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The Game Plan

Gavin MountfordHey, it's Gavin Mountford here...

Welcome to Networking Superstars Academy... I hope you're ready to commit, learn, take massive action and hit your #1 Network Marketing goal in the next 100 days!

The Academy runs for 120 days in total. And is broken down into 12 shorter time frames we call 10-Day Sprints.

The reason it runs for 120 days and not 100 is because we've divided the year up into THREE (3)... and 3 X's 120 days is almost a year... so each run through the Academy works out to be 120 days in total.

The Core part of the Academy runs for 100 Days with a  "Prepare & Practice"10-Day Warm Up at the beginning and a "Review and Reflect" 10-Day Cool Down at the end.

Every 10 Days you'll learn and implement a new Core Skill until you know the entire process by the end of the 100 Days...

Now, because Mastering anything can take time, I recommend you go through the Academy at least 3 times and take coaching for the next 12 months minimum (If possible...).

Personally I've had coaching myself for the last 10 years from several different people. It is the single biggest factor that's allowed me to have the success I've had...

This will enable you to become an EXPERT in this process, which in turn will allow you to make more money, teach and help more people and live the life of your dreams!

There are FOUR (4) phases to Mastery. You can read about them below. (Just click the link below and it will open up a short article which explains more about the Mastery process...).

Click Here for The Four Stages of Learning (Mastery) +

The Four Stages of Learning

The learning process has often become more difficult than necessary because of the bad feelings people get when they make mistakes in learning. The bad feelings come from judgments like, "not doing it right," "not good enough," "can never learn this," etc.

Ironically, not doing it right and making mistakes are vital steps in the learning process. Yet too often our attention goes to trying to avoid the bad feelings, rather than to the learning at hand. Understanding the four stages of learning a skill can help keep the learning process focused on learning to do something, and not feeling bad about ourselves for not already knowing how. Here are the four stages of learning as uncovered by Abraham Maslow:

1. Unconscious Incompetence

"I don't know that I don't know how to do this." This is the stage of blissful ignorance before learning begins.

2. Conscious Incompetence

"I know that I don't know how to do this, yet." This is the most difficult stage, where learning begins, and where the most judgments against self are formed. This is also the stage that most people give up.

3. Conscious Competence

"I know that I know how to do this." This stage of learning is much easier than the second stage, but it is still a bit uncomfortable and self-conscious.

4. Unconscious Competence

"What, you say I did something well?" The final stage of learning a skill is when it has become a natural part of us; we don't have to think about it.

Using the example of learning to drive a car, as a child I first thought that all I needed to do was sit behind the wheel and steer and use the pedals. This was the happy stage of unconscious incompetence.

When I began learning to drive, I realized there was a whole lot more to it, and I became a little daunted. This was the stage of conscious incompetence. There were so many different things to do and think about, literally hundreds of new behaviors to learn.

In this stage I made lots of mistakes, along with judgments against myself for not already knowing how to do it. Judgment release can be very helpful here in the second stage because mistakes are integral to the learning process. They're necessary because learning is essentially experimental and experience-based, trial and error. Information can be accumulated, but until it is practiced and used, it's only information. It's not learning, and certainly not a skill.

As I practiced, I moved into the third stage of learning, conscious competence. This felt a lot better, but still I wasn't very smooth or fluid in my driving. I often had to think about what to do next, and that felt awkward and uncomfortable.

Finally, after enough practice, I got to the place where I didn't have to think about every little thing I was doing while driving. I thought about my driving only when something alerted me to it. I became unconsciously competent. Because of the ease and grace in unconscious competence, my driving became much safer.

Article Source:


Your Next 120 Days Outline

Here's the outline for the next 120 days.

There's 10-Days for you to "Prepare & Practice" at the beginning and 10-Days for you to "Reflect & Review" at the end. With 10 X's 10-Day Sprints in the middle where you learn a new Core Skill every 10 days...

Prepare & Practice

Set Your Goals, Decide on Your DMO (Daily Method of Operation) & Plan Your Perfect Week - In the First 10-Days You’ll Have The Opportunity to Prepare Yourself to Get Ready for Maximum Success in the next 100 days...


First 10-Day Sprint - Days 1-10

Mastering The Content Creation Game
How-to create fun, engaging, playful, inspiring, uplifting & valuable content to help others, add value to their lives & attract your perfect prospects to you daily.

