My Daily Incantations [Now I Am The Voice!]

If ever you’re feeling down, miserable, grumpy, bored, or uninspired and want to change the way you are feeling to happy, excited, motivated, focused and inspired… then watch this video of Tony Robbins doing his Incantations in front of a huge audience.

In fact, don’t just watch it… DO IT!

Take part in it.

Feel it in your body.

Say the words out loud… feel the feelings… become UNSTOPPABLE!

Watch this video DAILY! Before you do your phone calls, prospecting, inviting and work.

When you watch this video first thing in the morning (as part of your morning routine), and take part every single day… you’ll notice your entire state shifting from negative to positive.

Make this your daily habit and you’ll feel amazing within a few minutes…

Seriously! It is that powerful 🙂

Say these words out loud and feel it in your body.



MOVE your body when you say the words…

Say the words with POWER and FORCE.

Here you go:

“Now I am the Voice
I will LEAD, not follow
I will BELIEVE, not doubt
I will CREATE, not destroy
I am a Force for Good.
I am a Leader.
Defy the odds!
Set a new standard!
Step Up!”

If you want to take it to another level, watch the video every time you start to feel negative about something… or watch it 2-3 times per day… morning, noon and evening.

In fact, just this morning my little daughter Lottie was having a tantrum and I started to feel myself getting a little grumpy and irritable. As soon as I noticed it, I caught it, pivoted, turned it around and started to feel happy again.

As a family we watched this video at the breakfast table and I started to do my Incantations. Nobody else took part, and to start with I felt a little silly doing it on my own… however, I kept going and raised my own energy.

As I raised my own energy level I noticed my family doing the same.

Everybody seemed happier, more energetic and started having fun.

Then my little Boy started saying…

“Now I am the Voice”

“I am a Leader”

Which was quite cool to watch.

So, every morning now, rather than just doing this in private… I’m going to play the video… and gradually day by day my children will take part and we’ll start our morning off with a BANG… full of energy, motivation and passion!

Remember, this is a journey and we’re with you every step of the way…

~ Gavin Mountford & The 6 Step Social Superstars

Your Turn

Do you have a favourite video, audio, or book you watch, listen to or read to help keep yourself motivated? If you can think of any video, audio or book you love… feel free to post a link to it in the comments below so we can explore what else is out there…

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