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#5 - Master Of Conversation (Communicate)

Master of ConversationOK, so now it’s time to focus on the next step of the 6 step sponsoring sequence…

Step 5 - Communicate

Now you’ve Commented and ENGAGED with your prospect so they know who you are, it is time to Communicate With Purpose, with the end Goal of making a sale, or sponsoring your prospect into your business.

This is an essential part of the process and you'll be using Multiple different mediums to Communicate with your prospect so you stand out from the crowd.

Once you learn how to Communicate with Purpose, you will become much more productive and the time you spend on Facebook will earn you money instead of wasting your time...


Training #1 - How-to Sell Without Selling Using the "GTK Call" (20:53)

In this training we'll dive a little deeper into the "GTK Call" (Getting to Know You Call) and take a look at how you can essentially make sales without really selling... This is powerful stuff!

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Click Here for the How to Sell Without Selling on GTK Call Instructions +

Now it's time to take the basic "Getting to Know You" call you learned in the Strategy / Blueprint module and enhance it allowing you to earn $118 in commissions by selling the 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro subtly...

The GTK Calls are a great way for you to supplement your income, and you'll earn $118 per sale of the 6SSSPro, plus you'll get a very serious customer who may be interested in joining your Network Marketing business later on down the line.

Just 4 sales per month will earn you $472.00.

10 sales per month will earn you $1,180.00!

So, as you start to build your community, it is definitely worth your time to take your prospects through this process, so you can earn some extra cash while building up your primary business.

Please Note: This call mirrors the way we build relationships and make friends with new people. Right now you are trying to make friends with your prospects, and at the same time position yourself as a trusted expert and advisor.

Aim to get your prospect on the phone for a quick 10-15 minute call where you just connect with them and covertly sell. Here is an example message to send them to schedule a call.

Are you around later today, or tomorrow for a quick 5 min call? It would be great to have a real chat with you rather than just back and forth messaging :-)

Let me know what time / day works best and we can jump on the phone or Skype.

Or you could say something like:

I would love to jump on the phone/Skype with you sometime this week to get to know you a little better and find out some more about what you're doing... If that would be cool with you, when suits you best?

Or you could say something like:

What time/day are you available this week for a quick chat on the phone / Skype and I’ll explain a little more about the 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro.

No pressure. You keep the posture and ask all the questions.

Ideally you want to position yourself as a trusted expert and advisor.

Aim to find something in common with the person.

Here are some sample questions you could ask…


1. Did you manage to watch the Online Network Marketers Blueprint videos? If so, what did you like best about the 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro process?

2. What success have you had online or in network marketing before?

3. What is your income goal for the next 12 months?

4. Why are you doing this? (What’s your reason?)

5. Do you have a plan in place for achieving your goals?

6. What methods of generating leads have you tried before?

7. Are you getting any help from your upline right now?

8. Do you have your own Facebook group yet?

9. Which other business opportunities are you in?

10. What have you struggled with most online? Generating leads or converting those leads into sign ups?

11. Did you manage to go through Gavin's Online Network Marketers Blueprint? Did it make sense?

12. Do you understand how the 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence works?


At the end of the call you could say something like this...

I know you said you watched the Online Network Marketers Blueprint videos and love the idea of the 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence…

Right now I’ve got a couple of Scholarships available for the 6SSSPro. The regular price is $997 however each month I'm given a handful of discount codes for people I feel really want success, meaning you'd be able to access the program for much, much less if you qualified and were accepted on the program.

Would you like me to send you over some more info about this and a link to the Scholarship Application?


OR if you'd rather NOT say this on the call, you could send them a Private Message immediately after the call with the same info as above... and then send them the links when they say "yes I'd love to know more..."

Then send them the links:

Here is more info about the 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro trainings.

You can learn more about our Journey to Freedom Scholarships here and submit your application. 

As always, please make sure you put your NS ID number at the end of the link, in place of xx. You can find your NS ID number by going to:


Once your prospect has submitted their application, you will learn how to “close” them into the 6SSSPro program in the next module of our trainings…

IMPORTANT: When you send the link to the 6 Steps Sales Page above, and to the Journey to Freedom Scholarship application, please make sure you substitute xx at the end of the links above, with your Networking Superstars ID number.

