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Solo Ad Secrets 101

This week it is time to STEP up your game and experiment with learning how Solo Ads work. There is a lot taught about Solo Ads, but most people still can't make it work... however, with that being said... Solo Ads are still probably one of the BEST traffic sources out there to get traffic fast.

Now, Solo Ads traffic isn't as targeted as Facebook PPC traffic, but the sheer amount of traffic you can buy for your money, should give you an optin rate of 30-40% on your capture page, meaning that you'll get a ton of visitors coming through your funnel.

One of the BIG things to be aware of with Solo Ads is that ideally your offer MUST be either a TRAFFIC, or INCOME offer. Meaning that in order to get people to click on your Solo Ad, it must be very compelling to them and exactly what they want.

Most people want to get either traffic to their website, and/or make money fast... so if you can create an offer related to either traffic or money, then you'll probably have a good opt-in rate.

IMPORTANT: As in some of the other modules, some of the training below was created for one of my other programs, so there may be a few bits that don't make sense. However, ALL the training is relevant to what you are doing right now. Just substitute the funnel I talk about in this training with the funnel you have created.

I want you to GET GOOD at extracting the relevant information from trainings you go through. Time after time you'll find some training online, through Google, Youtube or Blogs which you can learn a lot from. If you dismiss the training as not important because it isn't 100% targeted to what you are doing, you will MISS valuable lessons. So take the BEST bits from what you learn and apply it to what you are doing.

Solo Ads - The Big Picture (16:19)

I'm sure you've heard of Solo Ads before, but have you ever done a Solo Ad campaign before? If you have, then the training below will dramatically help you understand where you might have gone wrong... and if you haven't, then the training below will teach you exactly how to do it from a big picture level.

Understand where a Solo Ad fits in to your sales funnel. Essentially you will be using Solo Ads as a form of traffic to drive it to your capture page... which in turn pushes people through your sales funnel.

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Where To Find & Place Your Solo Ads (09:42)

There are literally thousands of Solo Ad vendors on the Internet... so before you pay someone and run your Solo Ad, you need to make sure you do your due diligence and research first.

My advice when you first get started is to start SMALL and gradually scale up. You need to make sure your sales funnel and capture page converts with a small amount of traffic initially, then you can drive more traffic later once you've tweaked your page and sales funnel.

Here Are 7 Ways to Get Started Right Now With Solo Ads

#1: Directory of Ezines
#2: Do a Google search for solo ad providers
#3: Solo Ad Directory
#4: Safe Swaps
#5: Warrior Forum
#6: Private Skype Chats / Groups
#7: Ask fellow marketers if they know any solo ad providers
(BONUS Resource) – Operation Solo Directory

Download my Solo Ad's Directory Here

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The Essential 4 Part Solo Ad Format (17:19)

As you create and write your Solo Ad, there are 4 main components you need to implement. Without all 4 parts to it, you probably won't get a very good response rate.

The 4 parts are:

#1 - Subject Line
#2 - Email Body
#3 - Landing Page
#4 - Sandwich Page

Please Note: The Sandwich page in this example is basically your THANK YOU page. Often I call it different things, but it means the same thing. This is the page you'll put your tracking on so you know your opt-in page conversion rate.

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Tried & Tested Solo Ad Tracking Techniques (06:47)

Like ALL advertising. You MUST track it. If you don't track it then you cannot improve your response and improve it for next time.

In this training you'll learn exactly which areas to track and how to track your Solo Ads for maximum effectiveness.

You don't have to use the tools I use to track my ads if you have other tracking in place...

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Demo: Peek Over my Shoulder Placing a LIVE Solo Ad (35:42)

In this training you'll see me go through ALL the necessary steps to place a Solo Ad. Yes there are quite a lot of steps, but once you've done it a few times it becomes EASY!

Years ago I read a book called 'The Magic is in the Extra Mile'... and it's so true. Most people won't take the time to learn how to do paid advertising... because it may look too complicated for them. Well, unfortunately those people will probably FAIL. So, if you want to succeed, you MUST spend days, weeks and months learning and implementing these techniques into your business.

Follow through this video and place a LIVE Solo Ad yourself. Then do it again, and again, and again and gradually IMPROVE your results until you are a professional at this.

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Recommended Resources

Action Steps

1) - Go Through My Trainings Above - To place your first Solo Ad you DO NOT need any other trainings. I have gone through everything in full detail in this module... so go through the videos, look at the resources below and as long as you've got your capture page and sales funnel in place... create your first Solo Ad.

2) - Research Various Solo Ad Providers and place your first solo ad with tracking integrated. Go back through the videos above, find a good, reliable Solo Ad vendor and place your first Solo Ad. Just run a SMALL Solo Ad of let's say $50 initially to run through the process.

3) - Repeat The Process - Test and track your results, and monitor your opt-in rate. How many people did you get joining your list? What was your click through rate? Once you know this, go to a different Solo Ad vendor and repeat the process again, and aim to IMPROVE on your results with your previous ad.


Extra Help

If you need any help or advice on any of this, please feel free to post in our support group, or drop me a private email. Or come along to our weekly training call to ask me live. I’m sure you will have some questions when you IMPLEMENT this.