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My Precise Interests Cheat-Sheet

Here is a little cheat-sheet you can use if / when you run out of people to target on Facebook.

I target many of my ads to fans of people in this list. In fact, when I get leads for around $1 it is usually because I've written my advert tightly to people in this cheat-sheet.

Remember: Just because you have an awesome advantage over everyone else advertising on Facebook with this course and cheat-sheet... you still have to keep your advert very TIGHT and relevant to your target market.

Another thing I do is I target my audiences by country. So, I'll write ads just to people in UK, or people in US, or people in Europe etc. This way, it keeps your advert highly relevant.

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My Precise Interests Cheat-Sheet

Here are a few people / fan pages to get you started. To be honest, this is more than enough to keep you advertising for years!

I will add to this list as and when I find an audience that works well for me.

Remember that not all audiences will work the same for you as they do for me because we have different adverts and different target markets.

Diane Hochman
Jonathan Budd
My Lead System Pro
Network Marketing Pro
Eric Worre
Jim Rohn
Robert Kiyosaki
Zig Ziglar
Mike Dillard
Tracey Walker
Network Marketing 2.0
Todd Falcone Network Marketing Mastery
Network Marketing
Mia Davies
Multi-level Marketing
Mike Klingler
Randy Gage Fan Club Page
Rachel Jackson