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Eric Worre - How to "Close" Your
Network Marketing Prospects

In this video Eric Worre gives some great questions you can ask your prospect once they've seen the presentation.

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Question 1: Based upon what you just saw, if you were to get started in this business on a part time basis about how much would you need to earn per month in order to make this business worth your time?

What ever the answer, you say “Fantastic”.

Question 2: About how many hours per week do you think you could dedicate to building this business in order to be able to make that <INSERT AMOUNT> per month?


Question 3: About how many months would you be willing to work those X hours per week in order to to develop a <INSERT AMOUNT> monthly passive, residual income.

If it’s not reasonable, then say:

Look, I will tell you right now, that’s an unrealistic expectation. In order to earn <INSERT AMOUNT> per month. I just don’t think we could get you there. But if you are willing to change one of these three numbers.

But if you’re not willing to do that, then this probably isn’t for you.

Question 4: If I could show you how to get that <INSERT AMOUNT> monthly income, working X hours per week focused time. (you’d have to be coachable) over the next X months is there anything else you’d need to know in order to get started?


Matt Morris - The 3-Step
Closing Method

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Before the video presentation:

“John, I want you to pay attention to how little I have to do to show this to you…”

After the video presentation:

3-Step Close

Step 1:

Awesome, right… what did you like best?

Wait for the answer

Fantastic, me to, I couldn’t agree more. Now I do have to ask you a question to see if you qualify to be successful with this, OK?

Step 2:

Do you think you have the ability to push play on a video like I just did with you?

Step 3:

Congratulations, you qualify, welcome to the team…

Let’s go ahead and get your plugged in and I’ll show you how to make all your money back within the next few days… sound cool?