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Phase #3: Turning You Into An
Online Sponsoring Machine

Welcome to Phase 3 - intermediate trainings 🙂 The process below is meant for you once you've exhausted your existing warm market, and once you've spoken to everyone you know first... If you haven't taken action on Phase 1 and 2, then you must go back to take ACTION!

In this module you'll learn exactly how to build up a brand new warm market and follow up with your prospects using my special sponsoring system to bring a constant stream of new people into WorldVentures.

Below you'll find some important pre-training which you MUST go through first to get your mini "system" set up... then there are 8 stages in the full process, and you'll find a video training and notes for each of them.

This is a MASTERY process... and this is the ONLY method I know that works 100%... so go through the trainings, take action, get good at it and get results! We are here to support you every step of the way... 🙂

Here are the 8 stages you'll learn to master...

Stage #1 - Approve, Welcome & First Message

Stage #2 - Conversation Ascension & Message Blueprint

Stage #3 - Reciprocation (Giving Something Of Value)

Stage #4 - Quick 10 Min "Getting To Know You" Call... (Optional)

Stage #5 - Send Your Private Invite Teaser Message

Stage #6 - The 5-Minute Sizzle Call

Stage #7 - Send The Presentation

Stage #8 -The Follow Up / Q+A Call / 3-Way Call (Collect The Decision)


Pre-Training - The Big Picture (16:31)

In this training you'll see the big picture of how Phase 3 all fits together. Please watch this first before moving on to the next...

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Pre-Training - Personal Branding (33:03)

Here I'll teach you the most IMPORTANT lesson of Phase 3 - defining your target market and identifying your personal brand. Each training on this page builds upon the last... and you won't be able to create a strong Facebook group without first understanding the lessons in this training...

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Pre-Training - How-To Setup
Your Facebook Group (09:21)

This entire strategy hinges on you having a unique Facebook group... so as soon as you know your target market and personal brand, go set up your group... However, don't wait to get everything perfect, because that will never happen. The great news is that you CANNOT break it... so just get in there and do it. You can always change it later...

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Click Here How-to Setup Your Facebook Group Instructions +

You're going to be focused on building your own group where you add value to your prospects...

You DO NOT sell anything...

You DO NOT talk about WorldVentures in your group...

You DO NOT spam links in your group...

The whole purpose of your new Facebook group is to give you some credibility, create a simple "low barrier" way for you to "pre-capture" your leads and then follow up with them to build a relationship and pre-qualify them.

I've been using Facebook groups for many years and I've personally sponsored almost 1000 people online now... sometimes using this very same strategy...

Step 1: Choose a Strong Group Name

It is important you choose a strong name for your group that motivates and inspires people... Ideally your group will explain exactly what is it and who it's for so people know it is for them.

Also, it is a good idea to put your name first, like "Gavin Mountford's Networking Superstars" which helps to brand you and position you as the expert.

Please DO NOT mention WorldVentures in your group name.

Think about who your target audience is, and name your group appropriately...

The name will often "make or break" your group... and remember that there are millions of Facebook groups so what makes yours stand out from all the rest and why should your prospects join?

Step 2: Create Your Group

Go to: and click on Create Group.

Step 3: Fill Out The Options

3.1: Enter in your group name
3.2: Add your group to your favouries
3.3: Make your group public so anybody can find it
3.4: Add ONE (1) person to your group...

Please DO NOT add me to your group because I will get very overloaded with all the notifications. Instead, contact one of your friends, or another member of Networking Superstars to ask if they'd be ok with you adding them.

3.5: Click on Create

Step 4: Change Your Group Settings

4.1: Set your Privacy Settings to Public
4.2: Membership Approval: Any member can add members, but an admin must approve them.
4.3: Don't Create a Web Address or Email Yet
4.4: Add a Description
4.5: Add in Tags - Use "Network Marketing" "Affiliate Marketing" "Internet Marketing"
4.6: Posting Permissions - Members and admins can post to the group.
4.7: Post Approval: All group posts must be approved by an admin

You Have Completed The Group Setup, Congratulations :-)

That's all for now... yes there are other things you can do such as adding your description, getting a header created and posting some content... however we'll do that later.

