sponsor after you’ve paid the $99.

Here’s What You Get When You Join Our Team

So if you’re still struggling to get traffic, leads, sign ups and income in your MLM, Network Marketing or affiliate business…

…then my Team Site Traffic training and Team Site Domination WordPress Plugin is going to help you Get More Traffic to your opportunity, magnetically Attract More Leads onto your list, Recruit More Reps into your downline and put More Money in Your Pocket faster…




1. >>> The 7-Figure Networking Superstars Replicated Team Site Income System - to earn multiple streams of income and generate leads into your own sales funnel from  promoting just ONE system… (Value = $999.00)

2. >>> Done for You ‘High Converting’ Content - Simply send traffic to ANY Blog Post, video or content on this Team Site through your referral link & let us weave our magic to take care of the SELLING part for you, resulting in more leads, sales, sign ups and income for you… (Value $299.00)

3. >>> Done for You ‘High Converting’ Killer Capture System - So YOU get to capture leads & build your own email list from the 7-Figure Superstars System and funnel them into your own email auto responder to follow-up with over and over again… (Value $299.00)

4. >>> Done for You ‘High Converting’ Sales Videos - Use our high converting and ATTENTION Grabbing Sales Videos to sponsor more people into the system and ultimately make more money… (Value $299.00)

5. >>> Done for You ‘High Converting’ Email Follow-Up Sequence - YOU get to ‘STEAL’ these high converting email messages to put into your own Autoresponder to get more sales and sign ups… (Value $299.00)

6. >>> The 100x30x2 Method Program - Learn how-to earn $100-a-day, generate 20-30 leads-a-day and get 1-2 sales or sign ups a day from your various products, systems and your primary Network Marketing company… (Value $499.00)

7. >>> The Networking Superstars Bi-Monthly ‘Small Team Alliances’ - Work together weekly with other fellow Networking Superstars as you form your own mini Alliance to help YOU get more comments, likes, shares and traffic which in turn will help you generate more leads and get more sales and sign ups… (Value $199.00)

8. >>> 'Bring Back' Retargeting for ALL Your Prospects - We will put Facebook Ads in front of YOUR prospects on your behalf so that ALL people you refer to Networking Superstars will be constantly exposed to this opportunity & when they eventually join, they will be signed up under YOU… (Value $299.00)


Upgrade to Mastery Level & Get…


If you decide to join us at Mastery Level in My Lead System Pro, then you also get the following EXTRA components to help you further maximise your income with us…



9. >>> BRAND NEW 8 Weeks FB Marketing Mastery Program - Learn this 8-Step process of setting up your own Facebook Attraction Marketing Machine which sucks in pre-qualified leads like crazy and spits them out as new sign ups within 10 days… (Value $999.00)

10. >>> FB Marketing Mastery Weekly Group Coaching Program - Get access to us in a private group coaching call where we will answer ANY questions you have about anything related to the FB Marketing Mastery program… ($499.00)

11. >>> Get 100% Commissions on ALL MLSP Products - You’ll be able to PROFIT from multiple Pure Profit Products so that when anyone CLICKS on your Team Site link and buys one of those products through you, you earn 100% commissions… (Value = Priceless)

12. >>> Earn $100 Per Month for Each Mastery Member - When anyone you refer to the Team Site joins The Networking Superstars Team, they have the opportunity to join you at Mastery Level resulting in a $100 monthly commission immediately in your pocket… (Value = Priceless)


Total 7-Figure Superstars Team Value = $5,689.00



Option 1

Click Here to Join My Lead System Pro at University Level

(You are Welcome to select the MLSP University Trial but you will ONLY get access to all Bonuses on this page when you are a FULL Member.)


Option 2

Click Here to Join My Lead System Pro at Mastery Level

(You are Welcome to select the MLSP Mastery Trial but you will ONLY get access to all Bonuses on this page when you are a FULL Member.)


Option 3

Click Here If You're An Existing MLSP Member

(This ONE time $99 payment is for you ONLY if you are already in MLSP to allow you to be able to use the system – you will then need to upgrade to MASTERY level with your current sponsor to qualify for the EXTRA components.)



IMPORTANT NOTE: All LINKS on this page should be from the person who referred you to the Team Site... If for any reason, you see a DIFFERENT person who’s referred you to this Team Site in the Sidebar, please get back with the person who referred you in the first place to ask them how to join their Team…)

Once you've signed up in MLSP, there is NO WAY you will be able to move yourself to a different sponsor...

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