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Assemble Your Meeting Place & Attract Your Customers

Let's pick it back up again, and move into creating and assembling your meeting place / group so you can grow an unstoppable community to get more leads, clients and income.

This module was initially going to be about creating your Capture Page and Thank You Page, however it is more IMPORTANT you get your Community set up first... before your Capture Page. 

Earlier in this training program you created your Facebook group... and now you're going to go into more detail and actually get it up and running by inviting your key people (ambassadors), and other members to help the group go viral.

You will the be able to link up your group to your capture page, and leverage a sneaky method to giveaway your valuable freebie to your new members so you get them on your list and incentivise them to invite and add more people to your community because they believe in YOUR cause. Very powerful... and when you get it right, it grows like WILDFIRE!

How to Create Your Viral Community
- Big Picture & Ideas (22:12)

This is a very IMPORTANT training for learning how this all fits together. I also cover some methods on how to actually get people into your group and show you some examples of other members actually implementing these strategies.

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Create Your Meeting Place & Collect Your Tribe (The 7 Laws For Creating a Successful Meeting Place) (17:30)

This is a video training I recorded for another program last year but EXACTLY the same principles apply right now. In fact, I felt the info in this video was so appropriate, I decided not to re-record it again, and instead give you the ORIGINAL training.

Here you'll learn the 7 Laws for Creating a Successful Meeting Place so you can grow and scale your community as big as you want to. Please be sure to follow the 7 laws, as I have tried and tested many different ways to create a community, and it seems that these 7 principles hold true each time.

You absolutely MUST provide VALUE in your community. Teach people exactly what they came to you for. Your community must be aligned with your target market and niche.

The more engagement you can get in your community, the stronger it will become. Please, Please, Please continue with it for 6 months at least... and post in it a minimum of once per DAY! Initially it will be tough because nobody will interact... but over time, little by little, more and more people will get involved and you'll find your group growing very large.

Your community will then help FEED your capture page and your email list will grow on autopilot!

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Identify Your Ambassadors (Founding Members) (10:00)

Your community will grow much faster if you have a strong foundation of key people. One of the first things you need to do is find 10 people who share your vision, passion and purpose who will become your founding members, and ambassadors.

Your ambassadors will shout your message from the rooftops and will be responsible for engaging and interacting in your community.

You must treat your ambassadors with great respect. They will be the people who help grow your community. Be sure to give your ambassadors as much responsibility as necessary because it will encourage them to stick with you and promote your community.

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How-to Inspire People With Your Emotional Reason Why... (12:21)

Next, you're going to learn 2 very important aspects of creating your community.

1. Inspire People With Your Emotional Reason Why

To UNITE a group of people you need to have a strong emotional reason why. Think about your niche, and your brand. What is the reason people should follow and listen to you? When you know what it is... go around telling people about it! People want to be part of something that is growing, and if you can bring people together, you can make a huge difference in the world and make a lot of money doing it.

If you help enough other people get what they want, you can have anything you want in the world!

2. How to Make Your Group Sticky

Your members will probably belong to about 50-100 different groups on Facebook... so what makes yours any different? Usually people will come for the results you've promised them, but will stay for the community and the people they meet.

Your members will create new friendships in your community and will visit time and time again. You will need to post good quality, engaging and valuable content each day to keep people coming back daily.

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The Viral Facebook Snowball
Traffic Method (08:33)

Now you've got your community up and running, and have your free gift in place, it is time to link the two up together to help you build your list and get VIRAL traffic from Facebook.

Please Note: This is just ONE way of getting people on your list. You can also WELCOME people to your community as per video training 1 and give them a link to join your list.

If you decide to implement this strategy, you might want to offer a 2nd free gift for people to invite others to your group... or you may decide not to use this method at all. It is up to you.

If you are offering your people something of value (your freebie giveaway you created in the last few modules), they will do pretty much anything to get it. So by creating a win-win-win situation where they invite their friends to your group in return for your freebie... and then they join your list to get it, you can get what you want, and give your prospects what they want at the same time... plus your community grows incredibly fast!

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Action Steps

1) Create Your Meeting Place - If you haven't already got your Facebook group set up and running, then go do it now. Make sure you follow the 7 laws in the first training on this page. Write a description in the about section, and make sure you have a STRONG emotional reason why people should join.

2) Identify & Invite Your Ambassadors - Make a list of a handful of people you'd like to join you in your cause. Reach out to them and contact them... either call them on the phone or send them an email or PM. Please keep your first contact very SHORT and brief... you can explain exactly how it will work in a future email or phone call.

3) Integrate Your Freebie - Put a link to your capture page in the description part of your group so your new group members can go see what you've got to offer. Then create a note in your group that gives the instructions on how to 'Invite 3 and Get it Free'. You can use the text that I've created to create your note. You will also need to get the EMAIL ADDRESS of your list, (like and put it in the instructions so people can send a blank email to get your gift.

Step 3 is OPTIONAL as you might just want to get people to join your list via entering their email in your capture page. (This is just another idea)

That is it... just be sure to post GOOD QUALITY content on  a daily basis in your community, and encourage your members to engage. Then make sure you engage and welcome your members and your group will grow fast.

Extra Help

If you need any help or advice on any of this, please feel free to post in our Members Only group, or come along to our weekly training call to ask me live. I’m sure you will have some questions when you IMPLEMENT this.