("It don't have to be perfect, you just gotta get it going... right?")

Remember: the main purpose of the group is to get ENGAGEMENT from your members... so you need to be asking questions and creating engaging posts...


How To Use The Million Dollar
Prospecting Spreadsheet (18:33)

I've created a tracking sheet for you so you can track all the conversations you're going to be having while going through this process.

Please Note: This video training will probably only make sense to you once you've been through the 8 different stages below... so I recommend coming back to this video and tracking sheet once you've started going through the process and getting leads into your group to follow up with...

** Click on the Arrows at the bottom right of the video to make it FULL SCREEN. **

Click Here For The Million $$ Prospecting Spreadsheet Instructions +

Here is the link to get access to my Million $ Prospecting Spreadsheet template…

You will need a Google account to be able to create a copy of the spreadsheet so make sure you are logged in to your Google account.

Important: Click the link above, then go to File > Make a Copy and SAVE a new copy for yourself…

If you try to edit the template without saving a copy first, you won’t be able to.

Once you’ve created your own tracking sheet, make sure you SAVE the link somewhere you’ll be able to find it later.

If you can’t find your document, you should be able to find it in Google Docs here: 

I have added a batch of people in the spreadsheet for you to use as an example. You are welcome to DELETE those people... and please DO NOT contact them as they are not real prospects...

The rest of the instructions are in the video... enjoy!


Stage #1 - Approve, Welcome
& First Message (22:44)

Here you'll learn exactly what to do once you have new members requesting to join your Facebook group.

** Click on the Arrows at the bottom right of the video to make it FULL SCREEN. **

Click Here for Stage 1 Instructions +

Step 1. Goto your Facebook group.

Step 2. Click on See All members for the group.

Step 3. Scroll to the bottom, and copy 10 names you are going to approve. (Here is an example)

Sheena Roberts, Rana Munir Pti, Ambrose Burgin, Darshan Bains, Julie Fountain, Elvis Kwaya, Sarah Aloe Parry, Detola Dehinsilu Lawal, Andy Colquhoun, Angie J Stewart, Inessa Al-Obadi

Step 4. Click on Approve for each of the names which will approve them into the group. (Be CAREFUL when you approve members because if there are a lot of new members waiting for approval, the screen jumps back up and you could click approve for the wrong 10 people.)

Step 5. Go back into the group and either “Write Post” or Add Photo/Video. (Alternate it so sometimes you put a welcome picture in, and sometimes you just put text in)

Step 6. Write a welcome message to your new members and TAG each of the people you just approved: (Change the names obviously)

A BIG welcome to all our fantastic new members who just joined us!

Introduce yourself here so we can all get to know you a little bit better.

Also, when you joined this group, did you manage to get access to the "Online Network Marketers Blueprint" - It was created by my good friend and business partner Gavin Mountford...

If not, you can grab it here...

(It is a great free training for helping you build your Network Marketing business on the Internet)

I look forward to finding out more about you...

Please introduce yourself in the comments of this post so we can all get to know you 🙂


Step 7. Hover over each of the names of the people you just tagged and add as friend.

Step 8. Send each person the following private message, always making sure you put their name in at the top. (If the message says it will go to their “other” folder, you can send the occasional one, but not very often. - Usually most of the messages go to the main folder - otherwise you can wait till they've approved you as a friend then send them the first message).

Hey ,

How are you doing? It’s Gavin Mountford here.

I just approved you for the Online Entrepreneurs Club Facebook group so you should be able to gain access now.

I wanted to personally reach out to welcome you and say hi :-)

Whereabouts in the world do you live?



Stage #2 - Conversation Ascension & Message Blueprint (22:00)

Here you'll learn the 6 messages to take new members of your Facebook group through, to warm them up, build the relationship and uncover their pains, problems, challenges and struggles...

** Click on the Arrows at the bottom right of the video to make it FULL SCREEN. **

Click Here for Stage 2 Instructions +

Please be IN the conversation. Be a real person, and actually build up a relationship / friendship with these people. They are members of your group, many of them will be struggling and they just need somebody they can trust.

So, where possible, find something in common and just be real.