Master this game and you’ll find lead generation has never been so easy…


Second 10-Day Sprint - Days 11-20

Mastering The Lead Generation Game
How-to turn “interested leads” into warm prospects by capturing their details in your Awesome, Amazing, Fun & Fantastic Facebook community.

Master this game and you’ll have a constant supply of red hot prospects for your business later.


Third 10-Day Sprint - Days 21-30

Mastering The Connection Game
How-to make friends with your new leads, have fun in the process & find your future millionaire team members.

Master the connection game and enjoy the process of sifting and sorting and searching through the duds until you find your potential studs.


Fourth 10-Day Sprint - Days 31-40

Mastering The Engagement Game
How-to turn “watchers” into “engagers” & create an army of “Ambassadors” ready to shout your name from the highest peaks.

Master the engagement game to build a tight knit community of raving fans who will buy from you and join your business at the drop of a hat…


Fifth 10-Day Sprint - Days 41-50

Mastering The Communication Game
How-to communicate with your leads on purpose, warm them up and turn them into red hot pre-qualified prospects primed to join your business.

Master the communication game to uncover the diamonds in the rough who are ready to be picked and polished…


Sixth 10-Day Sprint - Days 51-60

Mastering The Closing Game
How-to “collect the decision” & “close” your prospects to make sales easier than ever before.

Master the closing game to impact and help more people and in turn earn more income from multiple sources faster…


Seventh 10-Day Sprint - Days 61-70

Mastering The Invitation Game
How-to use curiosity and intrigue to invite your prospect to take the next step in working closer with you.

Master the invitation game by saying as little as possible to get your prospect very excited and ready to say “YES” to learn more…


Eight 10-Day Sprint - Days 71-80

Mastering The Presentation Game
How-to present your product, service or opportunity to your prospect the right way to dramatically increase your sign up & sponsoring rate.

Master the presentation game to put more cash in your pocket and grow your team exponentially…


Ninth 10-Day Sprint - Days 81-90

Mastering The Follow-Up Game
How-to follow-up with your hot prospects to enrol the “fence sitters” & people who say “yes I’ll join you later”.

Master the follow-up game to have a constant stream of new team members joining your business every single month…


Tenth 10-Day Sprint - Days 91-100 

Mastering The Duplication Game
How-to take your new team members, find the leaders & replicate your efforts resulting in an explosion in your business and income.

Master the duplication game to build your empire, legacy and passive residual income…


Reflect, Review & Reward

Now It’s Time to Reflect and Review The Last 100 Days, Celebrate Your Wins, Learn From Your Mistakes, & Reward Yourself For Completing This.

So... are you READY for your Journey to Freedom?


Please Note #1: In some of the following trainings, you'll hear me using the word "Challenge". What I am referring to here is the 100-Day process.

The 100-Days will be a Challenge, and it will take everything you have to get through them. However even if you fall off the wagon for a while, you can still get back on at anytime.

There is ZERO pressure on you to complete this. Just go at your own pace, study when you can and implement what you can and gradually day by day you will get better and better.

Remember MASTERY is a process... and it takes time!

The ONLY way to fail is to quit!

Please Note #2: As you watch the following trainings you will occasionally hear me refer to "The 10x10 Network Marketing Challenge". This is a program I used to run which has now been superseded by Networking Superstars Academy.

Just mentally replace any reference to "The 10x10 Network Marketing Challenge" with Networking Superstars Academy.

Please Note #3: I'd like you to think of this entire process as a GAME...

And the purpose of the game is to have fun, enjoy the process, be inspired, happy, motivated and excited to be building your business...

In turn this will rub off on your prospects and you'll attract more of the right kind of people to you who are looking for you...

In turn this means you will be able to help more people and make more money!


The Game Plan #1:
The Networking Superstars
Academy Game Plan (19:02)

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The Game Plan #2: 
Invest in The Freedom Journal &
The Miracle Morning (06:54)

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Click Here for Your Essential "Reading List" Instructions +

As you begin this journey with us, there is one (1) journal and two (2) books I’d like you to read or listen to.

I recommend buying the physical books if you can because often with the audio versions, you cannot skip to specific chapters or pages, however if you don’t have time to read, then you can get the audio book and listen to them on the go.

As part of your morning routine, you'll have the opportunity to read. If you aim to read for 10-20 minutes per day, you'll have these books completed with a couple of months max!

Be sure to buy these books from your LOCAL amazon. If you live in the UK, make sure you buy from the UK version of Amazon because shipping will take weeks from the US... and vice versa.

Here are my recommendations… and the order I recommend reading them in.

