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Facebook Traffic - Promoted Posts Strategy

Most of what we've done so far has been free... and you can do some great things with free traffic... like build fantastic relationships with people... However, if you can get the conversions that you can from free traffic, and then leverage PAID traffic to drive thousands of perfectly targeted visitors to your capture page, so they go through your funnel, then you can scale your business up much faster...

One of the BEST ways right now for paid traffic is Facebook PPC (Pay-Per-Click)... and myself and many other top marketers all use Facebook PPC to drive traffic to build our businesses...

Now to fully learn Facebook PPC, you will need to invest in a specific training program that will show you exactly how to do it, and the strategies to use... but I wanted to give you the STRATEGY I use to build my business, so you can use it to build yours.

In the resources section of this page, you'll find a list of awesome Facebook trainings and tools that I've been through and use myself. Make sure you invest in your education because right now there is a very STRONG opportunity with Facebook Ads.

So, What Exactly Are Promoted Posts?

One of the BEST ways to use Facebook Ads right now is to use Promoted Posts or News Feed Ads which then appear right in the middle of your prospects news feed.

In this training video I show you exactly what a Promoted Post is so you know where they appear and how it all fits into the flow of your business.

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Promoted Posts - The BIG Picture and Flow

Next you'll see exactly how Promoted Posts fit into your sales funnel, and you'll see the entire flow of taking a person off Facebook, capturing them on your list, following up with them and making sales!

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The MMM Ad Congruency Formula

I've talked about the importance of congruency in your business and sales funnel a little bit already... but right now it is essential you keep that congruency strong so everything ties together.

When you put an advert in front of somebody to attract them to YOU... they instantly make a decision if they want to find out more info... if they do, they'll click the advert and go to your capture page. If your capture page has totally different wording on it, and has a different message, then your prospect will NOT opt-in...

Exactly the same is true in your sales funnel. If your prospect just opted in for something they wanted... and then in your 7 part email sequence you sell them products and services that are totally random and unrelated... they will NOT buy and you will NOT make money.

So, keep things congruent through the entire sales funnel. VERY IMPORTANT...

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How to Cheat On Facebook & Target Your Perfect Prospect

We're not really cheating Facebook... but are getting an unfair advantage over other people who don't know or understand that this feature exists...

The funny thing is that Facebook is an absolute Goldmine of leads, income and sign ups when you know the secret strategies that are not really taught mainstream...

Most people don't know how to use custom audiences correctly... and if they do, then most people don't take the time to build enough custom audiences to target their adverts at. This video explains...

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Five Examples of Killer Promoted Posts

Writing promoted posts is an ART FORM... you have to write conversationally, and at the same time use some of the persuasion and influence techniques, and copywriting techniques I taught you in the last few modules...

There is so much NOISE out there on the web, and on Facebook... and most people on Facebook are just there to interact with their friends. So, you have to STOP people in their tracks, and get them to look at your advert so they click it and take action...

Here you'll see 5 great examples of awesome promoted posts so you can MODEL them... be sure to go back through the copywriting trainings from a few weeks ago as you write your posts...

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Tried & Tested Promoted Post Tracking Techniques

As the saying goes... "You can't improve what you don't measure..." which basically means you MUST track ALL of your marketing...

There is no point spending $10-$50 in advertising if you don't know what the results are from it... the great news is that Facebook has tracking already built in to its advertising platform...

Most of it is already done for you... all you need to do is create a TRACKING PIXEL and integrate it into your thank you page. (Please make sure it goes on your Thank You page, which comes AFTER your prospect has opted-in to your capture page.)

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1) - Go Through My Trainings & Invest in an In-depth Training - My strong advice is to get hold of a FULL Facebook Ads training program and go through it. When you go through it, take notes and IMPLEMENT as you go through it. After watching my video trainings above you'll know much more about the strategy for leveraging Promoted Posts in your marketing.

2) - Set up a Facebook Ads account by clicking here. Get familiar with the interface. Initially it may seem a bit confusing, but once you've been through the training program and have played around with it for a few days it will be second nature...

3) Invest in Some Custom Audience Software which will allow you to extract Facebook user ID's to target your adverts at later. Then search for specific target markets of people who would be interested in what you have to offer, and EXTRACT those people.

4) Create Your First Promoted Post - Once you know what you are doing a little bit, be sure to create and set up your first Promoted Post. Drive traffic off Facebook and into your capture page. (Just make sure you have got tracking set up so you know how many leads came from your advert)


Extra Help

If you need any help or advice on any of this, please feel free to post in our support group, or drop me a private email. Or come along to our weekly training call to ask me live. I’m sure you will have some questions when you IMPLEMENT this.