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Mastering The
Duplication Game

Below you’ll find the training for your tenth 10-day sprint. Days 91-100 will be focused on Mastering The Duplication Game.

In this module you'll learn how-to take your new team members, find the leaders & replicate your efforts resulting in an explosion in your business and income.

Master the duplication game to build your empire, legacy and passive residual income…

This is the FINAL skill in the "High-Touch" process...

Now it's time to put everything together and absolutely CRUSH IT!

Skill 10 - Duplicate


The 4 Rings of Prospects &
The Order of Responsiveness...

In this training you'll learn the difference between your "White Hot", "Hot", "Warm" and "Cold" markets and you'll see which you should be focused on to get the fastest results...

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The 4 Rings of Prospects

I categorise my prospects into 4 rings / groups of people, and I usually know by the level of engagement and conversation as to which ring they fit into.

Imagine what a Dartboard looks like. The very middle is the “inner bullseye”, the next ring in the centre is the “outer bullseye”, the next ring on the board is the “Treble Ring" and the outer ring is the “Double Ring".

Ring 1 - Inner Bullseye = White Hot Market (2-10 People Max)
- Best Friends
- Closest Family Members

Ring 2 - Outer Bullseye = Hot Market (50-100 People Max)
- Extended Family
- People You Know Very Well
- Customers (MLSP, Academy, 6 Steps or Other Products)
- Action Takers in Your Community / Committed People
- People You’ve Already Spoken to on Phone (GTK Call)

Ring 3 - Treble Ring = Warm Market (100 - 1000)
- Know on a First Name Basis
- Co-Workers
- Hobbies, Gym, Pub Etc
- Close Contacts
- Engaged Community Members
- Community Members You’ve Had a Conversation With
- Close FB Friends
- People Who K.L.T. You
- People You Have Credibility With

Ring 4 - Double Ring = Cold Market (Millions - Numbers Game)
- People Who Don’t Know You
- Not Joined Community or Just Joined
- Not Friend on Social Media
- Don’t Know You By Name

Prospects You've Attracted Who Are "Watching" From The Sides...

Also, remember that online a LOT of people may KNOW YOU without you knowing them... people may actually be in your "HOT MARKETS" and you've never spoken to them. If you were to put out an offer and attract them to fill out an application form, you may get some interested people...



The #1 Biggest Problem
To Building a Team Online...

In this training you'll learn some of the problems with trying to build a team on the Internet and you'll also learn some of the solutions to help you build speed, momentum and growth on your team...

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The “Game” Of Building Online

Most people do not have an existing online warm market and it takes time to re-build a warm market online.

  • Your new team members need FAST RESULTS otherwise they lose interest and some will quit.
  • Get them a fast win ideally within 24-48 hours
  • If brand new people approach their people first without having any clue how to do it, they will mess it up almost every time. (So you must show them how to do it first)
  • YOU get your new person to make a list and you go after their White Hot market first and YOU do the presentation with them to teach them how it’s done.

** If I signed up a new rep offline I would NEVER try to teach them online until they’d exhausted their Hot Markets… (Unless they really didn't want to or wouldn't)

And whenever you sponsor a new online rep, always ask them to write a list of everybody they know both offline and online and try to get to their Hot Markets first before re-building online…


The Problem With Building Online

- It takes the average new rep 3-6 months to get set up online properly

- Lack of momentum and slow growth

- Technology is complicated and people may struggle

- Team growth online can take months if White Hot Market isn’t approached first

- Build up a warm / hot market online at the same time as inviting hot markets

- Just because you may have fears about approaching your White Hot Market, doesn't mean your new team member shares those fears. Many people I've worked with who I met online were happy to create a list of their family and friends and we presented to them...


Solutions to Building Online

- Tell them if they want a FAST WIN, to write a list of everybody they know and go after their “White Hot” Market first. (You do presentation with their people and show them how to do it.)

- Set your new reps expectations correctly first and tell them it may take time if they only want to build online.

- Help your new team members get a fast win, and "score in 24 hours..."


