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Invitation Process

Below you'll find the instructions for how to take members of our community through a step by step process and lead them to a webinar where I'll be selling The TTI Coaching System.

Please Note: This page will be updated very soon when I've had chance to get all the trainings together.

Phase #1 - Approve, Welcome
& First Message (19:12)

OK. We have new members requesting to join our community each day... so there is a specific process you'll need to take people through so they are open, receptive and ready to invest in my products and services. Please follow the EXACT steps and if you are unsure of anything please let me know.


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Click Here for Phase 1 Instructions +

Step 1. Goto: Online Entrepreneurs Club group.

Step 2. Click on See All members for the group.

Step 3. Scroll to the bottom, and copy 10 names you are going to approve. (Here is an example)

Sheena Roberts, Rana Munir Pti, Ambrose Burgin, Darshan Bains, Julie Fountain, Elvis Kwaya, Sarah Aloe Parry, Detola Dehinsilu Lawal, Andy Colquhoun, Angie J Stewart, Inessa Al-Obadi

Step 4. Click on Approve for each of the names which will approve them into the group. (Be CAREFUL when you approve members because if there are a lot of new members waiting for approval, the screen jumps back up and you could click approve for the wrong 10 people.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: BEFORE you select your 10 people for approval, please check that Pippa or one of our other team is not about to approve the same 10 people. So, if you post a message in our group chat to say you are about to approve 10, then you can coordinate it between yourselves.

Step 5. Go back into the group and either “Write Post” or Add Photo/Video. (Alternate it so sometimes you put a welcome picture in, and sometimes you just put text in)

Step 6. Write the following update:

Hi, it's Jax here. I’m working closely with Gavin Mountford. :-)

A BIG welcome to all the new Online Entrepreneurs who just joined us!

It would be great to know more about you.. feel free to introduce yourself here :-)

Also, when you went through the registration process to join The Online Entrepreneurs Club, did you manage to download Gavin’s Attraction Marketing Blueprint for building your business online?

If not, you can grab it here...

I look forward to finding out more about you...

Please introduce yourself in the comments of this post so we can all get to know you.



Step 7. Hover over each of the names of the people you just tagged and add as friend. Once you’ve added them as a friend, hover over their name again and add them to Level 1 list so you can keep track of them later. (You will need to create a new list, and for the next stage you will be creating different lists)

Step 8. Send each person the following private message, always making sure you put their name in at the top. (If the message says it will go to their “other” folder, you can send the occasional one, but not very often. - Usually most of the messages go to the main folder).

Hey ,

How are you doing? It’s Jax here.

I’m working closely with Gavin Mountford and just approved you for the Online Entrepreneurs Club.

I wanted to personally reach out and say hi :-)

Whereabouts do you live?



Phase #2 - Conversation Ascension & Blueprint

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Click Here for Phase 2 Instructions +

Please be IN the conversation. Be a real person, and actually build up a relationship / friendship with these people. They are members of our group, many of them will be struggling and they just need somebody they can trust.

So, where possible, find something in common and just be real.

If you need to adapt / modify the messages / tag lines to match the conversation, then please do. For example, if they say they are only building offline, then asking what are you struggling with most online is probably not relevant.

So, be in the conversation and don’t think of it as copy, paste, copy, paste. You GOAL / OUTCOME is to build a relationship with our members so they get to know, like and trust you and eventually purchase one of my products or become active within our community.

ALWAYS be positive, always be excited, always move the conversation on and aim to make some new friends.

Remember: You will be learning a lot in the process which will then help you with future conversations.


Phase 1

Message 1 (Which you should have already done from previous phase)

Hey Sarah,

How are you doing? It’s Pip here.

I’m working closely with Gavin Mountford and just approved you for the Online Entrepreneurs Club.

I wanted to personally reach out and say hi 🙂

Whereabouts do you live?



Phase 2

Message 2 - Positive acknowledgement and ask which business. (Move to Level 2, and remove from Level 1 in Facebook lists after you have had a reply from them)

Out of interest, what business are you currently building online?


