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The Benefits Of Working In A
Mastermind Team Are Huge

  • You have people to hold you accountable…
  • You get support from other members…
  • You get to help others and contribute to the overall team growth…
  • You get to meet & network NEW, like minded marketers…
  • You have a huge ability to GROW as a person…
  • You LEARN new skills and get to teach others…
  • You build new FRIENDSHIPS for life…
  • Plus much more…

Here's How to Gain Access To
The 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence
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“6 Step Sponsoring Sequence”


Current Alliances, Members
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NS Alliance Team Europe

Team Awesome

Lifestyle Team


Alliances League 3 - Week #4

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Weekly Points Review


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Congratulations & Summary

 The Alliance League 3 Results are here...

After the last 4 weeks of competing... OUR Winning Congratulations GO TO….

" Timm Worthington and The Unstoppable 7 "

with an Incredible 4 Week Total of 3665 Points!  


 Your Prize...


🙂 A FANTASTIC 1 Hour Group Coaching session with The Incredible Gavin Mountford himself 🙂

Helping The Unstoppables become MORE Unstoppable!

Enjoy 🙂


followed in second place by our previous League Winners... Leader Robin Smith and Team Awesome, also with a Fantastic score of 2572 Points 🙂


Remember, aside from the Points aspect, the 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence is a journey for you to grow your own personal skills to build your Business, and

Every Step you take, Every Point you make is important  🙂


Taking part in an Alliance is a Marvellous way to propel your business forward, working alongside your team members for focus and support within the Networking Superstars Community.


So, until the next League of Alliances Begins...


Keep Up the Great Work Building Your Businesses with The 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence 🙂



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