If you need to adapt / modify the messages / tag lines to match the conversation, then please do. For example, if they say they are only building offline, then asking what are you struggling with most online is probably not relevant.

So, be in the conversation and don’t think of it as copy, paste, copy, paste. You GOAL / OUTCOME is to build a relationship with your members so they get to know, like and trust you and eventually become active within your community or join your business.

ALWAYS be positive, always be excited, always move the conversation on and aim to make some new friends.

Remember: You will be learning a lot in the process which will then help you with future conversations.


Stage 1

Message 1 (Which you should have already done from previous stage)


Hey ,

How are you doing? It’s Gavin Mountford here.

I just approved you for the Online Entrepreneurs Club Facebook group so you should be able to gain access now.

I wanted to personally reach out to welcome you and say hi :-)

Whereabouts in the world do you live?



Stage 2

Message 2 - Positive acknowledgement and ask which business. 

Out of interest, what business are you currently building online?


Message 3 - Positive acknowledgement and ask if they are building mainly online or offline.

Are you building mostly online or offline?


Message 4 - Positive acknowledgement and ask what they are struggling with most

Which bit online have you found you’ve struggled with the most… generating leads, or converting the leads into sign ups?


Message 5 - Positive acknowledgement and ask if they’ve seen Gavin's Blueprint.

Have you seen the Online Network Marketers Blueprint yet?

It's pretty awesome when it comes to building your Network Marketing business online and people are raving about it.

It was created by my good friend and business partner Gavin Mountford...

If not, let me know and I'll send you a link


Message 6 - Positive acknowledgement and send the link to Blueprint

Have a look and let me know how you get on.

Go through it as soon as you can. It will totally change the way you view building your Network Marketing business online...

Once you get people to this stage, you are ready to move them on to Stage 3.


Stage #3 - Reciprocation (Giving Something Of Value) (08:30)

This is a complete process of taking brand new prospects who don't know you at all... through all the essential steps of building a relationship so you can ultimately sponsor them into WorldVentures.

In the process we are using many, many different persuasion and influence tactics... and in this training you'll learn the POWER of reciprocation and how it plays its part in our process...

** Click on the Arrows at the bottom right of the video to make it FULL SCREEN. **

Click Here for Stage 3 Instructions +

Stage 3 - Reciprocation (Giving Something Of Value)

Ideally you want to wait a couple of days after offering the Blueprint to give the affirmations. Otherwise it seems like you are a bit keen.

Ideally Stage 1, 2 and 3 will take between 5-7 days. If it is too quick, it seems fake and like we are trying to sell something to people. However, please use your judgement because sometimes people are eager.

Here is the “affirmations offered” message to send out.


I'm not sure if this would be of benefit to you but Gavin has an affirmations audio he listens to twice a day that has got him some amazing results.

Let me know if you'd like access and I'll send you the link and password.

There is no charge for it, it is a valuable gift from us to you to say thank you for taking the time to reply :-)


Here is the reply message after they have said YES PLEASE


Here's the link, I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!
password: listendaily


That's all for this stage.


Stage #4 - Quick 10 Min "Getting To Know You" Call... (Optional) (13:27)

This is an optional call... however I find it very beneficial if you have the time to do it. So, in this training you'll learn how to do a quick 5-10 minute "getting to know you" call to help speed up the relationship building process and help separate you from everybody else online...

** Click on the Arrows at the bottom right of the video to make it FULL SCREEN. **

Click Here for Stage 4 Instructions +

A quick 10 minute “getting to know you” call…

Please Note: This call is optional however it mirrors the way we build relationships and make friends with new people. Right now you are trying to make friends with your prospects, and at the same time position yourself as a trusted expert and advisor.

Aim to get your prospect on the phone for a quick 5-10 minute call where you just connect with them. Here is an example message to send them to schedule a call.


Are you around later today, or tomorrow for a quick 5 min call? It would be great to have a real chat with you rather than just back and forth messaging :-)

Let me know what time / day works best and we can jump on the phone or Skype.


No pressure. You keep the posture and ask all the questions.

Ideally you want to position yourself as a trusted expert and advisor.

Aim to find something in common with the person.