Message 3 - Positive acknowledgement and ask if they are building mainly online or offline.

Are you building mostly online or offline?


Message 4 - Positive acknowledgement and ask what they are struggling with most

Which bit online have you found you’ve struggled with the most… generating leads, or converting the leads into sign ups?


Message 5 - Positive acknowledgement and ask if they’ve seen the Blueprint.

Have you seen Gavin's Attraction Marketing Blueprint yet?

It's pretty awesome when it comes to building your business online and people are raving about it.

If not, let me know and I'll send you a link


Message 6 - Positive acknowledgement and send the link to Blueprint
(Move to Level 3 and remove from Level 2 in Facebook lists after you have sent them the blueprint)

Have a look and let me know how you get on.

Once you get people to this stage / level, you are ready to move them onto Phase 3.


Phase #3 - Reciprocation (Giving Something Of Value)

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Click Here for Phase 3 Instructions +

Phase 3 - Reciprocation (Giving Something Of Value)

Ideally you want to wait a couple of days after offering the Blueprint to give the affirmations. Otherwise it seems like we are a bit keen.

Ideally Phase 1,2 and 3 will take between 5-7 days. If it is too quick, it seems fake and like we are trying to sell something to people. However, please use your judgement because sometimes people are eager.

Here is the “affirmations offered” message to send out.


I'm not sure if this would be of benefit to you but Gavin has an affirmations audio he listens to twice a day that has got him some amazing results.

Let me know if you'd like access and I'll send you the link and password.

There is no charge for it, it is a valuable gift from us to you to say thank you for taking the time to reply :-)


Here is the reply message after they have said YES PLEASE


Here's the link, I hope you enjoy it as much as Gavin does!
password: listendaily


That's all for this phase.


Phase #4 - Personal Invite To The Webinar

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Click Here for Phase 4 Instructions +

Phase 4 - Personal Invite To The Webinar

Please find the two messages you'll need to send out to prospects who you have built a bit of a relationship with.

In a perfect world you would only send these messages to people who have been through ALL phases and messages... however many of your prospects may have stopped responding to you after the first few messages so you may need to re-ignite the conversation again.

As a general rule of thumb, you will ONLY give out the first message below AFTER somebody has accepted the affirmations. And you can use the affirmations message as a way to re-ignite the conversation if your prospect stopped replying after the first few messages.

If you need any clarification on this, please let me know.

Invite as many people as you can to the webinar who you have built a relationship with. Ideally you will have send a number of back and forth messages.

You are welcome to invite as many people as you can to the webinar. (As soon as we have a lot of people doing this process, I will upgrade my GotoWebinar account so we have more spaces...)

IMPORTANT: Please ONLY start sending the invites to the webinar out from the Monday evening, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I usually change the date on the webinar page on a Sunday evening...

Message 1 - Send After Your Prospect Has Received Affirmations

***Make sure you CHANGE THE DATE on the message below.


Hows things? Have the affirmations been working for you?

Gavin just gave me 10 invites to a one-time only webinar he’s holding on Thursday 10th September and said to invite people I thought would benefit.

It’s called - “The Freedom Acceleration Formula”: How-To Earn $10,000 Per Month In 90 Days Or Less By Using A 90% Automated, Done-For-You Sponsoring System - From Multiple 6-Figure Earner Gavin Mountford…

It’s 4pm Eastern / 9pm UK time on Thursday.

If you’d like the link to register, let me know asap as I only have 10 to give out.


Message 2

Only send out the following message AFTER your prospect has confirmed they would like the link.


Great. Here’s the link:

Please enter in my name as the person who invited you to the Webinar so that Gavin can make sure he keeps your seat from the 10 invites I have.

Please ONLY register if you 100% can attend because if you take one of the invites and can’t attend, then someone else will miss out 🙁

Pop it in your calendar and a reminder on your phone and be sure you show up EARLY as it will be packed like usual.

Please let me know when you have registered


How To Use The Million Dollar
Prospecting Spreadsheet

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