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Team Site Sales Funnel Formula:

Explode Your List & Income Fast

Normally $399.00

Team Site Sales Funnel FormulaIn this one-of-a-kind training program I walk you through the entire process of setting up your own automated team site sales funnel which sucks in pre-qualified leads like crazy & spits them out as new team sign ups within 10-days.

LEVERAGE your team to drive massive traffic to your Team Site, capture those visitors on your list using your killer capture page & Team Funnel, and follow-up with them AUTOMATICALLY using my specially designed 10-Day email sequence resulting in more sign ups in your downline…

Then offer this entire email sequence as a BONUS to your new team members who can then leverage this massive value to incentivise their prospects to join their team. Win-Win-Win!

You Will Get:

  • The Team Site Sales Funnel Blueprint to take your team site traffic and convert it into paying downline members within the next 10 days, using my clever automated email sequence…. (Value $99)
  • The 5-Step Formula for Creating Killer Capture Pages That Convert Like Crazy where you’ll use your awesome capture page to suck in prospects automatically 24/7 for free even while you’re sleeping…. (Value $199)
  • The Clever Little Known Method for Creating Your Irresistible Offer which will make your prospects literally salivate over your free giveaway so you can get them on your list fast…(Value $99)
  • The 3 Critical Funnel Pages you absolutely must have at the beginning of your sales funnel to FORCE your prospects to open up your emails so you can persuade them to take the ACTION you want easier…. (Value $49)
  • The 9 Essential Elements of Becoming a Persuasive Copywriter: When you’ve been through this training you will know *exactly* how to write & format your emails for MAXIMUM visual and influential impact to make more income today! (Value $199)
  • How-to Write & Structure Your 10-Day Email Follow-up Sequence to give you the credibility and authority you need to allow you to sponsor new reps at the click of a button… (Value $99)
  • Get My 10-Day Email Sequence Swipe File This is the EXACT email sequence I used to build a team of 790 people within 6 months (You can ‘borrow’ or use any or all of the components to help create your own email sequence faster… (Value $199)

75% OFF

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Tribe Traffic Mastery

Your 90-Day Blueprint to Build & Lead Your Team & Tribe

Normally $999.00

Tribe Traffic Mastery is your complete Attraction Marketing training program teaching you *exactly* how-to BRAND yourself online to become a magnetic marketer earning multiple streams of income from your prospects.

People join people… and follow people from opportunity to opportunity!

There’s a very specific process to BRANDING yourself in such a way that literally compels people to follow, join and buy from YOU no matter which opportunity you promote.

With this video training series, you’ll be able to:

  • Create an Online Network Marketing Business With Multiple Streams Of Income
  • Brand Yourself Online To Be Different & Attract Your Prospects To You Effortlessly
  • Build a Sales Funnel That Generates Hundreds of Leads & Prospects Fast
  • Build & Leverage a Team or Tribe to Generate Massive Traffic to Your Opportunity

83% OFF

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The Results Machine 3.0

Supercharge Your Productivity Today

Normally $49.00

The Results MachineThis incredible software will literally force you to stay 100% focused on getting your Team Site set up and running as fast as possible to make sure you get BIG results from your investment…

By Using The Results Machine 3.0 everday, you’ll be amazed at how much more you get done, and how much more money you make as a result…

Why? Because you’ll be focused! You’ll sit down, get to work, get it done and see the results!

No more shiny object syndrome… and no more jumping from program to program and task to task.

You will literally become an ACTION MACHINE.. and people around you will want to know your secret :-)

You Will Get:

  • The Results Machine 3.0 Software – This dynamic, easy-to-use software is built specifically to help you take massive action and to get things done fast! (Value $197)
  • The Results Unleashed! Training Guide – In this guide you’ll discover 23 simple, but proven strategies for helping you achieve more results every day (Value $97)
  • 3 Steps To Get Things Done Clarity Map – A beautifully illustrated one-page guide filled with strategies to help you get things done (Value $47)
  • How To Hit Your Goals Clarity Map – Another beautifully illustrated one-page guide with powerful reminders for how to reach your goals (Value $47)
  • Double Your Business Productivity Webinar Replay – which will teach you 5 of the awesome productivity hacks you can use to get twice as much done in half the time. (Value $97)

40% OFF

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