Here are some sample questions you could ask…


1. What success have you had online or in network marketing before?

2. What is your income goal for the next 12 months?

3. Why are you doing this? (What’s your reason?)

4. Do you have a plan in place for achieving your goals?

5. What methods of generating leads have you tried before?

6. Have you ever used an autoresponder?

7. Do you have your own Facebook group yet?

8. Which other business opportunities are you in?

9. What have you struggled with most online? Generating leads or converting those leads into sign ups?

10. Did you manage to go through Gavin's Online Network Marketers Blueprint? Did it make sense?


Stage #5 - Send Your Private
Invite Teaser Message (07:36)

OK, so now you've build up a relationship with your prospects and you have a constant stream of people coming into your warm market... it's time to repeat the invitation process. (This is essentially the same as you did in Phase 2, only now because you've done the "warming up" process in the last few stages, these people will be much more open to hearing about WorldVentures and any opportunities you have...)

** Click on the Arrows at the bottom right of the video to make it FULL SCREEN. **

Click Here for Stage 5 Instructions +

Teaser Invite Scripts

You've got 2 choices really:

Step 1: If you haven't spoken to your prospect for over 2 weeks, you'll probably want to re-connect with them first and have a brief chat with them. Maybe mention something that's happened on their profile recently...

Hey Kim, hows things... I just noticed you got Married recently, where did you go on honeymoon?

Open up the conversation again...

Now I know it will take longer to do this, but you will get a better response rate guaranteed.

Just be personal and remember these are real people…

I recommend you do this before moving to step 2, however if you have spoken to your prospect fairly recently (within the last 2 weeks), then just skip right to step 2.

Step 2: Send Your Private Invite Teaser Message

This message usually works best with people you’ve got a good relationship with or people you’ve warmed up from the previous step.

So, if it's only been 2 weeks or less since you last spoke to them, ignore step 1 and go right for this message.

If you have a good relationship, your friend will jump at the chance.

Here’s a few teaser message examples. (Feel free to change them, modify them and create your own - and if they are not working for you, definitely change them after 10 or so messages.)


Keep your teaser message short. Use curiosity and scarcity if possible. Don’t say too much. The ONLY goal of your teaser message is to get the person onto a call.

If the person asks questions through chat, just say something like:

This is something I can only explain on the phone, are you around for a quick chat?


Teaser Message Examples


Hey Kim,

Are you around for a quick 5 min chat later, I’ve got something I need to share with you urgently…


Hey Kim,

Are you around for a quick 5 min chat later, I’ve got something urgent you may find interesting…


Hey Kim,

Are you around for a quick 5 min chat later, I’ve got something pretty interesting to share with you…


Hey Kim, how's it going?

Something very exciting has just come across my desk and wanted to speak to you about it first...

Are you around later for a quick 5 min call?


Hey Kim,

Something came across my desk yesterday which has got me very EXCITED, but I have to keep quiet it about at the moment...

It’s a little “hush hush” right now…

However I am allowed to let a few key people know about it... and of course you are one of them.

So, let me know if you'd like to hear more and let’s jump on the phone for a real quick chat…

Let me know asap as time is of the essence.


Ideally you want to phrase your message in such a way that is right for that person. Use their language, their words, phrases and/or lingo.

And of course, message them how you would usually message them. So, if it’s text, then text them. Or Facebook, send them a FB message, or phone, then call them immediately and jump right to the 5-min teaser call.

========== Audio ==========

Consider using an audio or video message as I explained in the Prospecting 201 trainings in Phase 2.

Hey Kim, I hope you’re doing well… it’s been a while since we last spoke.

Let’s jump on a quick call later as I’ve got something important to share with you…

When are you available for a quick 5 min chat…


Stage #6 - The 5-Minute Sizzle Call (12:16)

Now we move on to your 5-minute sizzle call to explain your backstory and get your prospect excited...

This is the exact SAME video I created in the Phase 2 trainings, so it may refer a little to Phase 2, and making your list of your Top 100. This sizzle call is EXACTLY the same in each phase. The only thing that is different is the warming up of your prospect and building up of the relationship first.

Please Note: Below the video are your detailed written instructions...