1 - The Freedom Journal

Please order your copy of The Freedom Journal from here ASAP. This is the exact process you will be using to help you hit your 100 day goal. We will be using The Freedom Journal every single day.

You'll use The Freedom Journal to create your "SMART" goal for the 100 days, then you'll follow the daily guidance to accomplish your goal.

There will be 10-day sprints where you'll accomplish "mini" goals, and quarterly reviews every 25 days where you'll review your progress to identify what's been working and where you are struggling. Then you'll amplify the success and correct the areas of weakness.

2 - The Miracle Morning For Network Marketers (U.S. Amazon Link)

This is the exact morning routine I use in my life. I’ve had a morning routine for years and it has 100% been responsible for me becoming the person I am today… and achieving the results I’ve achieved.

The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers uses Hal Elrod's global phenomenon to show you habits you can adopt from the best performers in your field. By changing your strategies, mindsets, and rituals to match the top 1% of network marketers, you'll grow yourself and your business faster than you ever thought possible.

Once you've nailed down your Miracle Morning, Elrod and Petrini's book shows you exactly what you should be doing with "the rest of your day." When you apply these fundamental business building skills to your own network marketing, you won't just get to the top… you'll stay there.

The Miracle Morning for Network Marketers is your key to making immediate and profound changes on the path to peak performance. Buy the book for the simplest, fastest path to network marketing prosperity.

3 - The Habit Factor (U.S. Amazon Link)

We will be using the principles from The Habit Factor to help you achieve the goals you set while working with us. This is PERFECT for building the habit of the 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro into your daily routine…

Have you ever wondered why your results aren’t equal to your capabilities or full potential? The Habit Factor not only provides the answer, it presents you with a specific and simple technique to transform your life. Once you’ve read The Habit Factor it’s unlikely you will ever view habit, goal achievement or even your world the same…


The Game Plan #3:
Establish Your “SMART”
100 Day Goal (14:22)

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Click Here for Creating Your "SMART" 100 Day Goal Instructions +

How To Establish A "SMART" Goal

S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Attainable
R - Relevant
T - Time-bound

Specific: Your goal MUST be clear.

What: What do I want to accomplish?
Why: Specific reasons, purpose, or benefits of accomplishing the goal.
Who: Who is involved?
Where: Identify a location.
Which: Identify requirements and constraints.

Measurable: You MUST be able to track your progress, and measure the level of success. Your goal needs to answer questions such as:

How much?
How many?
How will I know when it is accomplished?

Attainable: "Building the next Google" is not an attainable goal in the next 100 days. "Sponsoring 10 people and building a team of 50 by following the 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro" is. You must set an attainable goal. A goal you can realistically accomplish in the given time frame.

Relevant: Your goal has to matter to your life goals. You don't want to get to the end of this journey, accomplish your goal, and say, "That was good, but this accomplishment hasn't impacted my life in a major way." We want IMPACT!

A relevant goal should answer yes to these questions:

Does this seem worthwhile?
Is this the right time?

Time-bound: This is where Networking Superstars Academy and The Freedom Journal THRIVES. You must set your goal within a timeframe. This will prevent your goal from being overtaken by the day-to-day crises that happen to us all. If you DON'T put time constraints on your goal, the time to accomplish it will expand indefinitely.

Here is an Example of Setting a SMART Goal!

Here is an example of how to set a SMART goal. Your goal could be the same as the example below, it could be higher, or it could be lower. It depends on your experience, or if you've had any results before.

For me, I've personally sponsored close to 1000 people in multiple opportunities in the last 6 years so I KNOW I can do it. So, my goal is higher than the example below, however you have to do what feels right to you.

You might want to "Sponsor 5 people in the next 100 days and build a team of 20 people"... for the first go through the Challenge... or you might want to go for 10 personally sponsored with a team of 50... it is up to you.

Goal: I want to build my Network Marketing team by 50 people in 100 days


What: I want to personally sponsor 10 people and work with my most focused team members to duplicate my process bringing in an extra 50 people into my organisation to hit the rank of Director in the next 100 days. (While I am helping my team duplicate, I will sponsor more people myself because I lead by example, which inspires my team and helps them take action.)

Why: Because I know I can build a huge organisation, help change a lot of people’s lives and build up my monthly income to buy our beautiful new family home. This will give me massive momentum.

