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WorldVentures Fast Start
Trainings - Phase 2

In phase 2 trainings, I will guide you through how to find and contact your Top 100 people to get the fastest start possible with WorldVentures..

Please Note: You MUST have been through the previous trainings first before moving on the this... so it all makes sense to you 🙂


Private Invite Sponsoring - How
It Works & The Big Picture

In this first training you'll see the BIG picture of the exact process myself and our team uses to find and sponsor people using the Internet.

This process WORKS! I've used it to sponsor almost 1000 people in the last 5-6 years... so learn it, implement it and you'll get awesome results...

Below you'll see the BIG PICTURE video that goes into more detail about the entire Phase 2 trainings. The process you'll want to follow is this:

Top 100 > Teaser Invite > 5 Min Sizzle Call > Send Info & Schedule Follow Up > Follow Up Call / Answer Questions / 3-Way Call > Sign Up

Yes you do need to pick up the phone! But I PROMISE... it is worth it!

Your goal - Get 6 new members in 28 days - recoup all investment back, profit and your monthly membership is free.

Then repeat, repeat, repeat!

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Step 1 - Make Your Top 100 List

In this training you'll make a list of your Top 100 people.

Use the ideas in the video below to jog your memory as to who you know. Ideally these will be ONLINE friends who UNDERSTAND the industry already... although they may be old friends, family or acquaintances also...

Please Note: Below the video are your detailed written instructions...

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Click Here for "Top 100" Training Instructions +

Your Top 100

Continue bringing people into your Warm Market – Know, Like and Trust…

Make a list of 100 people you can send your private invite / sizzle / teaser message to…

To jog your memory, think of the following:

Friends on Facebook
People in Groups you Own
People in Groups you are a Member of
People who comment on your Blog or Fan Page
People you’ve worked with before
People who live in your Country
People you’ve had a conversation with
People who know, like and trust you

The more people you can think of, the better!


Step 2 - Your Private Invite
Teaser Message

Here you'll learn how to TEASE your prospects and send them a "teaser" private invite message to get their attention so they want to speak to you...

Please Note: Below the video are your detailed written instructions...

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Click Here For Private Invite Teaser Scripts & Instructions +

Teaser Invite Scripts

you've got 2 choices really

Step 1: Just re-connect with your friends first and have a brief chat with them maybe mention something that's happened on their profile...

Hey Kim, hows things... I just noticed you got Married recently, where did you go on honeymoon?

to open the conversation again

now I know it will take longer to do this, but you will get a better response rate guaranteed

Just be personal and remember these are real people…

I recommend you do this before moving to step 2, however if you want to just jump to step 2 without warming up the relationship again you can… although your results may not be as good.

Step 2: Send Your Private Invite Teaser Message

This message usually works best with people you’ve got a good relationship with or people you’ve warmed up from the previous step.

If you have a good relationship, your friend will jump at the chance.

Here’s a few teaser message examples. (Feel free to change them, modify them and create your own - and if they are not working for you, definitely change them after 10 or so messages.)


Keep your teaser message short. Use curiosity and scarcity if possible. Don’t say too much. The ONLY goal of your teaser message is to get the person onto a call.

If the person asks questions through chat, just say something like:

This is something I can only explain on the phone, are you around for a quick chat?

Teaser Message Examples


Hey Kim,

Are you around for a quick 5 min chat later, I’ve got something I need to share with you urgently…


Hey Kim,

Are you around for a quick 5 min chat later, I’ve got something urgent you may find interesting…


Hey Kim,

Are you around for a quick 5 min chat later, I’ve got something pretty interesting to share with you…


Hey Kim, how's it going?

Something very exciting has just come across my desk and wanted to speak to you about it first...

Are you around later for a quick 5 min call?


Hey Kim,

Something came across my desk yesterday which has got me very EXCITED, but I have to keep quiet it about at the moment...

It’s a little “hush hush” right now…

However I am allowed to let a few key people know about it... and of course you are one of them.

So, let me know if you'd like to hear more and let’s jump on the phone for a real quick chat…

Let me know asap as time is of the essence.


Ideally you want to phrase your message in such a way that is right for that person. Use their language, their words, phrases and/or lingo.

And of course, message them how you would usually message them. So, if it’s text, then text them. Or Facebook, send them a FB message, or phone, then call them immediately and jump right to the 5-min teaser call.


