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Action Steps for 'The Techniques'


In order to complete Module 6 (The Techniques)… you will need to complete some simple action steps…

Step 1 - Watch ALL The Training Videos in ‘The Techniques’ Module…

Watch ALL the training videos in ‘The Techniques’ module… and take as many notes as you need to…

Step 2 – Integrate The #6 Weapons Of Influence Into Your Tribe & Business…

Take a look at your existing business and what you currently do online. Which weapons are you already using? which weapons do you need to integrate?

Be sure to create a FREE (valuable) gift and offer it in return for people opting in to your list.

Step 3 – Implement The 5-Stage Stack In Your Business

How can you stack each weapon up on top of each other? Contact people to ask for testimonials. Look for income screenshots, proof etc. Ask people to comment on your posts and content and to share your stuff.

What experiences do you have which could be turned into AUTHORITY? The faster you can implement the 5-stage stack into your business… the faster you’ll make money.

Step 4 – Use The Human Needs In All Your Communication

Each time you write a blog post, a status update, create a video or write an email… think about how you can use the 6 core human needs in your communication.

The better you learn to write to your target market’s needs, again… the deeper you’ll be able to persuade and influence people.