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Action Steps for 'The Tribe'


In order to complete Module 5 (The Tribe)… you will need to complete some simple action steps…

Step 1 - Watch ALL The Training Videos in ‘The Tribe’ Module

Watch ALL the training videos in ‘The Tribe’ module… and take as many notes as you need to.

Step 2 – Create Your Meeting Place

Decide where your meeting place will be and create it. My advice is to use Facebook, and create a group.

Once it’s set up… add your about page which should be an emotional reason / vision.

Step 3 – Identify Your Ambassadors & Add Them To Your Meeting Place

Contact a number of people (10 minimum) who you would like to join your group first. These people ‘may’ become your founding members / ambassadors in the future.

Be sure to email these people, maybe even speak to them on the phone and explain your vision. Then ask them if they’d be happy for you to add them to your group.

Then interact, and build up your tribe culture within the group.

Step 4 – Create Your Emotional Reason Why

Go through the Emotional Reason Why training, and create your Vision. Add it to your About page in your group / meeting place.


Remember: This is an ONGOING process and cycle… you will NEVER get it 100% finished and complete… it will continue to change, so PLEASE move forward, do what you can and just know that ACTION is forward momentum… perfection is PROCRASTINATION…