Audio (Explained in the Next Video

Hey Kim, I hope you’re doing well… it’s been a while since we last spoke.

Let’s jump on a quick call later as I’ve got something important to share with you…

When are you available for a quick 5 min chat…




Using Smart Phone App for
Teaser Invite Message

Here is a really cool way you can use your iPhone or Android smart phone to record an audio or video message to send to your prospect for your teaser message.

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Step 3 - The 5-Minute Sizzle Call

Now we move on to your 5 minute sizzle call to explain your backstory and get your prospect excited...

Please Note: Below the video are your detailed written instructions...

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Click Here For 5-Minute Sizzle Call Details & Script +

In this 5 minute call you need to convey your excitement and enthusiasm. You also need to keep the POSTURE. You have what they want... (Remember, your top 6 spaces are incredibly valuable.)

If you can give your prospect an OPPORTUNITY to be part of your Team, they will much more likely join you than if you beg them to join you.

In this call you need to tell your STORY about how you found WorldVentures and why you joined our team... You CAN mention WorldVentures briefly on the call but DO NOT go into detail explaining it. That is what the next step is for, when they watch the videos and go through the presentation.

The purpose of this call is to share your story and convey your excitement...

At the end of this call you need to tell them that you'll send over a link to some more information for them to learn more, AND you need to SCHEDULE a follow up call ASAP with them to answer any questions they may have.


Here is a basic script you can edit to make it be from you.

Hey Steve,

I’m going to have to keep this call real quick, as I’ve got several calls lined up right after…

Let me just explain what I’m doing…

I’ve been looking for a way to replace my job income for a while now, so I can spend more time with my family and do the things I want to do and I’ve tried several different business models that just didn’t resonate with me and I found it hard to get excited about…

I’ve known a couple of people online who are multiple 6 and 7 figure earners (Gavin Mountford and Ray Higdon) and make a full time income from the Internet… and I’ve been watching what they do for a long time now…

So I heard that Gavin Mountford had a few spaces on his team and was teaching people the exact strategies he’s been using to have success on the Internet.

So, when I found out there were spaces I literally jumped at the chance, because I know they charge thousands of dollars for coaching and mentoring…

I’m now working very closely with Gavin and Ray in a company called World Ventures.

Been around for 10 years, in a $7 trillion industry, with massive potential.

Over 1 million new customers this year alone…

Right now we’re assembling a big team, and our goal is to bring in over 10,000 people in the next 5 years, ultimately to help change people’s lives and earn a full time income int he process.

Right now I have a very unique opportunity. In fact, this will never happen again… I have 6 spaces available to work directly with me and Gavin where you’ll learn how to build a business on the Internet, essentially in your spare time.

We’ve got full training and support. Step by step videos and a process you can use, no matter what your experience to start a business online.

So, I’ve got a 20 min video presentation I’d like to send over to you to watch if you’re open.

Would that be ok?

Are you around later today to watch it?

Let’s schedule a quick follow up for later today so I can answer any questions you might have and see if there’s a way we can work together...

What time works best for you?

So, what I’ll do is send you that video now. Is Facebook best to send it?


Step 4 - Send The Presentation

After you've finished your 5 minute Sizzle Call you need to send them the info to your presentation. Make sure you do this IMMEDIATELY.

Please make sure you change the link you send them depending on where your prospect is located in the world.

What to show people: USA -

What to show people: Non USA -

Click Here for the "Sending The Info to the Presentation" Script +

Here is the info to send for the presentation.

Great to speak with you...

Here is the WorldVentures presentation. Please watch it ASAP so we can move forward fast.

Let me know as soon as you’ve watched it and if you have any specific questions.

Then we’ll jump on the phone for a quick chat to help you get started immediately.

Remember to CHANGE the link above depending on where in the world your prospect lives, as the presentation is different.


Step 5 - The Follow Up / Q+A Call /
3-Way Call (Collect The Decision)

The process for the follow-up call is basically the same as in Phase 1 where you "collect the decision"... so I'll let Richard explain this process again... 🙂

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You should 100% be able to sponsor 6 people or more into WorldVentures by using what you've learned in Phase 1 and 2 🙂

Once you've done that, and have actually taken ACTION on what you've just learned and have exhausted your warm market... then move on to Phase 3 which will show you how to leverage the Internet to its full potential and turn you into a Sponsoring Machine...

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