Who: Me, my Network Marketing team and my Community members

Where: I will achieve this from my Creation Lab (My office)

Which: (Constraints) I must invest in my education now and go through any extra trainings I need in the next 30 days to learn how to get more leads and build my warm market faster so I have people to speak to. Then I can focus on personally sponsoring new team members and supporting my team to duplicate.


To ensure I hit my goal I will speak to at least 1 new person each day about my Network Marketing business (10 people in 10 days). As I sponsor people myself, I will teach them to do the same until eventually we have 100 presentations being done inside our organisation every 10 days.

I will use the 10-day sprints and quarterly reviews of The Freedom Journal to ensure I stay on pace and on mission.


I can talk to 1 person a day about my business! What makes me think this is possible? The Networking Superstars Academy and The Freedom Journal, that’s what!


Absolutely! I want to be a Network Marketing Professional as well as an authority figure in the Network Marketing industry. This will help me achieve both of these goals!


This part defines The Networking Superstars Academy and The Freedom Journal. I am grateful to have them at my side along my Journey to Freedom, and can’t wait to get started. From a small team to a team of over 50 people in 100 days, here I come!


The Game Plan #4:
Your Day & Night Success Rituals

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Click Here for Your Day & Night Success Rituals Sample +

Sample Day Success Ritual

I am grateful for:
I am grateful for the opportunity to accomplish my dream goal. Now it's up to me to take action! I am grateful to have a project I am excited about and to be working with an amazing group of people.

In 99 days I will: Have sponsored 10 new reps and built my Network Marketing team by 50 people

My #1 focus today is: Going through "The Strategy" module of the 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro

To get closer to my goal today, I will:

1. Watch "The Strategy" module of the 6 Steps Sponsoring Sequence Pro

2. Connect with 10 new people

By the end of today, I will have accomplished:

1. Created 4 pieces of content (two in my community and two to feed my community)

2. Captured 5 new members in my community / Facebook group & messaged them

3. Talked to one new person and shown them my business presentation

Action plan for the day:
I will spend 30 minutes creating content. I will post in my community and I will post to Twitter and Instagram to bring new people into my group. I will join 3 Network Marketing Facebook Groups, and will post something of value so I get new people asking to be my friend. Anyone who "friends" me, I will accept and will send them a quick "hello" message and invite them to my community. I will approve anybody waiting in my community and will take them through the Conversation Ascension process from the 6SSSPro. I will do whatever it takes to find one person to show my presentation to.

I thought building a team of 50 people was going to be a scary and daunting proposition, but when I break it down in this manner it truly seems doable... almost easy. I am learning exactly how to get more leads and sponsor more reps and I can easily show my presentation to 1 person a day if I simply sit down and focus.

Sample Night Success Ritual

Two wonderful things that happened today:
1. I re-connected with some old friends from Facebook, got chatting and it turned out Sarah had just lost her job so I asked her if she was open to looking at something and she said yes! So, I showed my presentation to ONE person today... yeah!

2. While I was watching "The Strategy" module of the 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro, I had two AH-HA moments. Now I know exactly what I need to do to get more leads, build a new warm market and start sponsoring people into my business!

I struggled with:
1. I didn't have enough people asking to join my community / group, so I didn't have enough leads to speak to.

2. 30 minutes is not long enough for me to create all my content. I ran out of time quick quickly, so I need to increase that because it is important that people see my content.

Possible solutions for the struggles:
1. Commit to the 6SSSPro plan, Steve. You can do this!

2. I will spend more time creating content and prospecting tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a great day because:
I have CONFIDENCE that I can and will sponsor people and build a team. Today was not terrifying or exhausting, it was thrilling and energising. I can't wait to wake up fresh and ready to talk to some more people about my business!

Sponsoring people and building a Network Marketing team is daunting and scary, and that's why I've procrastinated over the last few months. However, in these bite-size increments, I know I can do it, and that's 90% of the battle!

Final thought of the day:
Life is about the journey, not the destination. I have to make sure to enjoy this journey to freedom, each and every day, for what it is.


The Game Plan #5:
Your First 10-Day Sprint

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Click Here for Your Sample First 10-Day Sprint +

Sample First Sprint

My top three goals to accomplish during this sprint:

1. Get 20 new leads in my Facebook community
2. Speak to 10 people about my Network Marketing business (and show them the plan)
3. Read the Miracle Morning for Network Marketers book & start my morning routine

One habit I will implement over the next 10 days:
I will be in bed by 10pm every night, with the goal of awaking at 6am to start my Miracle Morning!

For the first time in a long time I feel like I am gaining back control of my life. Bedtimes, rituals, structure, regimes... I LOVE IT!


