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Mastering The
Invitation Game

OK, so now it’s time to focus on the next skill of the process...

Skill 6 - Invite

Now we move into your Income Producing Activities... Invite, Present and Close...

The entire first 5 modules have been focused on building up your community and warm market so you have an audience of people who know, like and trust you whom you can invite and present your products or services to...

Now depending on who your prospect is, there are several different invitation scenarios we'll cover in this module which will help you understand how to get people in front of your opportunity.

Ultimately it is a numbers game and the more people you can get in front of your presentation who know, like and trust you... the more sales, sign ups and income you'll make...

It's as SIMPLE as that 🙂


Training #1
The Twin Online Invite Methods
Explained & Simplified (27:20)

In this training I explain the Twin Online Invitation Methods you can use to invite your prospects to a webinar or a video you'd like to get people to watch.

Here you'll learn The "Attraction Marketing Method" and The "Private Invite Method".

** Click on the Arrows at the bottom right of the video to make it FULL SCREEN. **

Click Here for Instructions for The Twin Online Invite Methods +

OK, so there are TWO (2) main "High-Touch" ways to get people to register and join a webinar or watch a video...

Method 1: "Attraction Marketing Method"

Method 2: "Private Invite Method"

Both methods work well, however both methods are very different.

The busier you get and the more members you have in your community, the more you'll want to combine both methods together and eventually rely upon the Attraction Marketing Method OR outsource the Private Invite Method.

If I was going to favour one method over the other, it would be the Attraction Marketing Method because when you GET PEOPLE TO ASK FOR THE LINK for whatever it is you are offering, you have the posture...

The Attraction Marketing Method

The "Attraction Marketing Method" is when you post a curiosity / teaser message on Social Media and people comment, like, share or / and private message you first to ask if they can get a link from you.

There are a couple of ways to create curiosity for a webinar or video and have people come to you...

Attraction Marketing Method Idea 1 - Post A Teaser Post

Post a teaser post in your community, on your profile, or on your Fan Page and show people the benefits of the webinar or video. In fact, give them everything about the webinar to get them excited but just don't post the link. Instead make them private message you for the link or leave a comment for the link. Or, even better. BOTH.

You can use this method to get people to ask for a link to join the webinar or watch the video, AND you can use this method to get people to ask for the replay later...

Attraction Marketing Method Idea 2 - Create a FB Event

With this method, you basically do the same as your teaser post but instead you create a FB Event and INVITE all your community members / fans / targeted friends to the event.

Please Note: Use Events Sparingly... if you create too many events people won't pay attention to you. And only create events for IMPORTANT webinars / videos you have.

Attraction Marketing Method Pre-Link Confirmation Message Template

Once people have asked for the link to your webinar, by commenting under your post or event... then I usually send them a confirmation message like this...

"Hey John, I noticed you just commented under my post about wanting a link to the webinar I'm holding on Thursday... I just wanted to double check if you still wanted the link?

Let me know asap and I'll send it over to you..."

However if your prospect sends you a PRIVATE MESSAGE to ask for the link, then you do not need to send them the pre-link confirmation message because they've sent you a message specifically requesting the link.


The Private Invite Method

The "Private Invite Method" is when you send your prospect the first message to initiate the conversation to ask if they'd be interested in a link to watch the webinar / video...

The Private Invite Method - An Example Message to Send First

Here's an example of a message you could send to your prospects first.

Hey <NAME>,

Hows things?

I've got 10 invites to a one-time only webinar we’re holding this Thursday for Networking Superstars and I’d like to offer you one of the invites because from what I’ve seen… you are 100% committed to having success!

It’s called - “The 10-Steps to Online Network Marketing Success", and on the call you’ll learn the EXACT step-by-step process you can use right now to take COLD LEADS from the Internet, warm them up and turn them into Brand New SIGN UPS in your primary Network Marketing business…

It’s 4pm Eastern / 9pm UK time on Thursday.

If you’d like the link to register, let me know asap as I only have 10 to give out.

Use Scarcity Whenever You Can

95% of the time your prospects will ONLY take action if they desperately want something or if there is some kind of Scarcity involved.

Scarcity is usually:

  • Limited in Numbers (Only 10 spaces available)
  • Price is Increasing (The prices goes up to $197 at Midnight Tuesday)
  • Deal is going away and closing (This offer is closing at Midnight Sunday, so get in now or miss out forever)

Try to stick to the Scarcity you create and don't go back on your word. If people can see you are making it up, they won't believe you or trust you in the future...



