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Action Steps For 'The Target'


In order to complete Module 2 (The Target)… you will need to complete some simple action steps…

Step 1 - Watch ALL The Training Videos in ‘The Target’ Module

Watch ALL the training videos in ‘The Target’ module… and take as many notes as you need to… begin to see how IMPORTANT it is to correctly identify your perfect customer avatar…

Step 2 – Answer The 14 Questions To Identify Your Perfect Customer Avatar

Complete your target market research and begin to create your Evernote document to build up a strong picture of your target market. Answer the 14 questions to identify your perfect customer avatar…

Step 3 – Create Your Consultation / Coaching Form

Set up and create your own consultation / coaching form and then integrate it as a page on your BLOG. Offer a free 15 min or 30 min consultation to help your target market with a specific problem or challenge they may have.


Remember: Identifying your perfect customer avatar is an ongoing process. Keep coming back to your Evernote document to add more distinctions.

Begin to think about HOW you can effectively communicate with this group of people… and what products, services, and tools you can offer them to help solve their problems.