Practice Your Skills on Warm Market & Community Members

When you first get started at this and if you don't have an upline to support you and do presentations with you, you might want to ask a few of your colleagues / community members if you can PRACTICE on them...

Remember, they probably will not join you, however they might do... and PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT...

- Practice your skills on Warm Market and Community Members & tell them you want to practice your pitch on them to get better


“Build Through, Build With, Build For”:
The Quickest Way to Build a
Large Duplicating Team…

In this training you'll learn the high level strategy that is used by all top successful Network Marketers to build a fast growing, excited team with massive momentum. After watching this, you'll know the secrets to getting your team duplicating quickly...

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Build Through, Build With, Build For - Powerful Team Building Strategy

OK, this is one of the most powerful strategies for building a Network Marketing team / business quickly.

Every single person who joins your team will fit into one of three categories…

1. Build Through
2. Build With
3. Build For

Here are The Steps

Step 1 - I Sponsor ONE (1) person (Jane)

Step 2 - I do a Fast Start training with Jane immediately

Step 3 - I teach Jane the 4-Step Invite and get her to invite her best friends or family members to a 2-on-1 presentation with me.

Step 4 - I do the presentation with as many of Jane’s "White Hot" people as quickly as possible and sponsor at least one person through Jane. Let's call him “Craig”. (Jane will be listening and learning from you each time)

Step 5 - I now do a Fast Start training with Craig because he always knows me and I make sure “Jane” is on the fast start call so she learns how to duplicate me.

Step 6 - I teach Craig the 4-Step Invite and get him to invite his best friends or family members to a 2-on-1 presentation with me.

Step 7 - I do the presentation with as many of Craig’s people as quickly as possible and sponsor at least one person through him. Let's call her “Sarah”. (Craig will be listening and learning from me each time.)

Step 8 - I then do a Fast Start training with Sarah and I make sure “Craig” is on the fast start call so he learns how to duplicate me.

Step 9 - I REPEAT this process building THROUGH all the people until I find a potential leader who has what it takes to succeed. Then I BUILD WITH that person. (Let’s call my “Build With” potential leader James.

Step 10 - Now I “Build With” James and teach him how to invite and edify, and show him how to do the presentation / push play just like I did with the other people. This time I spend more time with him because I know the time I spend will pay off.

Step 11 - I do 4 presentations with James, and each time I give him more and more responsibility.

First Presentation - James introduce me and I do the rest of the presentation

Second Presentation - James introduce me and James does part of the presentation. I do the rest.

Third Presentation - James introduces me and James does the entire first half of the presentation. I do the second half and I close.

Fourth Presentation - James does the entire back half of the presentation. I do the front half and I introduce James.

The Fifth Presentation - James does the entire presentation and I clean up the mess at the end.

Now I've duplicated!

Step 12 - I repeat this process until I have 3 potential leaders in my ONE leg to build with. I teach them everything I know.

Step 13 - You “Build Through” people to “Build With” your potential leaders… and once you’ve taught people well enough that they can “Build For You”… you can go have some fun!

Stay focused with that team / leg until you have THREE (3) leaders on your team who can do the exact presentation and training that you do...

Then go repeat it in another leg...

And watch your business explode!




The "GSR" Call: How-To
Get Your New Rep Started Fast
To "Score In 24"!

This training will explain how to do your GSR call (Getting Started Right) with your new reps immediately after they've joined you. The goal is to get this process to duplicate down your team so that as soon as anybody joins your team, their sponsor / upline does a "GSR" call with them immediately to help them "Score in 24".

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Your company should have a getting started call outline, or a new rep fast start plan.

Step 1 - How Do You Want to Build This?

Do you want to build it fast or slow?
Do you want to build it big or small?
Do you want to make a little bit of money or a lot?

If they say "Fast, Big and a Lot of Money" - I explain to them that their team members will do what they do so if they want to build fast, big and make a lot of money they should be on the top package as that's what will duplicate within the team.

