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Module #2 - How-to Find People To "Magically" Give You Money...

OK, so in week 2 we’re going to build on what we discussed last week… and add an extra element to the whole process.

What we’re going to talk about today is probably the SINGLE biggest thing you need, to identify if you want to have success.

I’m talking about knowing your Target Market very well… but in the trainings, I explain some very interesting angles for you to take to get this bit down. 

This is where you'll work out how to find people to give you money... (In return for Value!)

There are essentially TWO (2) different target markets you will want to go after depending on what your Business Opportunity is... and if you create the wrong message to the wrong market... you will fail... switch it round to the right message and right market... and you'll have success!

Message To Market = Match


The Money Is In Your Market… (Who Is Your Perfect Prospect?) (39:46)

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Action Steps - Please Watch This To Fully Understand These Markets & Business Models… (12:49)

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Here are the Action Steps you will need to take to get a real great understanding of your perfect prospect / target market. Please make sure you click both the links below, and follow the instructions as I laid out in the training above.

STOP: Please do the above 2 exercises BEFORE moving on to the next training...


Reverse Funnel & Coaching
Training (31:49)

OK, what I’m about to share with you in the next training is probably TOTALLY different to what most marketers teach, and you’ll be amazed at how powerful it actually is when you implement it.

You absolutely have to start charging for your time! Otherwise people will not value you, and YOU are worth so much more than that.

So, I want you to brainstorm and work out your own COACHING packages.

If you want to go at this hard, then work out 4 different packages for different durations. If you want to play easy, then just create 1… ultimately you need to have 4 different packages for the different people who come to you.

When you create your coaching and start charging, all of a sudden you get MORE consultation requests… 🙂

#4 - Reverse Funnel & Coaching Integration (MP3)


(Right now you DO NOT have to set up your Consultation Form. We will work on that in a future module.)


Resources Mentioned In This Module

  • Lead Pages (Awesome, simple, beautiful and very powerful lead capture pages to help with demographic marketing)
  • Instant Form Pro (The software I use to create my forms)
  • Wufoo (A great Application Form generator)
  • OptimizePress 2.0 (The WordPress Blog theme I use on most of my Blogs
  • Link to my 1-2-1 Coaching Page to Look at as an Example (Please do not copy my packages, but use them for guidance – you need to develop your OWN voice.)

Action Steps

Step 1: Watch All the videos and listen to the audios on this page to UNDERSTAND your target market and reverse funnel.

Step 2: Take ACTION and go through the MMO / Biz Opp / IM Targets funnel and invest in your copy of the I.M. Revolution Handbook. (Take notes on the keywords and phrases used in the marketing…)

Step 3: Take ACTION and go through the MLM / Network Marketing funnel and grab your 10 day trial of MLSP to see how everything fits perfectly together. (Take notes on the keywords and phrases used in the marketing…)

Here is the Link for Step 3 - go through the MLM / Network Marketing funnel

Step 4: Set up Your Coaching Page Outline. Ideally you’ll have 4 packages in place, however that may take you a little bit of time to outline and create. So, minimum task for you to do this week is to work out your HOURLY rate and a few things your customers would get.

When you get this done, it will instantly give you more credibility and you will finally feel like you have a REAL business with a real product / service.

The first THREE (3) steps are essential for this week… and if you can make time, then do step 4 too…


Recommended reading: The ONE Thing by Gary Keller


– Gavin Mountford