"The 6 (Dirt Cheap) Tools For
Generating 30 to 50 Leads-a-Day
From Facebook"

Gavin MountfordDear Friend,

Below you'll find 6 Affordable Tools that many 'Smart' Internet Network Marketers are using to generate between 30 to 50 Leads-a-Day from Facebook...

Each tool you'll see below has it's place on this list... from Mastering Facebook Ads, Creating Compelling Images, Retargeting Your Prospects, Capturing Leads, Building Your Primary Home Based Business and Making Money NOW...

Be sure to CLICK on ALL of the tools below, and INVEST in the ones that you feel will be of the most value to you...

To YOUR Success,

Gavin Mountford

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Affordable Tool #1
30 to 50 Leads Daily With FB Ads

This absolutely FREE 7 Page PDF report will show you EXACTLY how to place your first Advert on Facebook to get 30 to 50 Network Marketing Leads for Free each day...

  • The 10 Steps To Creating Your First Ad on Facebook
  • How-to Generate 30 To 50 Leads Daily
  • A Really Cool Site You Can Use To Create Your FB Ad Images For Free

Affordable Tool #2
Start Retargeter

Formerly knows as FB Retargeter, this awesome software allows you to automatically follow-up with your prospects on Facebook. This strategy was responsible for me making $6,272.00 from a tiny Ad Spend of $189.51.

This works very well if you're an Internet Marketer, Network Marketer or Affiliate Marketer...

  • Follow-Up with Your Prospects Hands Free
  • Skyrocket Optin Rates Without Extra Effort or Spending
  • Boost Sales of Affiliate Products
  • Retarget Unlimited Ad Campaigns
  • Track Ads to Find Out Which Audiences Are Buying What You Sell and Laser-Target Your Ads

Affordable Tool #3
Easy Pop Up Creator

This really cool software allows you to create professional popups within minutes on ANY site of your choice including Facebook™, Yahoo™,  MSN and many more.

With the Power of Easy Popup Creator You Can Easily:

  • Funnel Targeted Traffic From Popular Facebook Fan Pages
  • Directly Profit From Links to Blogs, Articles, and Videos You Post On Your Fan Page
  • Send Laser Targeted FREE Traffic to Your Offer
  • Create Popup Ads On Major Sites
  • Explode Your Subscriber List With Targeted Leads
  • Make More Sales With Any Product or Service!

Affordable Tool #4
Pic Redirect

Easily ReDirect ANY image from Facebook™, Twitter™, Google Plus™, Pinterest™ and Linkedin™ to ANY website you wish!

By making every image you post Clickable, it allows you to dramatically increase the traffic to your website...

  • Easily ReDirect ANY image from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and LinkedIn to ANY Website You Wish!
  • Generate More Traffic to Your Website
  • Make ANY Image Clickable on Facebook,Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and LinkedIn That Will ReDirect to ANY Website you WISH
  • Very Powerful to Take Traffic Off The Social Networks and Send it to Your Blog, Team Site or Capture Page...

Affordable Tool #5
Dark Post Profits

Dark Post Profits is the most comprehensive training program which teaches EXACTLY how to leverage Facebook Ads to make money online...

Inside the program you'll get lifetime mastermind access to 70+ Video Modules which are always up to date and current...

By Mastering Facebook Ads you can easily:

  • Generate More Traffic to Your Primary Business
  • Build a Bigger Email List of People Who Want to Join You
  • Grow a Bigger Downline From All The Extra Traffic
  • Get More Likes, Fans and Engagement On Your Fan Page
  • Make More Money Selling ANYTHING in The Facebook Newsfeed

Affordable Tool #6
The 100x30x2 Method

The ’100x30x2 Method!’ is one of the programs we teach you here at Networking Superstars...

This training program will teach you how-to earn $100-a-day, get 20-30 leads-a-Day & get 1-2 sales or sign ups in your MLM / Affiliate Business daily…)

  • Earn Multiple Streams of Income (MSI’s) While Building Up Your Primary Business
  • Save Time by Leveraging ALL Content On The Site To Promote As Your Own
  • Teaches How-To Make $100-a-Day in Income + Your MLM Income
  • Integrates With MLSP - Earn $100 Per Month & 100% Commissions
  • Leads Generated Go Into YOUR List