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Mastering The
Follow-Up Game

OK, so now it’s time to focus on the next skill of the process...

Skill 9 - Follow-Up

You've probably heard that the fortune is in the follow-up. Most people do not join you on your first invitation, or exposure to your opportunity.

The reason most people don't get anywhere in Network Marketing, other than the fact they don't show many people their presentation... is that they do not follow-up with people they have shown their presentation to.

So, in this module I'll show you a few cool ways and tricks to follow-up with your prospects once they've joined your group, you've invited them and they've seen your presentation but haven't joined...


Training #1 - Online Follow-Up &
Multi-Touch Point
 Strategy (14:58)

In this training I'll show you some cool ways you can use multiple touch points to follow-up with your prospects... Expert opinions differ on how many touch points you need to have with a prospect to convert them into a customer, but from my experience 5-10 touch points is the magic number.

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TOP OF MIND MARKETING - Always be in front of your prospect so they see you all the time. Then when they are ready to join an opportunity they think of YOU and contact you…

So, let’s just imagine you invite your prospect to watch your biz opportunity presentation and they don’t join… you should follow up with them by phone, email or chat message every 3 months or so, or after every BIG company event you attend.

The fortune is in the follow-up.

The more familiar you are to your prospect, and the more they know, like and trust you… the more chance you’ll have at having them join your team or buy your products…


The great thing with Social Media is that this makes it very, very easy to do.

In the past, you’d have to keep calling or texting your prospect and bugging them, and eventually they’d get fed up…

But now you have multiple ways to be in front of your prospects...

Here's just a few ideas...

  • Phone
  • Text
  • Post Cards
  • Email (Add to email list)
  • Facebook Private Message (Help them with problems)
  • Facebook (Commenting / liking posts)
  • Your Facebook group / community
  • They see your Fan Page updates
  • They see your profile updates
  • Add prospect to “Update / Follow-Up” FB Group
  • Facebook Ads / Retargeting
  • Other Social Media Channels (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc)


"Touchpoint Guru" Hank Brigman defines a touchpoint as an influential action initiated by a communication, a human contact or a physical or sensory interaction. Each touchpoint is a message that literally "touches" a customer in some way. Collectively, touchpoints create the customer's experience.

A touch point for me is a real experience with my prospect such as:

  • A phone conversation
  • A presentation
  • A text message exchange
  • Sending a postcard in the mail
  • Having an email conversation
  • Responding to a support ticket
  • Helping them with something
  • Facebook chat
  • Commenting and liking their post
  • Scheduling a call with them
  • Prospect fills out an application form

So, have a think of how you can engineer multiple touch points in your business!

Each touch point needs to be a POSITIVE experience with your prospect...


Training #2 - How-To Use Facebook
Friends Lists to Follow-Up With Prospects... (14:02)

In this training I'll show you how to use Facebook friend lists to categorise your prospects and follow-up with them on a regular basis.

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To find and create your friend lists, go to: 

Here’s an example of how you could use friend lists to RATE your prospects and leads…

  • All Network Marketers List
  • Level 1 (New members who joined group)
  • Level 2 (Added as friend)
  • Level 3 (Commented in group)
  • Level 4 (Responded to first PM)
  • Level 5 (Had conversation with)
  • Level 6 (Invited to watch presentation)
  • Level 7 (Has seen presentation)
  • Level 8 (To follow-up with)
  • Level 9 (Customers)
  • Level 10 (Team members)

Or a simpler way with less lists…

  • Level 1 - Members of group
  • Level 2 - People who’ve engaged
  • Level 3 - Customers
  • Level 4 - Team Members

Training #3 - Book A Meeting
From A Meeting!

Every time you do a presentation, follow-up call, getting started call, training or meeting of any kind... always book your next meeting with your prospect and get them locked into your calendar. In this training you'll learn how.

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Book a Meeting From a Meeting…

Whenever you do any kind of call, appointment or meeting, ALWAYS schedule a follow-up meeting and lock it in your diary / calendar whilst you are on the call.

I like to use Google Calendar, but you can easily use just a regular diary for this.

If you remember when I taught you how to do a SIZZLE CALL in the “Mastering The Presentation Game” module?

1. You invited your prospect to a call

2. You got on the phone and did the sizzle call

3. At the end of the sizzle call you told them you were going to send a video over to them for them to watch

4. Before you FINISH the call, you must schedule a follow up call with them for as soon as possible. Ideally within 24 hours!

5. Once the call finished, send them the link for them to watch the video and then get back in touch with them for your scheduled follow-up call.

NEVER leave a business call, appointment or meeting without scheduling a follow-up call.

This process works EXACTLY THE SAME on any call or meeting.

If I do a coaching call, I’ll always schedule in our next call…

If I speak with my prospect on the phone and show them the presentation, I’ll always schedule in a follow-up call within 24-48 hours to collect the decision.

If somebody tells me “YES I’m interested, but I won’t have the money till Tuesday”… I’ll schedule a follow-up call with them for Tuesday.

This works then same when you have a NEW TEAM MEMBER join you. Book their getting started call whilst you are with them.

Then when you do their getting started call, book in some appointments with them to show their people...


