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Gavin MountfordHey there,

You have access to this page because you have recently signed up with one of our Team Members in MLSP or have recently joined The Networking Superstars Team!

In order for you to get your own personal Team Site links and 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence set up correctly, you will need to create a MEMBERSHIP account on The Networking Superstars Team Site.

Please CLICK the link below and register for your account.

You will be able to access the "System Setup" trainings immediately after registration.

Then, once we've verified you have an active MLSP account and at which level, we will grant you access to The 6 Step Sponsoring Sequence trainings and Mastery Bonuses (Depending on which level you are at).

Please Note: The Verification process for upgrading you to our University and Mastery packages to access your trainings may take 24-48 hours depending on how busy we are and if your Sponsor has contacted us to confirm the level you are at in MLSP.

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Thanks again,

Gavin Mountford