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OK, after completing all the trainings and modules in this training program you will want to sign up as an affiliate for Networking Superstars so you can offer the Blueprint to your new prospects.

IMPORTANT: In order to be accepted as a Networking Superstars affiliate, you MUST have completed the following.

  1. You MUST have gone through ALL trainings in this training program, including Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and Created Your Success Blueprint.

  2. You MUST have taken action and sponsored at least one (1) person into WorldVentures as a result of implementing Phase 1 and 2 trainings.

  3. You MUST have set up your Facebook community and have at least 10 members in your community first.

If you have done ALL of the above, you may proceed to apply for your Networking Superstars affiliate link.

The reason we don't just give you an affiliate link immediately, is that you would not be ready for it. In order to understand the process and leverage our system correctly, you need to have gone through and implemented all the previous trainings.

If you are ready... and you have completed the trainings and taken action, then CONGRATULATIONS 🙂 you are now ready to leverage the Networking Superstars System.

Please complete the affiliate application below.


Complete Your Networking Superstars Affiliate Application Form

Please complete the form below to apply for the Networking Superstars Affiliate System. Please do this ONLY if you have completed all our trainings and followed the instructions above.


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