Scholarship Information

In the past we only allowed our Ambassadors the ability to be able to offer Scholarships to their community members, however right now you are also able to do this with your prospects.

So, when you speak to members of your community either through conversation / message or the GTK call, you can send them the "Private Invitation" for them to apply for their Scholarship which you'll then be able to give them a "coupon / discount code" to get $700 of the price of the 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro so they only invest $297 instead of the regular $997!

This is absolutely HUGE for you!

So, as soon as you have referred ONE person who has submitted their Scholarship, you will be able to offer them a Coupon Code to get the discount... and I'll talk more about what to do once you've received your application to close your prospect and earn $118 in commissions in the next module!


Training #2 - My Secret Weapon! How to Communicate Differently To Everyone Else (08:58)

In this training you'll learn how to leverage TECHNOLOGY in your communication to STAND OUT and be different from everyone else... this is my SECRET WEAPON!

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Training #3 - How-to Get Prospects to Ask For Your Link (14:22)

Here I'll show you the best way to get your prospects to ask you for the link to whatever you are promoting... rather than you chasing and bugging them... (This way, you'll never get in trouble from Facebook for spam).

** Click on the Arrows at the bottom right of the video to make it FULL SCREEN. **

Click Here for the How to Get Prospects to Ask For Your Link Instructions +

Before you give anybody a link to your Business Opportunity, or to the Blueprint, or to the Affirmations, or to a Webinar etc... you MUST get them to confirm they want it first.

If you don't do this, you could easily get in trouble for spamming because people often forget they asked for it 5 minutes ago on one of your posts...

Here are a couple of examples from the video training

"If you are ever interested in learning and using our 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro training let me know. The regular price is $997 however i have a handful of Scholarships available, meaning you'd be able to access the program for much, much less if you qualified.

Let me know if you'd be interested in that option and I'll send you over some more info and the Scholarship Application"

Here is another example...

I saw you commented on my “Online Network Marketers Blueprint” post in the community and I just wanted to check you still wanted me to add you to the early bird list to get access to the trainings?

Let me know and I’ll get them over to you as soon as they’re ready

Here is another example...

I'm not sure if this would be of benefit to you but Gavin has an affirmations audio he listens to twice a day that has got him some amazing results.

Let me know if you'd like access and I'll send you the link and password.

There is no charge for it, it is a valuable gift from us to you to say thank you for taking the time to reply

As you can see by these examples, you ALWAYS need to get people to confirm they want the link before you send it to them.

This also is another "touch point" which I talk about in another video on this page... and the more touch points you have in your process, the much more likely it is that somebody will join your business later...


Training #4 - Engineer Multiple Touch Points in Your Community... (14:54)

You cannot automate building a Network Marketing business online. People will try to convince you otherwise, but 99% of the time it is just not possible. So, in this training you'll learn the power of engineering "multiple touch points" in your process to build a real relationship with your prospect...

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Training #5 - Imagine Your Time is Worth $1000 Per Hour! (36:48)

If your time was worth $1000 per hour, would you continue to do what you are currently doing? And would you continue to have random chats on Facebook, helping people for free all the time? Probably not... so, now it is time to VALUE your time more and act like a professional.

** Click on the Arrows at the bottom right of the video to make it FULL SCREEN. **


Congratulations for completing this training... each video is a specific stage in the process so you'll probably want to go back to each video to make sure you are doing each technique correctly...

Remember: this is a MASTERY process... you probably won't get it overnight. However if you are willing to stay FOCUSED and implement what you learn, you WILL 100% get the results you are after...

Repetition is the mother of skill! Just keep repeating, repeating, repeating... and you'll get better and better and better!

We are committed to helping you succeed. My question to you is... how committed to success are you?

Because ultimately, that's what it comes down to...

I am here for you... please post any questions you may have in our Networking Superstars - Journey to Freedom Facebook group, or contact your Ambassador for direct support.

Also, when you get results, no matter how small... (maybe your first leads, first members in your community, first engagement, first conversation, first GTK call, first sign up etc...) please post about it in our community also to help and inspire others!

Remember, this is a journey and we're with you every step of the way...

Gavin Mountford & The Networking Superstars!

P.S. Learn how to become a Networking Superstars Ambassador here...