Training #4 - "Grytics"
FB Group Analytics to Help
With Follow-Ups

Here you'll see a really powerful piece of software I've been using to manage our Networking Superstars group! When you use Grytics correctly, you'll be able to follow up with your most active and engaged prospects easier...

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Training #5 - How-To Follow-Up
With Your Prospect After They've
Seen Your Presentation...

In this training you'll learn how to gain massive posture with your prospect when it comes to following up with them after the presentation.

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How-To Follow-Up With Your Prospect After They’ve Seen Your Presentation…

Here’s the scenario.

You’ve shown your business opportunity presentation to your prospect and they said they’d get back to you but they haven’t.

You’ve tried to follow-up with them and they aren’t replying to your messages or phone calls and they’re avoiding you.

At this point, it is too late and there’s nothing you can do now.

In this training you’ll learn how to make sure this doesn’t happen to you again, or if it does… it won't happen very often.

This will help you get the RESPECT you deserve from your prospects and free up a lot more of your time so you can focus only on the people worthy of your time to build your business quicker.

Train People How to Treat You

If you have an appointment with somebody either online or offline to show your business opportunity presentation and they are not able to make a decision immediately after, then instead of pressuring them, ask them a simple question.

“OK, so what exactly do you need to know to give me a YES or NO?

Either is absolutely fine with me because I’m doing this anyway.

But what exact information do you need to let me know if this is something you want to do?”

And then they’ll tell you…

“I’d like more info on the compensation plan”

Then you’d say…

“OK cool, so if I send you the compensation plan video straight after this call, and then give you a call tomorrow at 6 o’ clock, will you be able to tell me if it’s a YES or a NO?”

If they say “Yes”, then you’d say:

“Great, let’s book that appointment in now”

...and then you both schedule in the follow-up call.

ALWAYS set and schedule the appointment time and day immediately and put it in your diary or calendar. (Remember: Book a Meeting from a Meeting)

If they say “NO”, then find out what else they need to know before they can make a decision.

“Cool, 6pm tomorrow… I’ll give you a call”


The Takeaway

Now when you give them the follow-up call and they say anything other than “YES” or "NO" to you, then I recommend using the "TAKEAWAY".

You could say something like…

“Ok cool, when we spoke yesterday you'd said that would be everything you need to make a decision… so if you still don’t see what I see… let’s just leave it for now. I’m building this business as fast as I can.

I’m so enthusiastic and passionate about it, so right now I’m in a position where I can only afford to invest my time in those that are hungry and want to create success…

Now, things don’t sound quite right and this sounds like a harder decision than it needs to be for you, so let me take the pressure completely off. Let’s put a pin it and I’ll come back to you in a few months when I’ve spoken to the other people who seem a little bit more hungry.

So, I’ll call you / message you another time.

Have a fantastic day...”

Now, if there’s any part of them that wants to join, they will stop you right there and try to get you back again.

And if they don’t… then they weren’t going to join you anyway.

And when you cut them free, you avoid that 10-20 day follow-up where neither of you knows where the other person is at, your prospect just avoids you, you lose massive posture and you’ll never win them over in the future if you pester them.

What to Do If They Don't Show Up For The Follow-Up Call

Now if they don’t show up for the follow-up call that we scheduled, I’ll give them a call or message. (Ideally a call or voicemail).

“Hey, it’s Gavin. We had an appointment at 6pm and it doesn’t seem like you’re here. Now, the only thing I can guess is that something has happened to you for you to miss this call and not let me know.

I hope everything is ok, and if there’s anything I can do let me know. Also, as soon as you get this message, get back to me and we can reschedule. I’ll speak to you soon, bye for now.”

24 Hours Later, make your second and final call.

“Hey, I’m guessing you heard my message / saw my message yesterday. The only thing I can think of as the reason you missed our appointment and you haven’t been able to let me know is that something has happened to you, and I really hope everything is ok.

Please let me know you're ok.

Now the only other other thing I can think of is that you’ve seen/heard my message and you’ve just changed your mind… and that’s absolutely fine.

As I said the other day, a YES or a NO is fine with me, but I can’t and won’t chase people and I only want to work with people who respect my time, just as I respect theirs.

So I won't call you about this again.

Now, if something has happened and you’ve been meaning to get back to me… then get back to me immediately because I’m not going to call you about this ever again.

I hope to speak with you soon, have a fantastic day!"

Now, because you’ve used this sequence of calls you have trained your prospects how to treat you… and you have the POSTURE.

People will value your time and you’ll be able to spend it with the people who are worthy.


Congratulations for completing this training... each video is a specific stage in the process so you'll probably want to go back to each video to make sure you are doing each technique correctly...

Remember: this is a MASTERY process... you probably won't get it overnight. However if you are willing to stay FOCUSED and implement what you learn, you WILL 100% get the results you are after...

Repetition is the mother of skill! Just keep repeating, repeating, repeating... and you'll get better and better and better!

We are committed to helping you succeed. My question to you is... how committed to success are you?

Because ultimately, that's what it comes down to...

I am here for you... please post any questions you may have in our Networking Superstars Academy Members Group.

Also, when you get results, no matter how small... (maybe your first leads, first members in your community, first engagement, first conversation, first GTK call, first sign up etc...) please post about it in our community also to help and inspire others!

Remember, this is a journey and we're with you every step of the way...

Gavin Mountford