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Identify | Eliminate | Plan

If you're like most people you've probably have a lot going on in your life and business... and if you are not careful it will suck the time you have to focus on your business and your goals away.

So, to help you focus, here is my 3 step plan to help you eliminate information overload, plan your perfect week and set yourself up for success in the next 100 days…

Please make sure you take action on this and do it... I PROMISE you, once you've been through the exercise and done it, you'll feel AMAZING... and you'll be laser focused!

Please Note: This is a webinar I did for my coaching clients a while ago... there are some things that are not relevant to you right now, so please just stay focused on the 3 step process... 1) Identify, 2) Eliminate, 3) Plan.

Click the instructions below the video to access the templates I've created for you...


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Click Here For Identify, Eliminate, & Plan Instructions +

OK, this is a very powerful 3 step process and you'll learn it in the video training.

Step 1 - Identify
Step 2 - Eliminate
Step 3 - Plan

I've created some paper documents which you can print out to do the exercises I mention in the video, AND if you want to create your perfect week schedule in paper format rather than using Google Calendar, then I've created a template for you also.

Download them here:

Click Here & Download the "Identify Everything" Document

Click Here & Download the "Perfect Week Template"

Click Here to See Gavin's Current & Updated Perfect Week Template 

Or use Google Calendar to Create Your Perfect Week Template

Now, just go DO IT... :-)

Be sure to use this as a template for your life. The more routine your life is, the easier it will be to hit your 100 day goals...

Even if your life is crazy and you work shifts, or often don't know what hours you will be working... still create your perfect week plan because you can then fall back on it later.

Make sure you make time for your family, and keep that time FOCUSED and only for your family... if you want a partner or spouse to understand what you are doing, you have to separate your life from your business and give them the time they deserve.

If possible, go into a quiet room which is totally away from distractions to get your focused time to work on your business!

I usually update my perfect week plan every 90 days or so, or when my life changes in some way.

My life used to be all over the place... there was no structure to my day. I used to work in a Nightclub till 4am in the morning, and worked 2 part times jobs so I know what a challenge it can be...

However, you need to work very hard at creating STRUCTURE and routine in your life... and gradually bit by bit other people will understand and your life will become much easier.

Without any form of structure you'll find it very hard to get your daily business action steps done.