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Module #4 - Creating Your Expert
Content Model

Now you’ve decided on the direction for your Niche Blog and brand, it is time to finish setting up your basic online real estate, central hub and communication channels.

To ensure you deliver great content to your prospects and customers and they get exactly what they are coming to you for, it is essential that you decide on exactly what training and content you’ll be offering on your Blog, Fan Page and Group.

So in this module you’ll be defining your EXPERT content model so you know exactly what you’ll be teaching. Plus you’ll be setting up your central hub and Fan Page for people to find you.

Make sure you DECIDE on your content model and define 3-5 areas you can learn more about and then teach to others through the content you create.

IMPORTANT: The most important thing for you to do in this module is create your Expert Content Model. You DO NOT have to get your central hub set up right now... but just have it in your mind for later.


How It All Fits Together... (14:11)

In this training I'll give you a visual representation of how to structure your entire Business / Hub / Niche Blogs, and content model. Once you've watched this you'll have a much greater understanding...

I wanted to add this video here based on several questions I've received since the last module...

** Click on the Arrows at the bottom right of the video to make it FULL SCREEN. **


Keeping Your Niche Tight
& Focused (13:50)

Before we talk about your expert content model, I need to make sure you understand WHY it is so important to keep things tight. See, when you try to sell everything to everybody, you end up losing a lot of people and lowering your conversions. This training will explain about giving your prospects EXACTLY what they are looking for and nothing more. Remember: This is your NICHE Blog and brand we are talking about. You will also have your GLOBAL brand to sell other things to people later.

Keeping Your Niche Tight & Focused - (MP3)


Creating & Developing Your Expert
Content Model (19:47)

Now it’s time to decide on exactly what you’re going to be teaching on your Niche Blog. This is what you will be building your community around also. You will be creating your Niche Expert Content Model. (In the future you can also create your Global Expert Content Model, which is different.)

How to Create & Develop Your Expert Content Model – (MP3)


Set Up Your Home Page
& Central Hub (20:59)

If you decided to create your niche Blog using your BRAND as the domain name, then now it’s time to set up and create your central hub where prospects can find everything you do. Fast forward 12 months and you’ve developed 1 x niche Blog, 2 x info products, 3 x capture pages and sales funnels, plus you may have 2 x fan pages, several groups and all your social media channels and activity.

Your central hub is a place where people can go to find out EVERYTHING about you! People come to your central hub and then click on the links and read the various pages to go to different parts of your business.

The great thing about your central hub is that it is NOT a Blog and therefore doesn’t need updating very often. Ideally you will be using for the domain name.

This is a very POWERFUL model. So, here’s the training.

Setting Up Your Home Page & Central Hub – (MP3)


Here are a few ideas of Pages to add to your Home Page / Central Hub

  • About me
  • Contact info
  • Work With Gavin (links to MLM, affiliate programs, systems, MLSP etc)
  • High Level Consulting / Coaching
  • 30 Min Consultation
  • Testimonials
  • Resources
  • Social Stream

Create & Set-Up Your
Fan Page (08:30)

OK, so the last part of this module is for you to set up and create your Facebook Fan Page in preparation for generating traffic. Essentially your GROUP / community is the place where you communicate with your existing customers, and your Fan Page tends to be where you will connect with NEW prospects and customers and build a relationship with them.

Discussion About Fan Pages & Groups + Setting Up Your Fan Page – (MP3)


Resources Mentioned In This Module

  • Gavin Mountford’s Home Page / Central Hub Example (Still in development but you get the idea – also I will be pointing my domain to this page very soon)
  • Pixel Hub– Service to create your own home page / central hub – I chose the Standard Plan ($6 per month or $72 ish per year
  • - Use this for Mindmapping to chunk down and figure out your Expert Content Model...

Action Steps

1) Decide on 3-5 Topic areas for Your Expert Content Model and Then List 3-5 Sub Areas Under Each Topic Area. This is the content you will be teaching to your prospects and you will be creating a community around. When you write your Blog posts you will also be using these topics.

2) Set-Up Your Facebook Fan Page – Create a Fan Page either using your own personal name OR using your Brand Name. Depending on if you think you might want to teach other stuff in the future will define what to name your fan page. For now, just get your basic page set up. We will work on filling this out and getting more fans as we progress.

3) Set-Up Your Home Page / Central hub – You could spend a lot of time doing this and in reality, right now it would be wasted time as it is not that important. However I am including it as an EXTRA thing for you to do. You can spend as much or as little time creating this. Ultimately the BETTER this page / site, and the more credibility elements you have on it, the easier it will be to influence prospects to become customers.

At a basic level, you could create your Home Page and create your About Me page, Resources, Content, Social Media, High Level Consultation. Then in the future you can add to the site as you do more things. If you DO have time, then please set this up.



So at the end of this week you should have your expert content model down so you know exactly what you’re going to teach. You should also have your BASIC Fan Page set up and if you have time, then set up your BASIC home page / central hub. (You will need your home page / central hub in the future, so do your best to get it done now… however you can do it later if you run out of time.)


– Gavin Mountford