Training #2
The Webinar Invite Method #1
(They Register Themselves) (18:19)

Below you’ll find the training for how to get people to attend webinars, using our very smart private message webinar invitation process.

This uses the Private Invite Method we talked about in the previous training.

Of course, as I said before you are welcome to combine both the Attraction Marketing Method and Private Invite Method together and then follow up with everybody who’s asked for the link.

The message examples I’m giving you below have worked very well for us and the webinar we run often, however you will need to change the messages, angle, topic, scarcity etc for your own webinars.

You can use these ideas for any kind of webinars, either ones you run yourself, or ones your company runs etc.

** Click on the Arrows at the bottom right of the video to make it FULL SCREEN. **

Step 1: Click Here for the Private Invite Teaser Method Template +

Here is the first teaser message to send to your prospects / members of your community.

You will get a much better response from people you have a relationship with, who have been in your community for 7-10 days and whom you have had at least one message reply back from and possibly been through the conversation ascension and warming up process with.

Having said that, you are welcome to invite everybody who joins your group. This is useful, especially if you only have a few new leads coming in each day/week.

Ultimately, your goal is to get at least TEN (10) people onto each webinar. If you have to personally invite people outside of your group to achieve this, then that's ok too...

Please ensure you put in your prospects FIRST NAME, and make sure you put the correct day / date and time in the message you send.

IMPORTANT: If it has been a few weeks since you last spoke to your prospect, you may want to re-ignite the conversation again, and find out how they are, or what they've been up to. (You will get a much better response by doing this...)

However, again... test it and try a few different things. You might find that just by sending them the webinar invite after not speaking to them for weeks will work well also...

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to change / adapt this entire process based on the webinar your company / opportunity has. I'm giving you a process that works for us to give you some ideas for how to invite people to a webinar your company or team is running.

Here is the first teaser message...

Hey <NAME>,

Hows things?

I've got 10 invites to a one-time only webinar we’re holding this Thursday and I’d like to offer you one of the invites because from what I’ve seen… you are 100% committed to having success!

It’s called - “The 10-Steps to Online Network Marketing Success", and on the call you’ll learn the EXACT step-by-step process you can use right now to take COLD LEADS from the Internet, warm them up and turn them into Brand New SIGN UPS in your primary Network Marketing business…

It’s 4pm Eastern / 9pm UK time on Thursday.

If you’d like the link to register, let me know asap as I only have 10 to give out.


Ideally you will want to start sending these teaser messages out at least THREE (3) days before the webinar. So, if the webinar is on a Thursday, then start sending these out on Monday.

BE CAREFUL with copy / paste on Facebook. If you send the same message out more than about 10 times in quick succession, then you will probably end up in Facebook Jail and will not be able to send messages for 2-4 weeks. So, CHANGE the message slightly and do your teaser messages in batches of 5-10 at a time.

Step 2: Click Here for the Send Registration Link Message Template +

OK, so here you'll see the message to send to everybody who replied to your first message and said they wanted to attend the webinar.

Please Note: You can only use the scarcity of 100 seats if it is true. And you can only use the "I only have 10 invites to give out" if it is true. So, again this is an idea we use which works very well and if you are able to engineer it and set it up this way with your team, then it will work well. If not, please use some of the ideas to come up with your own angle to get people on the call.

Here is the message to send...


Great. Here’s the link: <INSERT LINK HERE>

Please ONLY register if you 100% can attend because if you take one of the invites and can’t attend, then someone else will miss out :-(

Pop it in your calendar and a reminder on your phone and be sure you show up EARLY as it will be packed like usual and there are only 100 seats in total available.

Please let me know as soon as you have registered so I can confirm…

Step 3: Click Here for the Follow-Up On Day of Webinar Message Template +

Please send your prospects a quick follow-up message similar to this on the day of the webinar if possible. This will boost your attendance rate and will act as a reminder to them to be there... and will show them how important it is to be there.

Please Note: Again, you can only use the "we're fully booked" line if it is true or if you've engineered it this way. So, again if you do your own webinars you can create this environment yourself. If it is your company webinar or team webinar you might want to think of a different angle.

Here is the message


I just wanted to check you’re still able to attend The 10-Steps to Online Network Marketing Success Webinar tonight?

I’ve got your seat reserved for you :-)

Just so you know, we are fully booked so if possible show up 15-20 mins early to make sure nobody takes your seat.

Are you still coming?


