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Mini-Goals for
Days 91-100: Tenth 10-Day Sprint

Before you dive in to the "Mastering The Duplication Game" trainings, please watch this short video to learn what your mini goals are for this section of the Academy.


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Mini-Goals for Days 91-100: Tenth 10-Day Sprint

Welcome to Days 91-100: Your tenth 10-Day Sprint. During this 10 days you will be focused on Mastering the Duplication Game…

This module completes the 10-Core Skills... once you've learned this you'll know how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. You will have in your power, the keys to building a success online business.

In order to get duplication in your team you've got to keep it SIMPLE!

Remember, it takes time to Master anything… so right now you will begin your duplication journey...

Please go through all of the videos and trainings in this module to move forward. If you are unable to watch all the trainings, please do what you can now and catch up later.

In the video on this page, I explain exactly what you DO need to do for this module and what your mini-goals are to move forward.

You can write these goals down in your Freedom Journal at the beginning of your Tenth 10-Day Sprint.

Mini Goals for Days 91-100: Your Tenth 10-Day Sprint

Your top three goals to accomplish during this 10-day sprint are:

1. To watch all the trainings in the “Mastering The Duplication Game” module.

2. Go back to any of your existing team members and do a "Getting Started Right" call with them to practice how to do it. And then every time you sponsor / enrol a new person do the call with them too to get them started the right way fast...

3. Continue posting content in your community each day, PLUS, continue to INVITE and PRESENT your opportunity to qualified prospects. The more people you put in front of your products, services or opportunity the more sales and sign ups you'll make.

Also make sure you are approving new members into your community, sending them a first message and adding them as a friend too 🙂

In addition to that, remember to write in your Freedom Journal each day to keep track of how you are getting on.

If you have any questions, or are unsure about anything please post in our members only Facebook group.