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Recruit, Follow Up & Automate

Below you'll find the exact messages I used along side my Team Site to sponsor people into my business, follow up with new members automatically and automate the entire process.

Please Note: You will need to change these to work with your company... so just use them as TEMPLATES and ideas.

#1 - Recruit Email Template

Here you'll find a curiosity teaser email to send to your close prospects. This is the EXACT teaser email I used to sponsor 29 people in 19 days, and you will also see the video I sent them to.

Feel free to model or swipe whatever you want to from this page.

Make a list of 20-50 close ‘business friends’ you have developed a relationship over the last few months.

Send them the curiosity teaser email, (or something similar) to get their interest to learn about the opportunity you have.

You have two options once they’ve replied to you to say yes, or no.

1. Send them to a video of you explaining about your team site and vision and what they will get access to by being part of your team.

2. Arrange a telephone call and actually speak to them on the phone to explain about your new team site and vision and what they will get access to by being part of your team.

Here you’ll find the exact templated message I used to send out to my close business friends. PLUS, you’ll see the web page and video I sent people who replied back to me to.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please Do Not sign up into my Pure Leverage Team as I am NOT active in that Opportunity any more.

Download Curiosity Teaser Message Template & Video Here (Text Doc)


#2 - Follow Up Email Template

Below you'll find your email template & instructions for what to do when your new Team Member signs up and your Team Members sign up new people.

To succeed, you’ll need to ensure your downline and team actually duplicates what you are doing. When they bring in new members to the team, there needs to be a ‘tight’ communication channel to ensure new members are added to your community, receive their bonuses and get on your list.

In the core trainings I talk about how to instruct your team members.

In this bonus, you will get the EXACT templated message I gave out to all my new team members to ensure the team grew without any problems…

Download New Member Email Template Here (Text Doc)


#3 - Automate The Duplication Process Swipe Templates

Here, you’ll get access to the EXACT same document that all new team members received when they joined. This training is responsible for some pretty major DUPLICATION because the instructions were simple.

OK, so before you go through this training, let me explain what this BONUS is for.

This is the exact same training I gave to my team to ensure they duplicated what I was doing. Again, you are welcome to MODEL this training for your team. As you will see below, all of the links are for my Pure Leverage Leaders team. I haven’t changed anything, so what you see below is what my team received when they signed up.

As you will also notice… the page I’m directing people to below is another sign up page I created after I’d done a webinar for my team. This might be more than you want to do for your team, and that is fine. Some of these are ADVANCED strategies I used. You are welcome to use them, or ignore them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please Do Not sign up into my Pure Leverage Team as I am NOT active in that Opportunity any more.

Here’s the Swipes and Training…

Here is the Exact Training Page I Gave My Team

Hey, this is Phase #1 for Pure Leverage. We are on a very SHORT time frame to get you to SPONSOR 10 people FAST! (and get them to do the same)

I’ve created a page you can send your prospects to when they express an interest.


Just substitute YOURIDHERE and enter in your own personal Pure Leverage ID. Anyone who clicks through your link above, and joins us through that page, will be CREDITED to you…

Your PRE-LAUNCH affiliate link should look something like this: – just replace YOURIDHERE with your own personal ID you got when you signed up. This will send your prospects to our very own $1 TRIAL page.

Watch This Video BEFORE Using This Process

** Click on the Arrows at the bottom right of the video to make it FULL SCREEN. **

Stage 1 – Creating The List

Firstly, create a short list of 50 or more people who you admire, respect and would like to give this opportunity to. These will be your front line LEADERS. Think about people in Networking Superstars, in other communities you may belong to, or people you’ve worked closely with.

The more CREDIBILITY and respect you have in the eyes of the other person, the more chance they will LISTEN to you.

But, just make that list… because if you don’t contact these people, you’ll regret it later when they end up in someone else’s team.

Stage 2 – Connect With Your Friends & People You Know

Reach out to your friends on Facebook, people you know who are in various groups or communities you belong to, and just be YOURSELF.

Send them a quick message to OPEN up the conversation…Ideally this WHOLE process needs to be a conversation…

  • Find out how they’re doing
  • See if they need any help
  • Have a chat with them on the phone,
  • Find out what business they are in…
  • Do whatever you would usually do… and just be YOURSELF

SWIPE copy is great, because it gives you an idea of what to say and how to say it… but when everyone is approaching the SAME people with the SAME messages, people get a bit fed up, and may treat it as SPAM…

So, be UNIQUE and be yourself… and use what I’ve given you below as a guide.

Stage 3 – The Curiosity Attention Grabber

IMPORTANT: These messages below are just a GUIDE. Please change them completely so they suit your style of writing. Remember, if you’ve got a RELATIONSHIP with someone already, then just be yourself.

After a short conversation with your friend, you could ask them if they’ve heard of Pure Leverage yet, or if anyone has spoken to them about it.

Maybe even make a JOKE about it, saying “I bet you’ve been bombarded with messages about Pure Leverage” I know I had…

The Curiosity Attention Grabber # 1

Click Here for The Curiosity Attention Grabber # 1 +

Has anyone mentioned Pure Leverage to you yet?

It’s still in early days at the moment…

I’m working closely with someone called Gavin Mountford right now, and we’ve got a great support team.

Let me know if you’d like to hear more and I’ll send you a video Gavin just finished which explains more…

Let me know asap as time is of the essence.

The Curiosity Attention Grabber # 2

Click Here for The Curiosity Attention Grabber # 2 +

I don’t usually do this, but have an opportunity that may interest you… have you heard of Pure Leverage yet?

Let me know if you’d like to know more and I’ll send you details.

I’m working very closely with someone called Gavin Mountford on this…

We have to move FAST on this, so let me know. I’ll be working closely with 10 people.

The Curiosity Attention Grabber # 3

Click Here for The Curiosity Attention Grabber # 3 +

Not sure if you’ve heard of Pure Leverage yet?

We only recently launched, but wanted to check if you’d heard about it yet.

Let me know if you’d more info and I’ll send a link to the video…

reply asap, thanks

Stage 4 – Giving The Presentation Link

Once you’ve received a positive REPLY back from your prospect, please send a message similar to this.

Message #1 To Send To Give The Link


Get back to me asap with any questions.

I’m only working with 10 people for this, then everyone else will go under those people.

Get back to me as soon as you’ve gone through the info.

We’re moving FAST and are putting leaders in quickly.

Let me know

Stage 5 – Sending Them Your Pure Leverage Link

OK, so once they’ve expressed an interest and would like to know more information about PURE LEVERAGE, you can send them your link to sign up in your team.

Your link should be like this, but with YOUR ID at the end:

IMPORTANT: Make sure you change id=gavinmountford to id=yourusername


If YOU or THEY would like to speak to me, please contact me and I’m happy to do a 3-way call with you and them… (BUT only if it’s IMPORTANT for them to sign up)