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Action Steps for 'The Tactics'


In order to complete Module 7 (The Tactics)… you will need to complete some simple action steps…

Step 1 - Watch ALL The Training Videos in ‘The Tactics’ Module…

Watch ALL the training videos in ‘The Tactics’ module… and take as many notes as you need to…

Step 2 – Implement The 5-Day Web 2.0 Strategy…

In order to get comfortable with the 5 day web 2.0 content domination strategy, you’ll need to create a several of pieces of content first. So, create your blog post, and video, teaser video and teaser status updates etc for your Satellite channels.

Once you’ve done that, publish your blog post first, then upload your teaser video to Facebook and drive traffic to your video… monitor how many people come through to your blog.

Step 3 – Make a List Of The Master Skills You Need to Learn

Write a list of the 7 MASTER skills you need to learn to become a successful marketer online. Which skills do you already have? which skills do you need to learn and invest in?

Look out for books, courses, seminars, events and online programs to help you MASTER these skills.

Gradually, over time you will become the person you need to be to be wildly successful online.

Step 4 – Implement The Curiosity Approach into Your Marketing

Begin to use curiosity in ALL your marketing… write curiosity headlines, curiosity blog posts, curiosity emails and curiosity capture pages… then funnel people through from one to the next until ultimately you capture their email address in your Opt-in page.