** Click on the Arrows at the bottom right of the video to make it FULL SCREEN. **

Click Here For 5-Minute Sizzle Call Details & Script +

In this 5 minute call you need to convey your excitement and enthusiasm. You also need to keep the POSTURE. You have what they want... (Remember, your top 6 spaces are incredibly valuable.)

If you can give your prospect an OPPORTUNITY to be part of your Team, they will much more likely join you than if you beg them to join you.

In this call you need to tell your STORY about how you found WorldVentures and why you joined our team... You CAN mention WorldVentures briefly on the call but DO NOT go into detail explaining it. That is what the next step is for, when they watch the videos and go through the presentation.

The purpose of this call is to share your story and convey your excitement...

At the end of this call you need to tell them that you'll send over a link to some more information for them to learn more, AND you need to SCHEDULE a follow up call ASAP with them to answer any questions they may have.


Here is a basic script you can edit to make it be from you.

Hey Steve,

I’m going to have to keep this call real quick, as I’ve got several calls lined up right after…

Let me just explain what I’m doing…

I’ve been looking for a way to replace my job income for a while now, so I can spend more time with my family and do the things I want to do and I’ve tried several different business models that just didn’t resonate with me and I found it hard to get excited about…

I’ve known a couple of people online who are multiple 6 and 7 figure earners (Gavin Mountford and Ray Higdon) and make a full time income from the Internet… and I’ve been watching what they do for a long time now…

So I heard that Gavin Mountford had a few spaces on his team and was teaching people the exact strategies he’s been using to have success on the Internet.

So, when I found out there were spaces I literally jumped at the chance, because I know they charge thousands of dollars for coaching and mentoring…

I’m now working very closely with Gavin and Ray in a company called World Ventures.

Been around for 10 years, in a $7 trillion industry, with massive potential.

Over 1 million new customers this year alone…

Right now we’re assembling a big team, and our goal is to bring in over 10,000 people in the next 5 years, ultimately to help change people’s lives and earn a full time income int he process.

Right now I have a very unique opportunity. In fact, this will never happen again… I have 6 spaces available to work directly with me and Gavin where you’ll learn how to build a business on the Internet, essentially in your spare time.

We’ve got full training and support. Step by step videos and a process you can use, no matter what your experience to start a business online.

So, I’ve got a 20 min video presentation I’d like to send over to you to watch if you’re open.

Would that be ok?

Are you around later today to watch it?

Let’s schedule a quick follow up for later today so I can answer any questions you might have and see if there’s a way we can work together...

What time works best for you?

So, what I’ll do is send you that video now. Is Facebook best to send it?


Stage #7 - Send The Presentation

After you've finished your 5-minute Sizzle Call you need to send them the info to your presentation. Make sure you do this IMMEDIATELY.

Please make sure you change the link you send them depending on where your prospect is located in the world.

What to show people: USA -

What to show people: Non USA -

Click Here for the "Sending The Info to the Presentation" Script +

Here is the info to send for the presentation.

Great to speak with you...

Here is the WorldVentures presentation. Please watch it ASAP so we can move forward fast.

Let me know as soon as you’ve watched it and if you have any specific questions.

Then we’ll jump on the phone for a quick chat to help you get started immediately.

Remember to CHANGE the link above depending on where in the world your prospect lives, as the presentation is different.


Stage #8 -The Follow Up / Q+A Call /
3-Way Call (Collect The Decision)

The process for the follow-up call is basically the same as in Phase 1 where you "collect the decision"... so I'll let Richard explain this process again... 🙂

** Click on the Arrows at the bottom right of the video to make it FULL SCREEN. **


Congratulations for completing this training... each video is a specific stage in the process so you'll probably want to go back to each video to make sure you are doing each step correctly...

Remember: this is a MASTERY process... you probably won't get it overnight. However if you are willing to stay FOCUSED and implement what you learn, you WILL 100% get the results you are after...

I am committed to helping you succeed. My question to you is... how committed to success are you?

Because ultimately, that's what it comes down to...

I am here for you... please post any questions you may have in our members only Facebook group, or contact your sponsor for direct support.

Yours In Mastery,

Gavin Mountford