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How-To Create Your Free Gift / Lead Magnet

OK, this week marks the beginning of Phase 2. Setting up your hybrid sales funnel… You’ve now identified your perfect prospect, and you know your niche. So, it’s now time to put your sales funnel in place, start building a list and get some sales and sign ups!

Before you can build a list and make sales you have to get your sales funnel ready, and have both AUTOMATED and Social Follow-Up strategies in place. You create most of it once, and then just focus on driving traffic to it. Of course you’ll have to tweak the various components in the funnel to maximize conversions but that will be easy once it’s all set up.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll be building your Sales Funnel bit by bit… until eventually you have the basic structure set up. Your basic sales funnel will consist of the following.

  • 1 x Freebie you can use in exchange for your prospects email address
  • Your Community / Facebook Group
  • Your Various Income Streams set up. (High Ticket, affiliate products, Network Marketing Business, Coaching etc etc...)
  • 3 x Pages you’ve created… (these will be Capture Page, Thank You Page and Value 1 Page
  • Your 2-4 Value Training Pages (These are optional)
  • 7-10 x Email Autoresponder messages you’ve pre-written
  • Your Strategy / Application Form

So, let’s move on to today’s training where you’ll see how the entrance to your Sales Funnel works from a BIG PICTURE point of view… and you will also be creating your Freebie / Lead Magnet to offer your prospects in exchange for their email address.

Your Hybrid Funnel System Entrance Big Picture (15:00)

I decided to create a video for this part because it will be much easier for you to SEE how the Sales Funnel fits together. In this training you’ll see EXACTLY how the entrance to your hybrid funnel works.

You will see the TWO different types of funnel you can set up. I STRONGLY recommend going with the SIMPLE Funnel to begin with, and if you want to follow the more advanced version then just let me know and I'll send you the trainings.

As you go through this training, think about how your sales funnel will look and fit together… and begin to think about which affiliate programs and opportunities you will promote to monetize your funnel.

** Click on the Arrows at the bottom right of the video to make it FULL SCREEN. **


Demo of My Hybrid Sales Funnels (06:39)

** Click on the Arrows at the bottom right of the video to make it FULL SCREEN. **


How-to Create Your Freebie / Lead Magnet (24:16)

So now you understand how the entrance of your Hybrid Funnel System all fits together, it is time for you to create the FIRST component…. which is your Freebie / Lead Magnet. Basically your prospect will enter in their email address into your Capture Page (which we’ll create over the next few weeks) in exchange for your Freebie / Lead Magnet.

Your Freebie / Lead Magnet needs to be good quality, create credibility and authority for you, educate your prospect, be instantly consumable, short, sweet and straight to the point and instantly applicable. Ideally your prospect will be able to consume what you teach them QUICKLY and then apply it in their business or life and get results.

You can create a 10-20 page PDF, a 10-min or less video, or a 10-min or less audio. These are the usual formats people expect.

When you create your Freebie / Lead Magnet, THINK of your perfect prospect… and think about exactly what they want and need to help them move forward in their business… then create it around that.

It does NOT have to be perfect. Just get it started and it can be refined in the future if it needs improving.

So, go listen to the training and get started creating your Freebie / Lead Magnet… (Imagine you are just writing a long blog post, or creating a short training video and it will be easy.)

How-to Create Your Freebie / Lead Magnet (MP3)


Resources Mentioned In This Module

  • Optimizepress (I use this on most of my Blogs. If you have something better, then feel free to use it)
  • Lead Pages - (Simple and easy capture page creation to help create all your funnel pages)
  • GetResponse (One of the best autoresponder systems) - Recommended
  • Aweber (One of the best autoresponder systems)

Action Steps

1) Create your Freebie / Lead Magnet – When you’ve listened to the “How-to Create Your Freebie / Lead Magnet MP3 above, you’ll have a pretty good understanding of exactly how to create it. So, just go do it. Either BLOCK out 3-5 hours and literally just knuckle down and get it done, or space it out 1-2 hours each day for a couple of days. You might want to brainstorm a skeleton of what you’ll be covering first, and then fill in the gaps.

If you’ve never created videos or audios before, then create a Word document and convert it into PDF. Just do the EASIEST method right now… you can complicate things later, but the whole goal of this exercise is to get you a basic sales funnel set up so you can start driving traffic to it.

2) Choose an Autoresponder system and Capture Page Creation Software – If you’ve got enough time this week you will need to DECIDE on which autoresponder system you’ll be using to deliver your Automated Emails… and which capture page software you’ll be using to create your 3 funnel pages. I’ve put some links in the resources section which will help you.

Personally I would choose Lead Pages for the Capture Page software (because it’s so easy) OR if you are using OptimizePress you can use that… and choose GetResponse for your Autoresponder.