Step 4: Click Here for Message Template to Send After Webinar +

After the webinar has finished, it is important that you follow up with your prospect within 24 hours, to confirm they managed to attend the webinar.


Message 1 - (Follow-Up) Send Within 24 Hours of the Webinar Finishing

Hows things?

Just a real quick follow up to see if you were able to get on the webinar last night as we were fully booked?

Let me know what you liked best about what you saw or if you have any questions?


If your prospect was NOT able to attend the webinar, ask them if they'd like the replay

Message 2 - If They Didn't Attend, Ask if They'd Like the Replay

Ahh, no worries...

It was awesome :-) would you like me to send you over the replay? I think it will be available for the next 48 hours...


Then send them over the replay link



Training #3
The Online Video Presentation
Invite Method (25:55)

If your company or business opportunity has an online video or presentation, then use the ideas in this training to help you invite prospects to watch it.

** Click on the Arrows at the bottom right of the video to make it FULL SCREEN. **

Click Here for Instructions for The Online Video Presentation Invite Method +

As with the webinar strategy, there are two main strategies to get your prospects to watch a video…

1. The “Attraction Marketing Method”
2. The “Private Invite Method"

This time we’ll start with the Private Invite Method. This works best if you are just getting started, whereas the Attraction Marketing Method works best if you’ve already build an audience…

Private Invite Method

Use these message ideas for people you have a good relationship with and who know you fairly well online.

If you have credibility with your audience, then this process will work well. If you don't, then it will be a numbers game and you will need to invite a number of people to get results.

Ideally, the more you know your prospects pains, problems, challenges, goals and aspirations the easier it is to get them to accept the invitation and go watch your presentation.

Message Idea 1

“Hey Sarah, what are you doing tomorrow evening? I’ve got a new idea I’m working on and I’d really like to run it past you and show you a short video :-)”


Message Idea 2

“Hey, I know you’re busy with x business right now, however I just wondered if you keep your options open to new opportunities? If so, let me know… I’ve got something exciting”


Message Idea 3 - Works Well for Pre-Launches

"Hey Kim...

Something came across my desk yesterday which has got me very EXCITED, but I have to keep quiet it about at the moment...

It's in underground launch mode...

However I am allowed to let a few key people know about it... and of course you are one of them.

So, let me know if you'd like to hear more and I'll send you a video I just finished which explains more...

(Just uploading it now)

Let me know asap as time is of the essence."



"Hey John, how's things?


I wanted to let you know about something I’m about to pre-launch and I wanted to give you as one of my community members the opportunity to be FIRST to partner with me.

I’m starting my pre-launch campaign for this on 22nd October and will be blasting this out to my personal list and personal Facebook members… but I wanted to let you know about this first…

I’ve just finished building a sales process that is going to sign up a lot of people in this opportunity and I’m going to have you bypass the funnel and send you direct access to the information if you’re open to this.

I’m not suggesting that you’re going to do this or even if this is for you.

I’m going to run with this and build a MASSIVE team and because we’ve worked together in the past I wanted to give you the chance to be one of the first 6 people to come in to my inner circle before I blast this out to the world so I can position you at the top and you can be part of my inner circle before I even do the pre launch campaign…

So let me know your thoughts on that and we can jump on the phone for 5 mins…"


Attraction Marketing Method Invite

I recorded this video years ago and it worked very, very well so I wanted to show you.

In the last 7 days my Organisation has literally exploded… I’ve made over $4,200 in 7 days and I’m on track to be one of the FASTEST (if not THE Fastest) Sales Directors in the company.

Right now I have an opportunity for 4 people to Partner DIRECTLY with me on a 1-2-1 basis in my inner circle BEFORE Nov 1st, where I’ll mentor you, guide you and take you by the hand to teach you exactly what I’ve done…

If you’re on my list, you’ll know I usually charge $1,000 per hour for 1-2-1 Coaching and $5,000 for Group coaching… but right now I have an opportunity for just 4 more people to work directly in my Inner Circle BEFORE we officially launch…

This Opportunity Expires on November 1st…

If you’d like to know more, leave me a COMMENT below and hit the LIKE button and I’ll send you over some more information ASAP…

I look forward to working with you…


Keep the invites short, curiosity based and personalise them to your prospect / friend as much as possible if they are private invite / personal.

If you’ve got some credibility and authority with your audience then more people will say YES and take you up on your invitation to watch the presentation.

Again, it is a numbers game, so the more people you invite the better.