Step 2 - Give Access to Websites & Support Details

- How to Contact Uplines (name, number, email etc)
- Personal Website Links
- Company Support Sites,
- Team Sites
- Facebook groups
- Etc

Step 3 - Get Their Commitment

- Which days of the week and what times of the day will you be available to work on your business?

- Can you commit to attending a Regional Training event 4 times per year?

The KEY is to get them to the LIVE events and around the culture as much as possible...

Step 4 - What is Their WHY?

- I ask people to write down their WHY and their REASON for doing this…

Their why will drive them to take action if it's strong enough.

Their why should make them cry...

Step 5 - Teach Them The 3-Step Set Up to Illustrate Their WHY

They will use their 3-step set up when presenting to prospects later, so I usually recap on this and even explain that I used it when I did the presentation with them.

This is how to integrate your why with your presentation...

(Go back to "Mastering The Presentation Game" to remind yourself of how to do this.)

Step 6 - Get Them to Write Down Their List

In order to move forward fast and “score in 24”, my goal is to help my new reps get a fast win, and in order to do that they need to go to the people they have the best relationship with first…

It might be family, friends or even some online contacts they have a great relationship with.

If they are an online Network Marketer they may or may not have contacted everybody they know in the past... either way, I try to get them to invite their closest people anyway, before plugging them into any online trainings I have.

I usually ask them:

"If you could go on an all expenses paid trip around the world for 2 months and take 10 people with you, where you’d be able to create some amazing memories and have lots of fun in the process… who would you take with you?

Write down the top 10 people you'd love to take with you...

Now ASTERIX ** the top 2 people who trust you most…"

- And sometimes I ask:

“If you had a flat tyre on your car and it was 2am in the morning and pouring down with rain… who would you call to come rescue you?

Write their names and contact details down"

If they don't write the list down immediately I ask them to send it over to me within 24 hours.

Step 7 - Teach Them The 4-Step Invite

(Go back to "Mastering The Invitation Game" to remind yourself of how to do this.)

Step 8 - Ask Them to Invite 2-5 People Now

I know that if I don't ask them to do it now, they probably won't do it, and they certainly will not score in 24 and get fast results.

If they don't want to do it now, that's ok.

I give them a deadline to do it and ask them to come back to me with any questions.

If they still don't do it, then they probably never will... so I plug them into my online trainings to help them learn how to build their business online...

Step 9 - Set Their Expectations Right

- I tell them that Network Marketing is a 2-5 year plan and will work as long as they take action.

- If they want FAST RESULTS they've got to invite the people they know already first.

- They WILL have to get uncomfortable

- If they want to build online but don't want to contact their hot markets, that's OK but I make sure they know it's going to take a bit of time to re-build their warm market online.

Step 10 - Experience Our Culture

- I plug them into the system and trainings

- Monthly audio / university / book of the month / video series etc

- I tell them about the events to attend

- I tell them about any webinars we have

- I explain how to get plugged into our team

The KEY is to get them to the LIVE events and around the culture as much as possible...


How-To Build A Team
Of 204 Reps In The Next
120 Days… The Blueprint…

In this training you'll see how the numbers break down and what you need to do on a daily basis if you want to build a team of 204 reps in the next 120 days with duplication...

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Congratulations for completing this training... each video is a specific stage in the process so you'll probably want to go back to each video to make sure you are doing each technique correctly...

Remember: this is a MASTERY process... you probably won't get it overnight. However if you are willing to stay FOCUSED and implement what you learn, you WILL 100% get the results you are after...

Repetition is the mother of skill! Just keep repeating, repeating, repeating... and you'll get better and better and better!

We are committed to helping you succeed. My question to you is... how committed to success are you?

Because ultimately, that's what it comes down to...

I am here for you... please post any questions you may have in our Networking Superstars Academy Members Group.

Also, when you get results, no matter how small... (maybe your first leads, first members in your community, first engagement, first conversation, first GTK call, first sign up etc...) please post about it in our community also to help and inspire others!

Remember, this is a journey and we're with you every step of the way...

Gavin Mountford