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The "FB Rule Bender"

In this BONUS training you'll learn some of the tools, techniques and practices you can use right now to get around the very strict Facebook Ads Guidelines and rules.

It has never been more important to follow Facebook's rules and comply with their requests.

If you create a Facebook Ads account and start to run ads for the first time, or if you've been getting your ads disapproved... then you really must watch this training to learn some of the best ways to put the odds in your favour so you don't get banned altogether.

Below the training you will find a Checklist to help you remember the rules to follow / bend.

IMPORTANT: There is NO guarantee that even by following my rules and guidelines that your advertising account will not get shut down. It is down to many factors... however these guidelines will help you stay on the right side of Facebook.

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OK, so here is a checklist I came up with to help you remember the most important things while creating and crafting your Facebook advert.

If you have ANY questions on this please head on over to our Members Only group to ask.

FB Rule Bender Checklist

- If you are just getting started, create VALUE based Facebook Ads and spend $5 per day or more for the next 3 weeks. (Sounds like a pain I agree… but if you want to get FB to TRUST you, then this is what you need to do.) Here is an example of one of my Value Based Ads:

- Delete Disapproved Ads and Campaigns

- Wait 24 hours to Resubmit Ad

- Don’t use the words MLM in your ad, or on your fan page, or on your Blog or capture page

- Create SAFE / VALUE based ads with no link in when you first get started

- Lower the tone and DON’T type all in capitals. (Lower case, and less capitals)

- NEVER put a link to your replicated capture page. NO MOBE, NO JVZoo, NO MLSP, NO affiliate links. (In fact, anything that looks like “make money online”… remove it.)

- Think about changing your URL / Website name if you've had your Ad disapproved multiple times

- Use the words FB instead of Facebook if you write them in your ad.

- Check your Fan Page and Blog to see if it is full of hype and talking about “making money online” or “MLM” etc. If it is, then change it, or consider using a different Fan Page / Blog.

- Remember Facebook are looking and scrutinizing beginners, so if you are just getting started, then know that Facebook will think you are GUILTY until proven innocent.

- Don’t link directly to a Lead Pages capture page. Instead, upload the Lead Pages Connector plugin to your WordPress blog.

- FB uses to decide to approve a link / ad

- As far as I know, Facebook are now OPTING IN to your capture page to see what you have behind it. So, make your THANK YOU page clean also.

- You MUST have Privacy Policy on your Capture Page / Blog etc (

- Your images must have 20% or LESS text (

- If you have links / banners in your Blog sidebar for MLSP etc, please remove it. If FB see you are driving traffic to a website / blog

- Have a Contact number on your Website if possible