Invitation Tactics

When you are inviting people online, especially if they are already Network Marketers or in a Home Based Business you need to use as many persuasion and influence strategies as possible.

Here are a few ideas to help you...

1. Urgency
- Excitement

2. Scarcity
- Limited Spaces
- Deadline
- Pre-launch

3. Exclusivity
- Personalise
- Self Interest

4. Curiosity
- Intrigue

The more of these you are able to weave into your invitation, the more powerful it will be...

**IMPORTANT: If you have any different scenarios for people you want to invite, please let me know and I'll see if I can come up with an angle for you and record a video for you to explain how I'd do it...**


Training #4 - The 4-Step Invite
(Phone Inviting 101) (10:29)

In this training you'll learn the very powerful 4-Step Invite... this is a traditional Network Marketing Invitation strategy which works very well on the phone when you are inviting friends and family...

You can ADAPT this invite to work very well online also... and in addition to using it for phone invites, you can use the ideas for Social Media, Email and Text invites...

** Click on the Arrows at the bottom right of the video to make it FULL SCREEN. **

Click Here for The 4-Step Invite Instructions +

Your goal is to make sales of our products. People will only buy / join when you show the presentation... and then will only see the presentation when you invite them.

So, inviting is critical!

This 4-Step Invite is a very, very powerful. This is a simple offline traditional Network Marketing invitation process which you can adapt for TEXT or SOCIAL MEDIA also...

If you usually speak to your friend / family member / prospect on the phone then do this on the phone. If you usually text them, then send a text and if you usually FB message them, then do that... This works best when it's as natural as possible...

The 4-Step Invite

Step 1: Be in a Hurry
Step 2: Clear the Date
Step 3: Something to Show You (Show Sincerity)
Step 4: Confirm time and Date

The conversation needs to last 45 seconds or less if you're doing it on the phone, or just a few messages if you are using text or Social Media.

Step 1: Be in a Hurry (Urgency)

“Hey Tim, it's Gavin. Look, I don’t have a lot of time right now…”


"Hey Tim, hope you're well... I'm in a bit of a rush right now as I've got to take the kids to football practice..."

Step 2: Clear the Date

“Hey Tim, it's Gavin. Look, I don’t have a lot of time right now… listen, what have you got going on today at 7pm?”

"Hey Tim, hope you're well... I'm in a bit of a rush right now as I've got to take the kids to football practice... are you free tonight at 7?"

At this point Tim could do one of two things. He might say “Sorry, I’ve got a meeting at 3pm” or "I'm busy at 7" in which case you’d say:

“No problem, I’ll catch you another time”

You can then call him again next week or another time.

If Tim is free, then make sure you have a little bit of passion, enthusiasm and excitement in your voice and say:

Step 3: Something to Show You (Show Sincerity)

“I’ve got an idea I’m working on right now that you’ve got to see… Can you be by your computer at 6.55 and I’ll call you back at 7pm”

If Tim asks:

“What is it?”

You definitely DO NOT want to fall into the trap of explaining what it is over the phone.

Remember: Don’t tell them anything until you can show them everything.

So, you could say something like:

“I wish I could explain it over the phone but it would be like trying to give a haircut over the phone. It’s impossible. Listen, I’ve got to run, but I’ll call you back at 7pm.”


"It’s 90% visual, I need to actually show you and I can’t explain it over the phone…"

Step 4: Confirm time and location or pickup time (Confirm Date)

"OK, cool I'll give you a call at 7pm and I'll explain a little more then... see you later"

Practice, practice, practice. Adapt these scripts to suit you, or use them as they are. They WORK! You’ve just got to do them.

The more people you can invite and present to… the more people will buy your products and services and join your team.


Congratulations for completing this training... each video is a specific stage in the process so you'll probably want to go back to each video to make sure you are doing each technique correctly...

Remember: this is a MASTERY process... you probably won't get it overnight. However if you are willing to stay FOCUSED and implement what you learn, you WILL 100% get the results you are after...

Repetition is the mother of skill! Just keep repeating, repeating, repeating... and you'll get better and better and better!

We are committed to helping you succeed. My question to you is... how committed to success are you?

Because ultimately, that's what it comes down to...

I am here for you... please post any questions you may have in our Networking Superstars Academy Members Group.

Also, when you get results, no matter how small... (maybe your first leads, first members in your community, first engagement, first conversation, first GTK call, first sign up etc...) please post about it in our community also to help and inspire others!

Remember, this is a journey and we're with you every step of the way...

Gavin Mountford