The Game Plan #6:
Your 10-Day Sprint Recap

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Click Here for Your Sample 10-Day Sprint Recap +

Sample 10-Day Sprint Recap

Three goals I accomplished during this sprint:

1. I captured 22 new leads in my Facebook community
2. I spoke to 15 people about my Network Marketing business (and showed them the plan)
3. I set up my Instagram account and have a process in place to get leads

A surprise accomplishment during this sprint:
For the first time ever, I sponsored somebody into my business! Hooray, I was hoping I would manage it and I did! I also sat down every day and went through the 6 Step process. There were days when I didn't want to, but I had made the commitment to myself.

My top three goals to accomplish during the next sprint:

1. Complete the next 2 modules of the 6SSSPro & learn more about closing & sponsoring
2. Speak to 10 people about my Network Marketing business (and show them the plan)
3. Record and upload my very first video!

One habit I will implement over the next 10 days:
A 30-minute power walk first thing every morning.

I seriously can't believe that in 10 days I already have 22 new members in my community and I've already sponsored somebody! It has taken me years to start this dream goal, and now by committing to showing my business to just 1 person a day I am getting much closer to my goal.


The Game Plan #7:
Your Quarterly Review

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Click Here for Your Sample Quarterly Review +

Sample Quarterly Review

Big accomplishments in the last 25 days:

1. I have sponsored 4 people & have 7 people in my team now... YAY!
2. I am now getting between 3-5 new leads a day in my community which is awesome... This is fun!
3. I have done my Miracle Morning now for the last 7 days and feel absolutely amazing...

Areas I need to improve in the next 25 days:

1. I need to get better at generating traffic, so I'm thinking about hiring a coach... and getting some 1-2-1 mentoring to help me achieve my goals faster.

2. I had wanted to start learning how to set up my full system to help automate my sponsoring process. I will have to sign up to My Lead System Pro today to get going on that!

3. Cutting out distractions. I need to be more strict with my time, and really focus to get my work done on time so I can spend more time with my family.

I am proud that:

I stuck to my goal of showing 1 person my Network Marketing presentation each day!

I am excited about:
The next 25 days. I will be talking about my goal of having a team of 50 people all that time!

I am surprised by:
The ease and power of doing the small things and working the 6 Steps every day and how that adds up to something substantial in a relatively short period of time!

Once you start working on a project with consistency, it's unbelievable the ideas that start springing to mind. Just by constantly creating content, getting leads, connecting, engaging, communicating and showing my presentation I've had breakthroughs in mere days that have previously taken years! I can't wait to see what the next 75 days unveil!


The Game Plan #8:
Your Daily Method of
Operation (DMO)

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Click Here for Your Daily Method of Operation (DMO) +

OK, your DMO is your Daily Method of Operation and is what you need to do EVERY DAY in your business.

If you truly want success, you'll IGNORE everything else and will just focus on this DMO.

I've personally sponsored almost 1000 people in the last 6 years using this daily process...

The great news is that because it is a specific system that WORKS, if you do it daily and track it then we can figure our which steps you need to get better at...

The Daily Method of Operation I've given you below is our 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence, and essentially it is the EXACT steps you'll learn and implement in our 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence Pro course, should you decide you'd like to gain access and study with us...)

Just do it DAILY!

2 hours minimum per day. Ideally 3 hours per day if you can. And during those 2-3 hours, ONLY focus on these steps. Everything else you do outside of your 2-3 hour block!

1. (Create) I am committed to creating a minimum of 4 pieces of compelling content each day. 2 pieces which feed new members into my group, and 2 pieces inside of my group, which gives value and gets engagement.

2. (Capture) I am committed to capturing a minimum of 10 new leads each day into my Facebook group, which gives me plenty of people to follow up with about my business.

3. (Connect) I am committed to connecting with 10 new people each day with the purpose of making new friends and expanding my warm market.

4. (Comment) I am committed to getting a minimum of 5 comments on the content I post each day, and getting engagement in my group.

5. (Communicate) I am committed to communicating with 10 new people each day where I warm them up, build a relationship and help them with their business.

6. (Close) I am committed to speaking to a minimum of 4 new people on the phone each day where I inspire them to join my team and work with us.

In the Academy we will also dive deeper into the "Closing" part and you'll learn how to Invite > Present > Follow-Up > Close & Duplicate... however for now, just get the basic 6 steps down first...


The Game Plan #9:
What To Do Next
(Start Now!)

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