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Module #5 - Your Focus 4 Daily
Habits & Actions

This week is WRAP-UP week, to get everything finished up so you can move on to creating your sales funnel from next week onwards.

There is ONLY ONE training to go through. Which is very important!

This week you will be defining what your Focus 4 will be in your business. Essentially there are 4 specific areas of your business you absolutely MUST be focused on every single day. If you neglect any of these areas, then your business will not grow.

You have to do at least ONE thing from each of the areas in your business each day (during work days). Depending on how much time you have to work on your business each day will depend on how much time you invest into each of the areas. For Example: if you have 2 hours per day to work on your business, then you’ll spend 30 mins in each of the areas. If you have 8 hours per day to work on your business, then you will spend 2 hours per day on each of the areas.

Then during your working hours, you ONLY work on the activities and tasks that relate to your Focus 4. If it’s not on your list, you don’t do it during work hours!

Exactly How Your Focus 4
Works (40:20)

In this training I teach you exactly how to use your Focus 4. You will also learn the 4 areas you’ll need to be focused on each and every day to ensure you have a STABLE business that grows on a daily basis. Your business may have a Focus 5, and that’s OK.. just define the areas you will be focused on.

Create Your Focus 4 Daily Habits & Actions (MP3)

Homework: write out your own Focus 4. Print it out and laminate it. Hang it near your computer.

Action Steps

1) What is your preliminary Focus 4 (based on what you know so far about your business). This should be the 4 areas you can work on each day, which as you do these things, your business will grow.

2) Create a time during which you will create 30 minutes of daily content every day. This can be 30 minutes of writing, 30 minutes of recording audio, or 30 minutes of recording video. Don’t worry about what you will do with this content. At the end of 30 days, you will have 15 hours of content, then you can decide what you want to do with it.

You could use it for an info product, for free content, or for distribution about the web. So just start. Today. 30 minutes per day. As you study over the rest of the lessons, you will gain additional clarity on what content to create, and you can add/adapt/make changes as you gain clarity. But start today, 30 minutes of daily content.


– Gavin Mountford