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Reflect, Review & Reward
10-Day Cool Down

Below you'll find trainings for your reflect, review and reward trainings to wrap up everything you've been through, achieved and completed so far...

As you'll hear in these trainings... you've completed the "High-Touch" Academy... congratulations 🙂

Your journey with us in Networking Superstars is only just beginning!

So, get ready... get excited and go reflect on your mental entrepreneurial journey, review your numbers, reward yourself and find out what the next step is in your journey...


Reflecting on Your
Mental Entrepreneurial Journey!

In this training you'll learn how to reflect on your mental entrepreneurial journey and look at what you've achieved so far from the program...

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Reflect - Mental Journey

CONGRATULATIONS you’ve completed the High-Touch Academy training program…

However your journey with us here at Networking Superstars is only just beginning…

Just for a few moments, sit back, relax and reflect on your achievements…

Is it very, very important to take a week of reflection now with very little action.

Our mind needs SPACE to reflect and for new insights and ideas to come up…

Now it’s time to reflect on your last 120 days…

Look at all the Awesome Things You’ve Achieved So Far…

- Learned the 10 Core Skills
- You understand the process
- Stuck to an outcome and achieved it
- Built an audience
- Generated leads
- Got engagement
- Learned how to create awesome content
- Had conversations
- Made sales?
- Got sign ups?
- Became Ambassador?

FOCUS on the positives first…

3 Ingredients Everybody Needs For Success

1. Step by Step System
2. Coaching, mentoring and guidance (be teachable and coachable)
3. The desire and ability to take action on what you’ve learned


Answer These Questions HONESTLY…

- Have you been through all the trainings? (Ideally more than once)
- Have you taken action?
- Have you attended the coaching calls?
- Have you watched any of the replays?
- Have you strived to get better at each of the skills?
- How much time have you invested into this?
- How focused have you been?
- Have you been making small incremental changes to your business along the way?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.


Look at all the awesome things you’ve achieved so far!

What Can You Do Differently to Get Even Better Results?

- Focus on a specific niche?
- Go back through trainings?
- Try a different approach to your audience?
- Do more of the income producing activities each day?

4 Stages of Mastery

1. Unconscious Incompetence
2. Conscious Incompetence
3. Conscious Competence
4. Unconscious Competence

Where Are You In Your Journey HONESTLY?

And be truthful, don’t fool yourself.

If you have everything you need what’s really stopping you?


Review Your Numbers
& Statistics!

In this training you'll take stock of what you have achieved and will take a look at your numbers and statistics. What you track, measure and focus on EXPANDS...

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Review Your Numbers & Statistics

- How many leads?
- How many members / audience have you built?
- How much content have you created?
- How much engagement have you gotten?
- How many sales have you made?
- How many sign ups have you had?
- How much money have you made?
- How much impact and influence do you now have?

- How many people have you had REAL conversations with?
- Have you been engaging with NEW people? Or just staying in your comfort zone with existing people?
- Have you put much thought and strategy into the content you’ve created
- Have you HUSTLED and spoken to people?

Income Producing Activities

- Are you INVITING new people to your opportunity presentation each day?
- Are you PRESENTING on a daily basis?
- Are you making SALES / INCOME?

If not, why not?

What do you feel you are still missing?

I’m sure you’d agree that you actually have EVERYTHING you need to get results…

Now it’s time for YOU to STEP UP and really take action…

Now it’s time to FOCUS on the Income Producing Activities…

Creating content and building your warm market is essential, but it’s not going to pay the bills.

If you don’t ASK, you don’t get…

Go back through the program again… OR move to the next level in the process… The “High-Tech” Academy…


Reward Yourself
You Deserve It!

After I started rewarding my children for doing various activities around the house, I noticed that their behaviour improved and so did their self-esteem and confidence. I then decided to try it on myself... so every time I got a new sign up in an opportunity I would give myself a star. The more stars I earned the better my reward / prize was. Giving yourself rewards for getting results is a very powerful way of keeping yourself motivated...

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Well, as the saying goes... "all work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy". Not only that, it also diminishes productivity and progress...

If you have your big 1 year goal, or 12-week goal and that is all you are focused on... you totally miss out on the journey. You miss out on all the small little incredible steps and achievements you make on a regular basis.

There are many things worth celebrating in your journey...

  • When you first create content and start to get comments and engagement on it... that is AWESOME!
  • When you get your first few leads into your group... or when you hit the first day of getting 10 leads in your group. That is AMAZING!
  • When you get a reply back from somebody to tell you that what you've shared with them or taught them has really helped. That is a BRILLIANT feeling...
  • When you first sponsor somebody into your opportunity! That is simply the BEST!
  • When you make a sale of your product or service... That's incredible!

However, it doesn't have to be limited to the first time you do things...

Personally, I reward myself with small little things... both for myself and for my family. So, each time I get a new sign up in my opportunity or NS Academy or make a sale of one of my products I give myself a "star". Once I get a number of stars I select one of my rewards...

You can do this on PAPER. Or, you can use an iPhone / iPad / Smart Phone app called iRewardChart.

iRewardChart is basically a children's reward chart and reward system.

If rewarding children motivates them to do better and behave better because they want to get their reward... then why shouldn't it work for you?

Here is how I reward myself.

  1. For each Academy member I bring in and earn $50-$100 for. I reward myself ONE (1) star.
  2. For each Platinum team member I sponsor in my opportunity I reward myself ONE (1) star.

I then have a list of rewards:

  • Family Cinema Trip (3 Stars)
  • Frankie and Benny's Meal (3 Stars)
  • Get a Massage (3 Stars)
  • Go to Giraffe Restaurant (3 Stars)
  • Go to Chessington Adventure Park (7 Stars)
  • Stay in the Lego Land Hotel (10 Stars)
  • Get myself a Gym membership (10 Stars)
  • Book our family holiday (20 Stars)
  • £500 Clothes for Pippa and I (20 Stars)
  • Buy a new Guitar (50 Stars)
  • Etc

Each time I get a new sign up I reward myself with a star. I can either keep collecting my stars to get my higher rewards, or I can cash in my stars in exchange for a reward.

If you get the whole FAMILY involved in this also, it can help moral... and really give you a purpose and a reason to work hard. (This can also help with getting a partner on board with you too...)

Now, I could EASILY buy one of those rewards / experiences without getting the sign ups... and could just decide to take my family out for a meal, however... where is the fun in that?

This way you condition yourself to getting your work done, getting results and then rewarding yourself...

If it works for kids... it will work for you :-)


What's Next?
Your Next Steps...

OK, now you've gone through the "High-Touch" Academy trainings once, in this short video I explain what comes next for you on your journey to freedom!

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Congratulations for completing this training... each video is a specific stage in the process so you'll probably want to go back to each video to make sure you are doing each technique correctly...

Remember: this is a MASTERY process... you probably won't get it overnight. However if you are willing to stay FOCUSED and implement what you learn, you WILL 100% get the results you are after...

Repetition is the mother of skill! Just keep repeating, repeating, repeating... and you'll get better and better and better!

We are committed to helping you succeed. My question to you is... how committed to success are you?

Because ultimately, that's what it comes down to...

I am here for you... please post any questions you may have in our Networking Superstars Academy Members Group.

Also, when you get results, no matter how small... (maybe your first leads, first members in your community, first engagement, first conversation, first GTK call, first sign up etc...) please post about it in our community also to help and inspire others!

Remember, this is a journey and we're with you every step of the way...

Gavin Mountford