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Action Steps for 'The Tools'


In order to complete Module 4 (The Tools)… you will need to complete some simple action steps…

Step 1 - Watch ALL The Training Videos in ‘The Tools’ Module

Watch ALL the training videos in ‘The Tools’ module… and take as many notes as you need to…

Step 2 – Write Your Story and Create Your Magnetic Character & Profile

Write and create your story and then integrate your magnetic character into your Social Media satellite channels, once they are all set up…

Make sure you add your story to a PAGE on your blog and then add your mini bio to your satellite channels.

Step 3 – Set-Up Your Magnificent 7 (Satellite Channels)

If you don’t have ALL your Satellite Channels set up yet, please go and set them up now in preparation for generating traffic from them later. Once they are set up, take your magnetic character / story / profile and integrate it into your channels.

Step 4 – Get Your Professional Graphics Ordered ASAP

Go through the Instant Attraction video, learn as much as you can, and then be sure to get your professional graphics created to help BRAND you… Just sent me an email to to enquire about the graphics.

Step 5 – Create Your Brand Name

After you’ve completed The Ultimate Branding Strategy training, you may want to sit down and brainstorm ideas for your BRAND. Then, head on over to Facebook and post your ideas to ASK for feedback.


Remember: This is an ONGOING process and cycle… you will NEVER get it 100% finished and complete… it will continue to change, so PLEASE move forward, do what you can and just know that ACTION is forward momentum… perfection is PROCRASTINATION…